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January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of January 27th and February 3rd that we think will be of interest to readers.

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On Sale the Week of January 27th in Hardcover

January 28th

CALL ME BURROUGHS: A Life by Barry Miles (Biography)
Fifty years ago, Norman Mailer asserted, "William Burroughs is the only American novelist living today who may conceivably be possessed by genius." Few since have taken such literary risks, developed such individual political or spiritual ideas, or spanned such a wide range of media. In CALL ME BURROUGHS, Beat historian Barry Miles presents the first full-length biography of Burroughs to be published in a quarter century --- and the first one to chronicle the last decade of Burroughs's life and examine his long-term cultural legacy.
Twelve * 9781455511952

CHURCHILL'S FIRST WAR: Young Winston at War with the Afghans by Con Coughlin (History)
Just over a century ago, British troops were fighting a vicious frontier war against Pashtun tribesmen on the North West Frontier --- the great-great-grandfathers of the Taliban and tribal insurgents in modern-day Afghanistan. Winston Churchill, then a young cavalry lieutenant, wrote a vivid account of what he saw during his first major campaign. In CHURCHILL'S FIRST WAR, Con Coughlin tells the story of that campaign, a story of high adventure and imperial success, which contains many lessons and warnings for today.
Thomas Dunne Books * 9781250043047

DEPT. OF SPECULATION by Jenny Offill (Fiction)
Jenny Offill’s heroine, referred to as simply “the wife,” once exchanged love letters with her husband postmarked Dept. of Speculation. As they confront an array of common catastrophes, the wife analyzes her predicament, invoking everything from Keats and Kafka to the lessons of doomed Russian cosmonauts. She muses on the consuming, capacious experience of maternal love, and the near total destruction of the self that ensues from it.
Knopf * 9780385350815

THE GHOST OF THE MARY CELESTE by Valerie Martin (Historical Fiction)
While on a voyage to Africa, an unproven young writer named Arthur Conan Doyle hears of the Mary Celeste and decides to write an outlandish short story about what took place. This causes quite a sensation between sought-after Philadelphia spiritualist medium Violet Petra and a rational-minded journalist named Phoebe Grant, who is seeking to expose Petra as a fraud. Then there is the family of the Mary Celeste's captain, a family linked to the sea for generations and marked repeatedly by tragedy.
Nan A. Talese/Doubleday * 9780385533508

HUNDRED DAYS: The Campaign That Ended World War I by Nick Lloyd (History)
Acclaimed military historian Nick Lloyd leads readers into the endgame of World War I, showing how the timely arrival of American men and materiel --- as well as the bravery of French, British and Commonwealth soldiers --- helped to turn the tide on the Western Front. An epic tale ranging from the ravaged fields of Flanders to the revolutionary streets of Berlin, HUNDRED DAYS recalls the bravery and sacrifice that finally silenced the guns of Europe.
Basic Books * 9780465074921

I SHALL BE NEAR TO YOU by Erin Lindsay McCabe (Historical Fiction)
Rosetta doesn't want her new husband Jeremiah to enlist as a soldier in the Civil War, but he joins up nonetheless, hoping to make enough money that they'll be able to afford their own farm someday. Determined to be with him, no matter the cost, Rosetta cuts off her hair, hems an old pair of his pants, and signs up as a Union soldier. Fearing discovery of her secret, Rosetta’s strong will clashes with Jeremiah’s as their marriage is tested by war.
Crown * 9780804137720

THE LAST ENCHANTMENTS by Charles Finch (Fiction)
After graduating from Yale, William Baker, scion of an old line patrician family, goes to work in presidential politics. But when the campaign into which he has poured his heart ends in disappointment, he decides to leave New York behind, along with the devoted, ambitious and well-connected woman he’s been in love with for the last four years. Soon, however, he finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of unexpected friendships and romantic entanglements that threaten his safe plans.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250018717

MY LIFE IN MIDDLEMARCH by Rebecca Mead (Memoir)
Rebecca Mead was a young woman in an English coastal town when she first read George Eliot's MIDDLEMARCH. After gaining admission to Oxford and moving to the US to become a journalist, through several love affairs, then marriage and family, Mead read and reread MIDDLEMARCH, which offered her something that modern life and literature did not. Here, she leads us into the life that the book made for her, as well as the many lives the novel has led since it was written.
Crown * 9780307984760

AN OFFICER AND A SPY by Robert Harris (Historical Thriller)
Alfred Dreyfus, a young Jewish officer, has just been convicted of treason and stripped of his rank in front of a crowd of 20,000. Among the witnesses to his humiliation is Georges Picquart, the recently promoted head of the counterespionage agency that “proved” Dreyfus had passed secrets to the Germans. However, it isn’t long before Picquart is compelled to question not only the case against Dreyfus but also his most deeply held beliefs about his country --- and himself.
Knopf * 9780385349581

THE ORPHAN CHOIR by Sophie Hannah (Supernatural Thriller)
Louise Beeston has no reason left to stay in the city. She can’t see her son, Joseph, who is away at boarding school, where he performs in a prestigious boys’ choir. Her troublesome neighbor has begun blasting choral music at all hours of the night --- and to make matters worse, she’s the only one who can hear it.
Picador * 9781250041029

THE PAWNBROKER by David and Aimee Thurlo (Mystery)
Charlie Henry is the proud new owner of the Three Balls pawnshop, having recently returned Stateside from special-ops work in Iraq. The transition back to normal life seems to be going smoothly until his childhood friend, Gina, is shot. With the help of his Army buddy (and co-owner of the shop) Gordon Sweeney, Charlie finds that the shooting has to do with the previous owner of the pawnshop and his rather questionable morals.
Minotaur Books * 9781250027986

THE POPE AND MUSSOLINI: The Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe by David I. Kertzer (History)
THE POPE AND MUSSOLINI tells the story of two men who came to power in 1922 and together changed the course of 20th-century history. In most respects, they could not have been more different. One was scholarly and devout, the other thuggish and profane. Yet Pope Pius XI and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had many things in common, and each relied on the other to consolidate his power and achieve his political goals.
Random House * 9780812993462

RIPPER by Isabel Allende (Mystery)
High school senior Amanda Jackson is a natural-born sleuth addicted to crime novels and Ripper, an online mystery game. When a string of strange murders occurs across the city, Amanda plunges into her own investigation, discovering that the deaths may be connected. But the case becomes all too personal when her mother suddenly vanishes. Could her mother’s disappearance be linked to the serial killer?
Harper * 9780062291400

STILL LIFE WITH BREAD CRUMBS by Anna Quindlen (Fiction)
Anna Quindlen’s latest novel begins with an imagined gunshot and ends with a new tin roof. Between the two is a wry and knowing portrait of Rebecca Winter, a photographer whose work made her an unlikely heroine for many women. After fleeing the city for the middle of nowhere, she discovers --- in a tree stand with a roofer named Jim Bates --- that what she sees through a camera lens is not all there is to life.
Random House * 9781400065752

THIS DARK ROAD TO MERCY by Wiley Cash (Fiction)
Easter and Ruby are adjusting to life in foster care when their father, Wade, suddenly appears. Since Wade signed away his legal rights, the only way he can get his daughters back is to steal them away in the night. Brady Weller, the girls' court-appointed guardian, turns up unsettling information linking Wade to a recent armored car heist. Robert Pruitt, a shady and mercurial man nursing a years-old vendetta, is also determined to find Wade and claim his due.
William Morrow * 9780062088253

TIGER SHRIMP TANGO by Tim Dorsey (Mystery/Humor)
No one loves Florida more, or can keep it safe from invasive criminal species better, than self-appointed Sunshine Sheriff Serge Storms. When a particular scam leads to the death of a few innocents and a young woman's disappearance, Serge and his perpetually self-bent sidekick Coleman --- aided by his new pal, latter-day noir private eye Mahoney --- load up the car for a riotous road trip to do right.
William Morrow * 9780062092816

WITHOUT MERCY: The Stunning True Story of Race, Crime, and Corruption in the Deep South by David Beasley (History)
On December 9, 1938, the state of Georgia executed six black men in 81 minutes in Tattnall Prison’s electric chair. While they were arrested, convicted, sentenced and executed in as little as six weeks, E. D. Rivers, the governor of the state, oversaw a pardon racket for white killers and criminals, allowed the Ku Klux Klan to infiltrate his administration, and bankrupted the state. David Beasley’s WITHOUT MERCY is the story of the stunning injustice of these executions.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250014665
On Sale the Week of January 27th in Paperback

January 28th

ALL THAT IS by James Salter (Historical Fiction)
From his experiences as a young naval officer in battles off Okinawa, Philip Bowman returns to America and finds a position as a book editor. But despite his success, what eludes him is love. His first marriage goes bad, another fails to happen, and finally he meets a woman who enthralls him --- before setting him on a course he never could have imagined for himself.
Vintage * 9781400078424

AT THE RIVER'S EDGE: The Chesapeake Diaries by Mariah Stewart
Paperback Original
After taking stock of her life, Sophie Enright discovers a shuttered restaurant and makes a bold move that is also a leap of faith. She buys the fixer-upper in order to finally pursue her dream career. Sophie’s labor of love becomes a bone of contention for her new neighbor, Jason Bowers. But when they’re paired up to work on a community project, they agree to put their differences aside, and sparks begin to fly.
Ballantine * 9780345538420

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF US by Aria Beth Sloss (Fiction)
In 1960s California, Rebecca Madden and her friend Alex dream of lives beyond their mothers' narrow expectations. Their struggle to define themselves against the backdrop of an American cultural revolution unites them early on, until a single act of betrayal changes everything. Decades later, Rebecca’s haunting meditation on the past reveals the truth about that night, the years that followed, and the friendship that shaped her.
Picador * 9781250044051

THE BOOK OF MY LIVES by Aleksandar Hemon (Memoir)
Aleksandar Hemon’s lives begin in Sarajevo, where boyhood is consumed by street soccer and sibling rivalry, and a young man’s life is about American music, bad poetry, and slightly better journalism. At the age of 27, Hemon journeyed to Chicago --- a trip that would mark the beginning of another life, this time in the United States. There, he watched from afar as war broke out in Bosnia, his parents and sister fleeing, and Hemon himself unable to return.
Picador * 9781250043542

THE BURN PALACE by Stephen Dobyns (Thriller)
One night, Alice Alessio --- also known as Nurse Spandex --- is given the surprise of her life. Coming back from a secret tryst with a doctor, she peeks in to check on the newborn baby she was supposed to be watching, and finds a huge, writhing red-and-yellow snake in the bassinet instead. So begins the series of strange and disturbing events that start to plague a sleepy little community and confound the police.
Plume * 9780142180440

CIDER BROOK: A Swift River Valley Novel by Carla Neggers (Romantic Suspense)
Paperback Original
Samantha Bennett is a treasure hunter who has returned to Knights Bridge, Massachusetts, to solve a 300-year-old mystery and salvage her good name. Now she has everyone’s attention --- especially that of Justin Sloan. Samantha is daring, determined, seized by wanderlust --- everything that strong, stoic Justin never knew he wanted. Until now…
Harlequin MIRA * 9780778315889

DEADLINE by Sandra Brown (Thriller)
Well-respected journalist Dawson Scott, who has recently returned from Afghanistan, is covering the disappearance and presumed murder of former Marine Jeremy Wesson, the biological son of the pair of terrorists who remain on the FBI's Most Wanted list. As Dawson delves into the story, he finds himself developing feelings for Wesson's ex-wife, Amelia, and her two young sons. But when Amelia's nanny turns up dead, the case takes a stunning new turn, with Dawson himself becoming a suspect.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455549122

DOWNFALL by Jeff Abbott (Thriller)
The simplest beginnings can unravel a life. For Sam Capra, it is the moment a beautiful young woman walks into his San Francisco bar. An ex-CIA agent, his only desire now is to build a quiet, peaceful home for himself and his infant son. But Diana Keene is no ordinary customer. She's pursued by two gunmen, and when she finds Sam, she whispers an urgent, desperate plea: "Help me." And without any warning, Sam is thrust into a fight for his life.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455528424

THE EYE OF GOD: A Sigma Force Novel by James Rollins (Thriller/Adventure)
In the wilds of Mongolia, a research satellite has crashed, triggering an explosive search for its valuable cargo. At the Vatican, a package arrives containing two strange artifacts that both came from the same body: the long dead Mongol king Genghis Khan. Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma Force set out to discover a truth tied to the fall of the Roman Empire, to a mystery going back to the birth of Christianity, and to a weapon hidden for centuries that holds the fate of humanity.
Harper * 9780061785672

THE HOUR OF PERIL: The Secret Plot to Murder Lincoln Before the Civil War by Daniel Stashower (History)
In February 1861, just days before he assumed the presidency, Abraham Lincoln faced a “clear and fully-matured” threat of assassination as he traveled by train from Springfield to Washington for his inauguration. Over a period of 13 days, the legendary detective Allan Pinkerton worked feverishly to detect and thwart the plot, assisted by a captivating young widow named Kate Warne, America’s first female private eye.
Minotaur Books * 9781250042668

LITTLE GREEN: An Easy Rawlins Mystery by Walter Mosley (Mystery)
Private eye Easy Rawlins and his murderous sidekick, Mouse, are looking for a young black man, Evander “Little Green” Noon, who disappeared during an acid trip. Fueled by an elixir called Gator’s Blood, brewed by the conjure woman Mama Jo, Easy experiences a physical, spiritual and emotional resurrection, but peace and love soon give way to murder and mayhem.
Vintage * 9780307949783

THE LONG WAR by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter (Fantasy/Science Fiction)
A generation after the events of THE LONG EARTH, humankind has spread across the new worlds opened up by “stepping.” A new “America” --- Valhalla --- is emerging more than a million steps from Datum, our Earth. Valhalla is growing restless under the controlling long arm of the Datum government. Soon Joshua Valiente is summoned by Lobsang to deal with a building crisis that threatens to plunge the Long Earth into a war unlike any humankind has waged before.
Harper * 9780062068699

A NEARLY PERFECT COPY by Allison Amend (Fiction)
Elm Howells has a loving family and a distinguished career at an elite Manhattan auction house. But after a tragic loss throws her into an emotional crisis, she pursues a reckless course of action that jeopardizes her personal and professional success. Meanwhile, talented artist Gabriel Connois wearies of remaining at the margins of the capricious Parisian art scene. Desperate for recognition, he embarks on a scheme that threatens his burgeoning reputation.
Anchor * 9780345803146

THE NIGHT RANGER by Alex Berenson (Thriller)
Four friends, recent college graduates, travel to Kenya to work at a giant refugee camp for Somalis. But after 12 weeks, they’re ready for a break and pile into a Land Cruiser for an adventure. They get more than they bargained for, though, when bandits hijack them. John Wells is asked to try to find them; when he arrives, he finds that the truth behind the kidnappings is far more complex than he imagined.
Jove * 9780515153705

THE PRETTY ONE: A Novel about Sisters by Lucinda Rosenfeld (Fiction)
For nearly 40 years, the Hellinger sisters have played the roles set down by their loving yet domineering mother. Each woman is unable to believe that anyone could understand what it's like to be her. But when a freak accident lands their mother in the hospital, a chain of events is set in motion that will send each Hellinger sister rocketing out of her comfort zone, leaving her to wonder: was this the role she was truly born to play?
Back Bay Books * 9780316213585

THE SON by Philipp Meyer (Historical Fiction)
Philipp Meyer, the acclaimed author of AMERICAN RUST, returns with THE SON. This utterly transporting novel is an epic of the American West and a multigenerational saga of power, blood, land and oil that follows the rise of one unforgettable Texas family --- from the Comanche raids of the 1800s to the oil booms of the 20th century.
Ecco * 9780062120403

UNSEEN by Karin Slaughter (Thriller)
Will Trent is a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent whose latest case has him posing as Bill Black, a scary ex-con who rides a motorcycle around Macon, Georgia, and trails an air of violence wherever he goes. The cover has worked, and he has caught the eye of a wiry little drug dealer who thinks he might be a useful ally. But undercover and cut off from the support of the woman he loves, Sara Linton, Will finds his demons catching up with him.
Dell * 9780345539496

UNTIL THE END OF TIME by Danielle Steel (Fiction)
Jenny and Bill’s happy life together is suddenly cut short when tragedy strikes. Thirty-eight years later, Bob, a hardened New York City publisher, will meet his match in Lillibet, a shy Amish girl who is a talented writer. Though these two couldn't be less alike, they immediately sense a deep connection that spans their differences. And there's the unshakable sense that they've known each other for a long time...possibly in another life.
Dell * 9780345530899

February 1st

LONDON DAWN: The Danforths of Lancashire, Book 3 by Murray Pura
(Historical Romance)
Paperback Original
In this stunning conclusion to The Danforths of Lancashire saga, Lord Preston and his family are gathered in London in the late 1930s for what turns out to be a homecoming. But looming ahead is the summer and fall of 1940 when both the Battle of Britain and the Blitz will occur. Though the family is blissfully unaware of this soon-to-be reality, Lord Preston, privy to top-secret info in his position in the government, has grave concerns --- the gravest he's ever had, that England will be invaded.
Harvest House Publishers * 9780736958875

SADIE'S SECRET: The Secret Lives of Will Tucker, Book 3 by Kathleen Y’Barbo
(Historical Romance)
Paperback Original
When master of disguise Sarah Louise "Sadie" Callum takes on an assignment with international connections, she has no idea her new cover will lead her on the adventure of a lifetime. Undercover agent William Jefferson Tucker is not looking for marriage --- pretend or otherwise --- but his past is a secret, his twin brother has stolen his present, and his future is in the hands of the lovely Sadie Callum.
Harvest House Publishers * 9780736952156
On Sale the Week of February 3rd in Hardcover

February 3rd

I AM ABRAHAM: A Novel of Lincoln and the Civil War by Jerome Charyn (Historical Fiction)
Tracing the historic arc of Abraham Lincoln's life from his picaresque days as a gangly young lawyer in Sangamon County, Illinois, through his improbable marriage to Kentucky belle Mary Todd, to his 1865 visit to war-shattered Richmond only days before his assassination, I AM ABRAHAM hews closely to the familiar Lincoln saga.
Liveright * 9780871404275

THE UNAMERICANS: Stories by Molly Antopol (Fiction/Short Stories)
THE UNAMERICANS, a stunning exploration of characters shaped by the forces of history, is the debut work of fiction by Molly Antopol, a 2013 National Book Foundation "5 Under 35" Honoree. Again and again, Antopol’s deeply sympathetic characters struggle for footing in an uncertain world, hounded by forces beyond their control.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393241136

February 4th

THE BOOK OF JONAH by Joshua Max Feldman (Fiction)
A bizarre, unexpected biblical vision at a party changes everything for young Manhattan lawyer Jonah Jacobstein. This disturbing sign is only the first of many Jonah will witness, and before long his life is unrecognizable. Though this perhaps divine intervention will be responsible for more than one irreversible loss in Jonah’s life, it will also cross his path with that of Judith Bulbrook, an intense, breathtakingly intelligent woman who is no stranger to loss herself.
Henry Holt and Co. * 9780805097764

BURN: Book 3 of the Pure Trilogy by Julianna Baggott (Post-Apocalyptic Horror)
Inside the Dome, Partridge has taken his father's place as leader of the Pures. His intent had been to bring down the Dome from the inside with the help of the secret resistance force led by Partridge's former teacher, Glassings. But from his new position of power, things don't seem quite as clear. Outside the Dome, Pressia and Bradwell continue piecing together the clues left to them by their parents from the time before the detonations. Can they still trust their friend and ally, Partridge, to see their plan through? Or will a new war begin?
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455502998

CAUGHT by Lisa Moore (Literary Adventure)
David Slaney has escaped from prison, where he was locked up on charges of marijuana possession. A trucker who is a friend of his sister transports him to a strip bar, where he survives his first night of freedom. But Slaney intends to track down his old partner, Hearn, and get back into the drug business. Along the way, Slaney's fugitive journey across Canada rushes vibrantly to life as he visits an old flame and adopts numerous guises to outpace authorities.
Grove Press * 9780802122124

CELL by Robin Cook (Medical Thriller)
The smartphone is poised to take on a new role in medicine, no longer as a mere medical app but rather as a fully customizable personal physician capable of diagnosing and treating even better than the real thing. It is called iDoc. Radiology resident George Wilson’s initial collision with this incredible innovation is devastating. Is it possible that iDoc is being subverted by hackers --- and that the U.S. government is involved in a cover-up?
Putnam Adult * 9780399166303

CITY OF GOD: Faith in the Streets by Sara Miles (Memoir/Spiritual Growth)
On Ash Wednesday, 2012, Sara Miles and her friends left their church buildings and carried ashes to the buzzing city streets. They marked the foreheads of neighbors and strangers, sharing blessings with waitresses and drunks, believers and doubters alike. CITY OF GOD narrates the events of the day in vivid detail, exploring the profound implications of touching strangers with a reminder of common mortality.
Jericho Books * 9781455547319

CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD by Jackie Collins (Fiction)
Lucky Santangelo is a 15-year-old wild child ready to discover life, love and independence. Daughter of the notorious Gino, Lucky discovers her mother's murdered body floating in the family swimming pool at the tender age of four. Since then, Gino has kept her protected from life closeted in their Bel Air mansion. But in CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD, Lucky finally breaks free, and running away from boarding school the adventures begin.
St. Martin's Press * 9781250050939

THE DEEPEST SECRET by Carla Buckley (Psychological Suspense)
Eve Lattimore’s son has a rare medical condition that makes him fatally sensitive to light, which means he can never leave the house except at night. For Eve, only constant vigilance stands between an increasingly restless teenage son and the dangers of the outside world. But when tragedy strikes, it becomes clear that there are some crises Eve cannot control --- and some secrets that not even love can conceal.
Bantam * 9780345535245

DEFIANT: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam's Most Infamous Prison, the Women Who Fought for Them, and the One Who Never Returned by Alvin Townley (History)
During the Vietnam War, hundreds of American prisoners-of-war faced years of brutal conditions and horrific torture at the hands of North Vietnamese guards and interrogators. To quash the powerful underground resistance of the POWs, their captors singled out its 11 leaders and banished them to an isolated jail that would become known as Alcatraz. As they suffered in Hanoi, their wives at home launched an extraordinary campaign that would ultimately spark the nationwide POW/MIA movement.
Thomas Dunne Books * 9781250006530

DO OR DIE: Reluctant Heroes by Suzanne Brockmann (Romantic Suspense/Adventure)
Former SEAL Ian Dunn is employed to rescue two kidnapped children, believed to be held captive in a South American embassy. Racing against time and unknown enemies, Dunn must find the children while simultaneously fighting his own war with the mob for a job gone bust. At his side is Phoebe Kruger, who is pulled further into the heart of the conflict and Dunn's perilous mission.
Ballantine Books * 9780345543790

DOWN TO THE CROSSROADS: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Meredith March Against Fear by Aram Goudsouzian (History)
DOWN TO THE CROSSROADS is the story of the last great march of the Martin Luther King, Jr. era, and the first great showdown of the turbulent years that followed. Depicting rural demonstrators’ courage and the impassioned debates among movement leaders, Aram Goudsouzian reveals the legacy of an event that would both integrate African Americans into the political system and inspire even bolder protests against it.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux * 9780374192204

THE GIRL WITH A CLOCK FOR A HEART by Peter Swanson (Thriller)
George Foss’s comfortable, predictable life is shattered when a beautiful woman who vanished without a trace 20 years ago sits down next to him at a bar. Ex-girlfriend Liana Dector, the first love George couldn’t quite forget, needs his help. Ruthless men believe she stole some money and will do whatever it takes to get it back. George makes a choice that will plunge him into a terrifying whirlpool of lies, secrets, betrayal and murder from which there is no sure escape.
William Morrow * 9780062267498

GLITTER AND GLUE: A Memoir by Kelly Corrigan (Memoir)
When Kelly Corrigan was in high school, her mother neatly summarized the family dynamic as “Your father’s the glitter but I’m the glue.” After college, Kelly took off for Australia to see things and do things and Become Interesting. But soon her savings dwindled, and she realized she needed a job. That’s how Kelly met John Tanner, a newly widowed father of two looking for a live-in nanny. And there, in that house in a suburb north of Sydney, she suddenly heard her mother’s voice everywhere.
Ballantine Books * 9780345532831

THE GOD OF YES: How Faith Makes All Things New by Jud Wilhite
(Christian Life/Personal Growth )
The Christian life is often defined as "no." What starts with a desire to reject destructive things morphs into a "no" to people, enjoyment, laughter, pleasure, success, and ultimately life itself. Ecclesiastes, through Solomon's journals, gives us a huge dose of reality. Solomon's entire experience is a counterintuitive "yes" to God and every aspect of life. THE GOD OF YES explores this approach and provides clear application on how faith can infuse meaning to the monotony of everyday life.
FaithWords * 9781455515394

HOME RUN: Learn God's Game Plan for Life and Leadership by Kevin Myers and John C. Maxwell
(Religion & Spirituality/Leadership)
For five hard years, Christian leader Kevin Myers struggled personally and professionally. But then God pointed out where he was going wrong and showed him the biblical pattern for living. During that time, John Maxwell also became his mentor. Together, using a baseball diamond as an analogy for following God's plan for life, Myers and Maxwell provide a clear path forward while helping you keep your priorities in order and your eyes on the prize.
FaithWords * 9781455577224

I FORGOT TO REMEMBER: A Memoir of Amnesia by Su Meck with Daniel de Vise (Memoir)
In 1988, Su Meck suffered a traumatic brain injury that erased all her memories of her life up to that point. Although her body healed rapidly, her memories never returned. Yet after just three weeks in the hospital, Su was released and once again charged with the care of two toddlers and a busy household. Nearly 20 years would pass before a series of personally devastating events shattered the “normal” life she had worked so hard to build, and she realized that she would have to grow up all over again.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451685817

LINCOLN’S BOYS: John Hay, John Nicolay, and the War for Lincoln’s Image by Joshua Zeitz (Biography)
Abraham Lincoln’s official secretaries, John Hay and John Nicolay, enjoyed more access, witnessed more history, and knew Lincoln better than anyone outside of the president’s immediate family. As Joshua Zeitz shows, the image of a humble man with uncommon intellect who rose from obscurity to become a storied wartime leader and emancipator is very much their creation.
Viking Adult * 9780670025664

LION PLAYS ROUGH: A Leo Maxwell Mystery by Lachlan Smith (Mystery)
In LION PLAYS ROUGH, the second in Lachlan Smith’s acclaimed Leo Maxwell series, Leo is tasked by a mysterious woman to defend her wrongfully accused brother, only to find himself accused of a heinous crime that only he can solve.
Mysterious Press * 9780802122162

ONE MORE THING: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak (Fiction/Short Stories)
Finding inspiration in questions from the nature of perfection to the icing on carrot cake, actor B. J. Novak’s debut short story collection has at its heart the most human of phenomena: love, fear, hope, ambition, and the inner stirring for the one elusive element that just might make a person complete.
Knopf * 9780385351836

by Helen Peppe (Memoir)
With everything happening on Helen Peppe’s backwoods Maine farm --- ferocious sibling rivalry, rock-bottom poverty, feral male chauvinism, sex in the hayloft --- life was out of control, even for the animals. Despite the chaos, in telling her family’s story, Peppe manages deadpan humor, an unerring eye for the absurd, and a touching compassion for her utterly overwhelmed parents.
Da Capo Press * 9780306822728

THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY: A Journey to Intimate Friendship With God by Dutch Sheets (Christian Life/Spiritual Growth)
There's just something about people who are close to God. Through the ups and downs of life, they remain secure and hopeful. If you want a more rewarding spiritual life, if you want the pleasure of knowing your Creator's heart, this soul-lifting book is for you. Learn from Dutch Sheets as he shares his life lessons for cultivating an intimate relationship with God.
Bethany House Publishers * 9780764209482

THE RACE UNDERGROUND: Boston, New York, and the Incredible Rivalry That Built America's First Subway by Doug Most (History/Transportation)
In the late 19th century, two brothers from one of the nation's great families --- Henry Melville Whitney of Boston and William Collins Whitney of New York --- pursued the dream of his city digging America's first subway, and the great race was on. The competition between Boston and New York played out in an era not unlike our own: one of economic upheaval, life-changing innovations, class warfare, bitter political tensions, and the question of America’s place in the world.
St. Martin's Press * 9780312591328

THE SECRET OF RAVEN POINT by Jennifer Vanderbes (Historical Fiction)
When 17-year-old Juliet Dufresne receives a cryptic letter from her enlisted brother and then discovers that he’s been reported missing in action, she lies about her age and travels to the front lines as an army nurse, determined to find him. One patient of hers in particular, a deserter awaiting court-martial, may hold the answer to her brother’s whereabouts --- but the trauma of war has left him catatonic.
Scribner * 9781439167007

SOMERSET by Leila Meacham (Historical Fiction)
Silas Toliver, deprived of his inheritance, joins up with his best friend Jeremy Warwick to plan a wagon train expedition to the "black waxy" promise of a new territory called Texas. Slavery, westward expansion, abolition, the Civil War, love, marriage, friendship, tragedy and triumph --- all the ingredients (and much more) that made so many love ROSES so much --- are here in abundance.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455547388

UNCOMMON MARRIAGE: Learning about Lasting Love and Overcoming Life's Obstacles Together by Tony Dungy and Lauren Dungy, with Nathan Whitaker (Love & Marriage/Relationships)
What does it take to build a marriage that will last? In UNCOMMON MARRIAGE, Tony and Lauren Dungy share the secrets that hold them together, revealing what they’ve learned so far about being a good husband or wife; getting through times of loss, grief or change; staying connected despite busy schedules; supporting each other’s dreams and goals; and helping each other grow spiritually.
Tyndale Momentum * 9781414383699

February 6th

DANCING FISH AND AMMONITES: A Memoir by Penelope Lively (Memoir)
DANCING FISH AND AMMONITES traces the arc of Penelope Lively’s life, stretching from her early childhood in Cairo to boarding school in England to the sweeping social changes of Britain’s 20th century. She reflects on her early love of archaeology, the fragments of the ancients that have accompanied her journey. She also writes insightfully about aging and what life looks like from where she now stands.
Viking Adult * 9780670016556

QUEEN SUGAR by Natalie Baszile (Fiction)
Why exactly Charley Bordelon’s late father left her 800 sprawling acres of sugarcane land in rural Louisiana is as mysterious as it was generous. Recognizing this as a chance to start over, Charley and her 11-year-old daughter, Micah, say good-bye to Los Angeles. They arrive just in time for growing season, but no amount of planning can prepare Charley for a Louisiana that’s mired in the past.
Pamela Dorman Books * 9780670026135

ROMANCE IS MY DAY JOB: A Memoir of Finding Love at Last by Patience Bloom (Memoir)
As a teen, Patience Bloom fell in love with Harlequin novels and imagined her life would turn out just like the heroines’ on the page. Years later, she moved to New York and found her dream job: editing romances for Harlequin. Bloom became an expert when it came to fictional love stories, but her dating life remained uninspired. Then one day, a real-life chance at romance made her wonder if what she’d been writing and editing all those years might be true.
Dutton Adult * 9780525954385

SEX AFTER...: Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes by Iris Krasnow (Self-Help)
Filled with edgy and honest stories of carnal challenge and triumph from women of all backgrounds and life stages, SEX AFTER... is Iris Krasnow’s signature take on EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK --- during all of life’s passages. Krasnow is a media and lecture tour favorite, and readers will applaud her eye-opening perspectives on the one issue that can change lives for better or worse like nothing else.
Gotham * 9781592408276

THE SWAN GONDOLA by Timothy Schaffert (Historical Fiction)
On the eve of the 1898 Omaha World’s Fair, Ferret Skerritt --- ventriloquist by trade, con man by birth --- isn’t quite sure how it will change him or his city. Omaha still has the marks of a filthy Wild West town, even as it attempts to achieve the grandeur and respectability of nearby Chicago. But when he crosses paths with the beautiful and enigmatic Cecily, his whole purpose shifts and the fair becomes the backdrop to their love affair.
Riverhead Hardcover * 9781594486098
On Sale the Week of February 3rd in Paperback

February 3rd

SWOON: Great Seducers and Why Women Love Them by Betsy Prioleau (Gender Studies/Relationships)
Contrary to popular myth and dogma, the men who consistently beguile women belie the familiar stereotypes. As Betsy Prioleau points out, legendary ladies’ men are a different, complex species altogether, often without looks or money. Prioleau cuts through the cultural lore and reveals who these master lovers really are and the arts they practice to enswoon women.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393348484

February 4th

ABOVE ALL THINGS by Tanis Rideout (Historical Fiction)
In 1924, George Mallory departs on his third expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Left behind in Cambridge, George’s young wife, Ruth, along with the rest of a war-ravaged England, anticipates news they hope will reclaim some of the empire’s faded glory. Through alternating narratives, what emerges is a story of love torn apart by obsession and the need for redemption.
Berkley Trade * 9780425268148

THE CONTRACTORS by Harry Hunsicker (Thriller)
Paperback Original
Jon Cantrell is a DEA agent patrolling one of the busiest drug-hubs in the country: Dallas, Texas. When he and his partner confiscate the wrong shipment of drugs, they find themselves in possession of a star witness in an upcoming cartel trial that could destroy the largest criminal organization in the hemisphere.
Thomas & Mercer * 9781477808726

COOLIDGE by Amity Shlaes (Biography)
Calvin Coolidge, who served as president from 1923 to 1929, never rated highly in polls. The shy Vermonter, nicknamed "Silent Cal," has long been dismissed as quiet and passive. History has remembered the decade in which he served as a frivolous, extravagant period predating the Great Depression. Now Amity Shlaes provides a fresh look at the 1920s and its elusive president.
Harper Perennial * 9780061967597

FAMILY PICTURES by Jane Green (Fiction)
Two women live on opposite coasts, but their lives are connected in ways they never could have imagined. Both women are wives and mothers to children who are about to leave the nest for school. They are both in their 40s and have husbands who travel more than either of them would like. They are both feeling an emptiness neither had expected. But when a shocking secret is exposed, their lives are blown apart.
St. Martin's Griffin * 9781250042644

THE FEVER TREE by Jennifer McVeigh (Historical Fiction)
Frances Irvine, left destitute in the wake of her father’s sudden death, has been forced to abandon her life of wealth and privilege in London and emigrate to the Southern Cape of Africa. 1880 South Africa is a country torn apart by greed. In this remote and inhospitable land, she becomes entangled with two very different men --- one driven by ambition, the other by his ideals.
Berkley Trade * 9780425264911

GOLDEN STATE by Michelle Richmond (Fiction)
Paperback Original

Doctor Julie Walker has just signed her divorce papers when she receives news that her younger sister, Heather, has gone into labor. Julie sets out for the hospital to be at her sister's side, but the streets of San Francisco have erupted into chaos. Today is the day that Julie will find herself at the epicenter of a violent standoff in which she is forced to examine both the promising and painful parts of her past.
Bantam * 9780385343282

HOPEFUL: Return to Sugarcreek, Book One by Shelley Shepard Gray (Romance)
Paperback Original
Miriam Zehr has never felt particularly beautiful, especially because she's always been a bit heavier than other girls her age. When Junior, the man she's pined for all her life, suddenly seeks her out, she's thrilled to be noticed...until she realizes he's only asking her to help get the attention of Mary Kathryn Hershberger, her pretty friend. If Miriam helps Junior court Mary Kathryn, she'll get to spend a lot of time with him, but she might lose him in the process.
Avon Inspire * 9780062204462

Eleven-year-old megastar Jonny Valentine knows that the fans don’t love him for who he is. But within the marketing machine, somewhere, this talented singer is still a vulnerable little boy, perplexed by his budding sexuality and his heartthrob status, dependent on his hard-partying manager-mother, and endlessly searching for his absent father in Internet fan sites, lonely emails, and the crowds of faceless fans.
Simon & Schuster * 9781476705866

LOVE’S SWEET BEGINNING: Sisters at Heart, Book 3 by Ann Shorey (Historical Romance)
Paperback Original
It isn't Cassie Haddon's fault that she has reached the age of 25 without possessing any useful skills. Until the War Between the States, she always had servants. Since then, she and her mother have been forced to rely on family to care for them. But now the well of human kindness has run dry --- and Cassie must find work to support them. She will need to summon all of her courage and wits to convince local restaurateur and grocer Jacob West that she's exactly what his business needs.

Revell * 9780800720728

MINDING MOLLY: The Courtships of Lancaster County, Book 3 by Leslie Gould
Paperback Original
Molly Zook is struggling with her mother's wish that she marry Mervin Mosier to save the family farm, especially after she meets tall, muscular and confident Leon Fisher. Determined to let nothing get between them, Molly tries to coax Mervin into falling back in love with Molly's best friend, Hannah. A weekend camping trip in the Poconos could be just the place...but things quickly go awry, and it seems Leon and Hannah might be falling for each other instead!
Bethany House Publishers * 9780764210334

MURDER BELOW MONTPARNASSE: An Aimee Leduc Investigation by Cara Black
Yuri Volodya, a mysterious old Russian man, hires Aimée Leduc to protect a painting. By the time she gets to his Montparnasse atelier, the precious painting has already been stolen. The next day, Yuri is found tortured to death. Some very dangerous people are threatening Aimée and her co-workers, and witnesses are dropping like flies. Now Aimée has to find the painting, stop her attackers, and figure out what her long-missing mother has to do with all this.
Soho Crime * 9781616953294

MY AMISH BOYFRIEND by Melody Carlson (Fiction)
Paperback Original
Shannon McNamara has exciting plans for the summer and can't wait to dive in. But her ill mother has plans of her own: to relocate them both to the heart of Amish country in Ohio where she has relatives who can help her. When a hot young Amish guy named Ezra enters the picture, Shannon is ready to get an Amish makeover and even consider making it a permanent change. Can she really make the jump into a whole new way of life?
Revell * 9780800722265

NIGHT MOVES: A Doc Ford Novel by Randy Wayne White (Thriller)
While trying to solve one of Florida’s most profound secrets, Doc Ford is the target of a murder attempt by someone who wants to make it look like an accident. Or is the target actually his friend, Tomlinson? What their small family of friends don’t know is that their secret pasts make it impossible for the two of them to go to the law for help. There is an assassin on the loose, and it is up to them to find the killer --- before he (or she) finishes the job.
Berkley * 9780425264621

THE PAINTED GIRLS by Cathy Marie Buchanan (Historical Fiction)
After their father's death, the two van Goethem sisters must find a way to support themselves and their alcoholic mother in 1878 Paris. Marie begins to train to enter the ballet and is soon modeling in the studio of Edgar Degas where she meets a wealthy patron of the ballet who offers her assistance that may have strings attached. Meanwhile, Antoinette must choose between hard labor and other more profitable jobs open to a young woman in Paris.
Riverhead Trade * 9781594632297

PRINCESS EVER AFTER: The Royal Wedding Series, Book 2 by Rachel Hauck (Romance)
Paperback Original
Regina Beswick was born to be a princess. But she's content to be a small-town girl, running a classic auto restoration shop. Tanner Burkhardt is the stoic Minister of Culture for the Grand Duchy of Hessenberg. When he is tasked to retrieve the long-lost princess, he must overcome his fear of failure in order to secure his nation's future --- and his own. Yet lurking in the political shadows is a fierce opponent with sinister plans to abolish the throne forever.
Zondervan * 9780310315506

RACHEL: Wives of the Patriarchs, Book 3 by Jill Eileen Smith (Historical Romance)
Paperback Original
Rachel wants nothing more than for her older half sister Leah to wed and move out of their household. Leah wishes her father would find a good man who would love her alone. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jacob is making his way to their home, trying to escape a past laced with deceit and find the future God has promised him. But the past comes back to haunt Jacob when he finds himself on the receiving end of treachery.
Revell * 9780800734312

SECOND HONEYMOON by James Patterson and Howard Roughan (Thriller)
A newlywed couple steps into the sauna in their deluxe honeymoon suite --- and never steps out again. When another couple is killed while boarding their honeymoon flight to Rome, it becomes clear that someone is targeting honeymooners. FBI Agent John O'Hara is deep into solving the case, while Special Agent Sarah Brubaker is hunting another ingenious serial killer, whose victims all have one chilling thing in common.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455515950

SEE NOW THEN by Jamaica Kincaid (Fiction)
Jamaica Kincaid’s beautiful, painful new book, her first novel in a decade, chronicles the dissolution of a marriage. Mr. Sweet is a composer of difficult works of modern music. He resents Mrs. Sweet, his Caribbean-born wife, for taking him from his beloved Manhattan and making him move to Vermont with their children, the daughter he adores and the son he detests. Kincaid uses Virginia Woolf-style repetition to create a hypnotic portrait of a dying love.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux * 9780374534363

SOUTHERN CROSS THE DOG by Bill Cheng (Historical Fiction)
In the tradition of Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Connor, Bill Cheng’s SOUTHERN CROSS THE DOG is an epic literary debut in which the bonds between three childhood friends are upended by the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. In its aftermath, one young man must choose between the lure of the future and the claims of the past.
Ecco * 9780062225023

THE TESTAMENT OF MARY by Colm Toibin (Historical Fiction)
In the ancient town of Ephesus, Mary lives alone, years after her son’s crucifixion. She does not agree that her son is the Son of God nor that his death was “worth it.” She judges herself ruthlessly, and her judgment of others is equally harsh. This woman whom we know from centuries of paintings and scripture as the docile, loving, silent, long-suffering, obedient, worshipful mother of Christ becomes a tragic heroine.
Scribner * 9781451692389

UNCOMMON MARRIAGE BIBLE STUDY: A 5-Week Guide for Couples and Small Groups by Tony Dungy and Lauren Dungy, with Nathan Whitaker and Stephanie Rische (Love & Marriage/Relationships)
Paperback Original

A companion study to Tony and Lauren Dungy’s UNCOMMON MARRIAGE, this five-week guide for couples or small groups delves into Scripture to explore the blessings and challenges couples face today. Tony and Lauren share the importance of making time for each other, resolving conflict well, staying strong and committed through difficult times, coping with changes and big decisions, praying together, building a spiritual foundation for your family, and more.
Tyndale Momentum * 9781414391991

WHAT WE TALK ABOUT WHEN WE TALK ABOUT GOD by Rob Bell (Religion & Spirituality)
Pastor Rob Bell explains why both culture and the church resist talking about God, and shows how we can reconnect with the God who is pulling us forward into a better future. WHAT WE TALK ABOUT WHEN WE TALK ABOUT GOD tackles the misconceptions about God and reveals how God is with us, for us, ahead of us, and how understanding this could change the entire course of our lives.
HarperOne * 9780062049681

WHERE COURAGE CALLS: A When Calls the Heart Novel by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan (Historical Romance)
Paperback Original
Beth Thatcher accepts a teaching position in the rugged foothills of western Canada. She resolves to put her trust in God and bravely face any challenge that comes her way, but the conditions in Coal Valley are even worse than she had feared. A recent mining accident has left the town grieving and at the mercy of the mining company. Despite the many obstacles, Beth is determined to make a difference in the rustic frontier town.
Bethany House Publishers * 9780764212314

WHISTLING PAST THE GRAVEYARD by Susan Crandall (Historical Fiction)
Susan Crandall’s latest novel takes place in the summer of 1963 and introduces readers to nine-year-old Starla Claudelle, who runs away from home to be with her mother in Nashville and is offered a ride by a black woman who is traveling with a white baby. As the two unlikely companions make their long and sometimes dangerous journey, Starla’s eyes are opened to the harsh realities of 1963 southern segregation.
Gallery Books * 9781476740041

WILDWOOD CREEK by Lisa Wingate (Romance)
Paperback Original
When Allie Kirkland is offered a production assistant's job on a docudrama filming in the hills near Moses Lake, Texas, the dream of following in her director-father's footsteps suddenly seems within reach. The reenactment of the legendary frontier settlement of Wildwood is a first step into the film industry. But when filming begins, strange connections surface between Allie and a teacher who disappeared over a century ago, and everyone in Wildwood seems to be hiding secrets.
Bethany House Publishers * 9780764208249

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