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November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of November 25th and December 2nd that we think will be of interest to readers.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

On Sale the Week of November 25th in Hardcover

November 25th

by James Patterson

Detective Alex Cross is a family man at heart --- nothing matters more to him than his children, his grandmother, and his wife Bree. His love of his family is his anchor, and gives him the strength to confront evil in his work. One man knows this deeply, and uses Alex's strength as a weapon against him. When the ones Cross loves are in danger, he will do anything to protect them. If he does anything to protect them, they will die.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316210911

November 26th

HOSTAGE: A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel
by Kay Hooper

Haven operative Luther Brinkman and Agent Callie Davis are hunting an escaped felon in the Appalachian Mountains. But the case is far from simple. They’re about to discover that their quarry is far more than a bank robber --- and something closer to the worst monster either has ever faced.
Berkley Hardcover * 9780425259375

An American writer of travel guides in need of a new location chooses to travel to a small and obscure Eastern European country. It soon becomes evident, though, that there are supernatural agencies at work, but they are not in some ways as threatening as the brute forces of bureaucracy and corruption in that country. Is our hero in fact a spy for the CIA? Or is he an innocent citizen caught in a Kafkaesque trap?
Tor Books * 9780765335951

by Morag Joss

Howard and Deborah have sunk their life savings into the small cottage where they raise sheep and live quiet lives. When Howard has a stroke, Deborah must open the doors to lodgers, turning her home into a bed and breakfast. Two men come one night, drinking too much and complaining too loudly. The next morning, one of them is gone and the other can't even begin to pay the bill. So begins Morag Joss's latest novel, which delves into the corroded pasts of these three characters.
Delacorte Press * 9780385342766

by Adriana Trigiani

In this conclusion to Adriana Trigiani's Valentine trilogy, Valentine Roncalli is marrying Gianluca Vechiarelli, the love of her life. However, she hasn't truly considered the cultural and age differences between an American businesswoman and a native Italian who's 18 years her senior. The repercussions lead to a rollercoaster love story with a powerful emotional payoff.
Harper * 9780062136589

On Sale the Week of November 25th in Paperback

November 26th

by Joyce Carol Oates

Princeton, New Jersey, at the turn of the 20th century: a tranquil place to raise a family, a genteel town for genteel souls. But something dark and dangerous lurks at the edges of the town, corrupting and infecting its residents. A young bride on the verge of the altar is seduced and abducted by a shape-shifting, vaguely European prince who might just be the devil. When the bride's brother sets out against all odds to find her, his path will cross those of Princeton's most formidable people.
Ecco * 9780062234353

by Melanie Benjamin

Melanie Benjamin pulls back the curtain on the marriage of one of America’s most extraordinary couples: Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Drawing on the rich history of the 20th century and featuring cameos from such notable characters as Joseph Kennedy and Amelia Earhart, THE AVIATOR'S WIFE is a vividly imagined novel of a complicated marriage --- revealing both its dizzying highs and its devastating lows.
Bantam * 9780345528681

by Urban Waite

Hired gun Ray Lamar is ready to put his past behind him. He wants to see his 12-year-old son and start a new life --- away from the violence of the last 10 years. One last heist will take him there. All he has to do is steal a rival’s stash. But when things start to go very wrong, Ray realizes that the path to redemption isn’t always easy.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062216892

by Magnus Flyte
Paperback Original

In this action-packed sequel to CITY OF DARK MAGIC, musicologist Sarah Weston is in Vienna in search of a cure for her friend Pollina, who is now gravely ill and may not have much time left. Meanwhile, Nicolas Pertusato, in London in search of an ancient alchemical cure for the girl, discovers that an old enemy is one step ahead of him. In Prague, Prince Max tries to unravel the strange reappearance of a long-dead saint while being pursued by a seductive red-headed historian with dark motives of her own.
Penguin Books * 9780143123279

by J. A. Jance

Police academy-trained former reporter Ali Reynolds is contacted to investigate the grisly murder of a gold-digging divorcee on behalf of Lynn Martinson, who is accused of the crime. Ali is simultaneously drawn to the case of A.J. Sanders, a frightened teen with secrets of his own. When the body of an ex-con is discovered near the first crime scene, Ali struggles to determine if A.J. and Lynn’s cases are related.
Pocket Books * 9781451628692

Paperback Original

This bestselling modern fable from Korea is the story of a hen named Sprout. No longer content to lay eggs on command, only to have them carted off to the market, she glimpses her future every morning through the barn doors, where the other animals roam free, and comes up with a plan to escape into the wild --- and to hatch an egg of her own.
Penguin Books * 9780143123200

by Dana Haynes

A former Shin-Bet agent now in exile in the U.S. and under the protection of the FBI, Daria Gibron works primarily as an interpreter but still can't resist the occasional freelance job as an operative. En route to an impromptu meeting with an old contact from her days in the Israeli Secret Service, Daria learns that she's about to walk into an ambush. Someone has linked her to a much sought-after terrorist, and now all the resources of the U.S. intelligence community are being marshaled against her.
Minotaur Books * 9781250036933

by Sarah Jio
Paperback Original

Fleeing an East Coast life marred by tragedy, Ada Santorini takes up residence on houseboat number seven on Boat Street. She discovers a trunk left behind by Penny Wentworth, a young newlywed who lived on the boat half a century earlier. Ada longs to know her predecessor’s fate, but little suspects that Penny’s mysterious past and her own clouded future are destined to converge.
Plume * 9780142196991

A POSSIBLE LIFE: A Novel in Five Love Stories by Sebastian Faulks

Throughout the five stories that make up A POSSIBLE LIFE, characters risk their bodies, hearts and minds in pursuit of the manna of human connection. Between soldier and lover, parent and child, servant and master, and artist and muse, important pleasures and pains are born of love, separations and missed opportunities. These interactions, whether successful or not, also affect the long trajectories of characters' lives.
Picador * 9781250037855

by Gene Hackman
Paperback Original

In a tense standoff with a shopping mall shooter, Sergeant Juliette Worth has the suspect about to surrender --- then in a few explosive seconds, she takes him down. Instead of kudos for saving his hostage, the Missouri State Criminal Investigation Unit hands Julie cold case duty. Among the forgotten files, she uncovers a disturbing connection between disappearances from years ago --- all pretty girls, all presumed runaways.
Pocket Books * 9781451623574

THE PURSUIT OF MARY BENNET: A Pride and Prejudice Novel
by Pamela Mingle
Paperback Original

Growing up with four extraordinary sisters wasn't easy for an awkward bookworm like Mary Bennet. But the unrefined Mary has transformed into an attractive and eligible young woman in her own right. When she meets the dashing Henry Walsh, Mary is confused by his attentions, even as she finds herself drawing closer to him. Could this really be love --- or the notions of a foolish girl unschooled in the art of romance and flirtation?
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062274243

RISKY GOSPEL: Abandon Fear and Build Something Awesome
by Owen Strachan
Paperback Original

How do you access a real, thriving, vibrant faith? You trust a big God, and you start living like He’s real. It’s time to put our comfort, ease and false security on the line. If we know God is real, let’s pray as if He’s actually listening. If we know He’s good, let’s reflect that goodness in the world. When our problems feel big, let’s lean on the One who is bigger. Is that risky? “Sure,” says Owen Strachan. “Embrace it anyway. It’s literally the only way to live.”
Thomas Nelson * 9781400205790

by Linda Howard

Lizette Henry wakes up one morning and doesn’t recognize the face she sees in the mirror. She remembers what she looks like, but her reflection is someone else’s. To add to the shock, two years seem to have disappeared from her life. Someone has gone to great and inexplicable lengths to keep those missing years hidden forever. But strange memories soon begin to surface and, along with them, some unusual skills and talents that Lizette hasn’t a clue about acquiring.
Ballantine Books * 9780345506948

by Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush and Rosalind Noonan
Paperback Original

Ira Dillinger has summoned his children home for his upcoming wedding. Eldest son Colton and his siblings don't approve of their father's gold-digging bride-to-be. But someone is making his displeasure felt in terrifying ways. Soon all the Dillingers, and those closest to them, are targets --- and suspects. A killer has been honing his skill, feeding his fury, and waiting for the moment when the Dillingers come home --- to die.
Zebra * 9781420125788

by Amanda Kyle Williams

Private Investigator Keye Street just wants to have a relaxing Fourth of July weekend with her boyfriend. However, with two strikingly similar murders and her cousin Miki claiming that a man is stalking her, Keye must give up her dreams of relaxation and stop a killer before he strikes those she loves.
Bantam * 9780553593815

THE WRATH OF ANGELS: A Charlie Parker Thriller
by John Connolly

In the depths of the Maine woods, the wreckage of a plane is discovered. What it conceals is a list of names, a record of those who have struck a deal with the devil. Now a battle is about to commence between those who want the list to remain secret and those for whom it represents a crucial weapon in the struggle against the forces of darkness. The race to secure the prize draws in private detective Charlie Parker, who fears that his own name may be on the list.
Pocket Books * 9781476703039

On Sale the Week of December 2nd in Hardcover

December 2nd

THE GODS OF GUILT: A Lincoln Lawyer Novel
by Michael Connelly

When Mickey Haller learns that a murder victim was his own former client, a prostitute he thought he had rescued and put on the straight and narrow path, he knows he is on the hook for this one. Far from saving her, Mickey may have been the one who put her in danger. Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Mickey must work tirelessly and bring all his skill to bear on a case that could mean his ultimate redemption --- or proof of his ultimate guilt.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316069519

edited by Elizabeth Strout

A contemporary of Ann Beattie and Tobias Wolff, Frederick Busch was a master craftsman of the form; his subjects were single-event moments in so-called ordinary life. The stories in this volume, selected by Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout, are tales of families trying to heal their wounds, save their marriages, and rescue their children.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393239546

December 3rd

ACT OF WAR: Lyndon Johnson, North Korea, and the Capture of the Spy Ship Pueblo
by Jack Cheevers

ACT OF WAR tells the riveting saga of ex–submarine officer Pete Bucher and his men as they struggled to survive merciless torture and horrendous living conditions in North Korean prisons. It also reveals new details of President Lyndon Johnson’s high-risk gambit to prevent war from erupting on the Korean peninsula while his negotiators desperately tried to save the sailors from possible execution.
NAL Hardcover * 9780451466198

by Greg Baxter

One snowy December morning in an old European city, an American man leaves his shabby hotel to meet a local woman who has agreed to help him search for an apartment to rent. THE APARTMENT follows the couple across a blurry, illogical and frozen city into a past the man is hoping to forget, and leaves them at the doorstep of an uncertain future --- their cityscape punctuated by the man's lingering memories of time spent in Iraq and the life he abandoned in the United States.
Twelve * 9781455574780

BROWN DOG: Novellas
by Jim Harrison

Brown Dog, a bawdy, reckless, down-on-his-luck Michigan Indian, has earned cult status with readers of Jim Harrison in the more than two decades since his first appearance. For the first time, BROWN DOG gathers all the Brown Dog novellas, including a never-published one, into a single volume --- the ideal introduction (or reintroduction) to Harrison’s irresistible Everyman.
Grove Press * 9780802120113

by Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney

There’s a new strong man in Russia, but his rise to power is based on a dark secret hidden decades in the past. The solution to that mystery lies with a most unexpected source: President Jack Ryan. COMMAND AUTHORITY is the final published book by Tom Clancy, who passed away in October at the age of 66.
Putnam Adult * 9780399160479

by James W. Hall

Earth Liberation Front is a loosely knit organization comprised of environmental activists who take a "by any means necessary" approach to defending the planet. Flynn Moss, Thorn’s newly discovered son, has naively fallen in with an ELF cell in Miami that has concocted a non-violent plan to shut down the largest nuclear power plant in the state. But unbeknownst to some in the group, there are other members who would like to cause a radioactive catastrophe rivaling Chernobyl or Fukushima.
Minotaur Books * 9781250005007

THE HEIR APPARENT: A Life of Edward VII, the Playboy Prince
by Jane Ridley

THE HEIR APPARENT chronicles the eventful life of Queen Victoria’s firstborn son, the quintessential black sheep of Buckingham Palace, who matured into as wise and effective a monarch as Britain has ever seen. Granted unprecedented access to the royal archives, noted scholar Jane Ridley draws on numerous primary sources to paint a vivid portrait of the man and the age to which he gave his name.
Random House * 9781400062553

written by Antonio Munoz Molina, translated by Edith Grossman

October 1936. Spanish architect Ignacio Abel arrives at Penn Station, the final stop on his journey from war-torn Madrid, where he has left behind his wife and children. Crossing the fragile borders of Europe, he reflects on months of fratricidal conflict in his embattled country, his own transformation from a bricklayer’s son to a respected bourgeois husband and professional, and the all-consuming love affair with an American woman that forever alters his life.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780547547848

INSIDE THE DREAM PALACE: The Life and Times of New York's Legendary Chelsea Hotel
by Sherill Tippins

The Chelsea Hotel, since its founding by a visionary French architect in 1884, has been an icon of American invention: a cultural dynamo and haven for the counterculture, all in one astonishing building. Sherill Tippins, author of the acclaimed FEBRUARY HOUSE, delivers a masterful and endlessly entertaining history of the Chelsea and of the successive generations of artists who have cohabited and created there.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780618726349

THE KID: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams
by Ben Bradlee, Jr.

Ted Williams was the best hitter in baseball history. His batting average of .406 in 1941 has not been topped since, and no player who has hit more than 500 home runs has a higher career batting average. Those totals would have been even higher if Williams had not left baseball to serve as a Marine pilot in WWII and Korea. He hit home runs farther than any player before him --- and traveled a long way himself, as Ben Bradlee, Jr.'s biography reveals.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316614351

by Donna Leon

For many years, Donna Leon has written essays for European publications. Collected here are the best of these: over 50 funny, charming, passionate and insightful essays that range from battles over garbage in the canals to the troubles with rehabbing Venetian real estate. She shares episodes from her life in Venice, explores her love of opera, and recounts tales from in and around her country house in the mountains.
Atlantic Monthly Press * 9780802120366

by Christopher Reich

Bobby Astor is a fearless New York hedge-fund gunslinger on the verge of making his biggest killing ever. But everything changes when his father, the venerable chief executive of the New York Stock Exchange, is murdered along with the head of the Federal Reserve. In the moments before his death, Bobby's father sends him a mystifying text message that offers the only clue to the identity of the killer and the terrifying motivation behind the attack.
Doubleday * 9780385535069

by Eric Van Lustbader

Ouyang Jidan, a senior member of China's Politburo, and a major Mexican drug lord may be trafficking in something far more deadly than drugs. Jidan is the man who ordered Rebeka --- one of the only people Jason Bourne has ever truly cared about --- murdered. Bourne is determined to avenge her death, but in the process he becomes enmeshed in a monstrous world-wide scheme involving the Chinese, Mexicans and Russians.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455550951

by Susie Hodge

SECRETS OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR is the compelling chronicle of the warrior monks and their fight to defend the Catholic faith, and of their participation in the efforts to vie for control of the Holy Land with the Muslim armies of Kurdish military genius Saladin and his successors. Informally organized in 1119 to protect pilgrims on their journeys to visit the Holy Land, and officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church in 1129, the medieval Knights Templar grew into an elite fighting force that played a central role in the battles of the Crusades.
Quercus * 9781623650520

by Wallace Stroby

A half million dollars in drug proceeds, guarded by three men with automatic weapons. For Wallace Stroby's determined heroine, professional thief Crissa Stone, and her team, stealing it was the easy part. But when the split goes awry in a blaze of gunfire, Crissa finds herself on the run with a duffel bag of stolen cash, bound by a promise to deliver part of the take to the needy family of one of her slain partners.
Minotaur Books * 9781250000385

THE SPOOK LIGHTS AFFAIR: A Carpenter and Quincannon Mystery
by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini

While John Quincannon follows a danger-laden trail to unmask the murderous perpetrators of a Wells, Fargo robbery, his partner, Sabina Carpenter, works her wiles on friends and relatives of a vanished debutante until the pieces of her puzzle start falling into place. But it’s an oddly disguised gent appearing out of nowhere who provides the final clue to both cases --- the shrewd “crackbrain” who believes himself to be Sherlock Holmes.
Forge Books * 9780765331755

by Roland Merullo

Cynthia Piantedosi lives a quiet, unassuming life outside of Boston, guided by her Catholic faith. Devoted to her elderly father and not particularly interested in dating and socializing, she develops a deep friendship with her parish priest, who encourages her to explore her faith. When he is killed in a mysterious accident, a message begins to emerge from Cynthia’s prayers: God is calling her to be the first female Catholic priest.
Crown * 9780307452955

December 7th

by Jeremy Page

The year is 1845, and young researcher Eliot Saxby is paid to go on an expedition to the Arctic in the hope of finding remains of the by-now-extinct Great Auk, a large flightless bird of mythical status. Eliot joins a hunting ship, but the crew and the passengers are not what they seem. As the ship moves further and further into the wilds of the Arctic Sea, Eliot clings to what he believes in, but is irrevocably drawn back into a past that haunts him --- and a present that confronts him with a myriad of dangers.
Pegasus * 9781605984858

by Steve Mosby

When a woman is found bludgeoned to death, Detective Inspector Andrew Hicks suspects a crime of passion, and attention focuses on her possessive ex-husband. But then a second body is found, and more murders arrive in quick succession. As the death toll rises, Hicks must face not only a killer obsessed with randomness and chaos, but also a secret in his own past. If he is to stop the killings, he must confront the truth about himself.
Pegasus * 9781605984889

TENNYSON: To Strive, To Seek, To Find
by John Batchelor

Alfred Lord Tennyson, Queen Victoria's favorite poet, commanded a wider readership than any other of his time. His ascendancy was neither the triumph of pure genius nor an accident of history: he skillfully crafted his own career and his relationships with his audience. This thoughtful new biography by John Batchelor reveals him to be a fascinating paradigm of both the Romantic and Victorian ideals.
Pegasus * 9781605984902

On Sale the Week of December 2nd in Paperback

December 3rd

CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE: A Stevens and Windermere Novel
by Owen Laukkanen

From the outside, Carter Tomlin’s life looked perfect. In reality, he has lost his job, the bills are mounting, and that perfect life is hanging by a thread. Desperate, he robs a bank. Then another. As the red flags start to go up, FBI Special Agent Carla Windermere homes in on Tomlin from one direction, while Minnesota state investigator Kirk Stevens picks up the trail from another. But Tomlin has guns and a new taste for violence. And he’s not quitting anytime soon.
Berkley * 9780425264706

by Ellen Meister

Movie critic Violet Epps has learned to channel her literary hero, Dorothy Parker. If only she could summon that kind of courage in her personal life. Determined to defeat her social anxiety, Violet visits the Algonquin Hotel, where Parker and other famous writers of the 1920s traded barbs. But she gets more than she bargained for when Parker's feisty spirit rematerializes from an ancient guestbook and hitches a ride onto her life.
Berkley Trade * 9780425264713

THE GOLDEN CALF: An Inspector Irene Huss Investigation
by Helene Tursten

Three men have been shot in one of Göteborg's most fashionable neighborhoods, sending Detective Inspector Irene Huss and her colleagues on a goose chase through a tony world of expensive cars and fancy homes. All three victims seem to be tied to one person, the glamorous dot-com darling Sanna Kaegler-Ceder. But Sanna is not speaking, even when her own life seems to be at stake.
Soho Crime * 9781616952983

by Sue Grafton

In 1982, Sue Grafton introduced us to Kinsey Millhone. Thirty years later, Kinsey is an established international icon and Grafton is a number-one bestselling author. To mark this anniversary year, Grafton has given us stories that reveal Kinsey’s origins and Grafton’s past. KINSEY AND ME has two parts: the nine Kinsey stories (1986-93), and the "And Me" stories, written in the decade after Grafton's mother died.
Berkley * 9780425267790

by Nick Tosches

An aging New Yorker, a writer named Nick, feels life ebbing out of him. One evening, at a dimly lit bar, he meets a tantalizing young woman, and the night that follows is the most extraordinary of his life. Propelled by uncontrollable, primordial desires, he tastes human blood for the first time and is filled with a sexual and spiritual ecstasy.
Back Bay Books * 9780316120999

by William H. Gass

William H. Gass’s new novel moves from World War II Europe to a small town in postwar Ohio. In a series of variations, Gass gives us a mosaic of a life --- futile, comic, anarchic --- arranged in an array of vocabularies, altered rhythms, forms and tones, and broken pieces with music as both theme and structure, set in the key of middle C.
Vintage * 9780804168786

RAW: A Love Story
by Mark Haskell Smith
Paperback Original

Sepp Gregory, a reality-TV hunk and one of People magazine's "sexiest men alive," is on tour to promote his debut novel. The book has hit the bestseller list and is even getting rave reviews from serious critics. Aside from Harriet Post, that is. Determined to pen an expose on the publishing industry, Harriet hijacks the book tour and uncovers the ghostwriter. Reality and "reality" collide, and a tragic accident sends Sepp and Harriet off on a sex-fueled road trip through the southwest.
Grove Press/Black Cat * 9780802122018

by Kimberly McCreight

Kate learns that her daughter, Amelia, has been suspended from school. Upon her arrival, she finds the school surrounded by police officers, fire trucks, and an ambulance. An academic overachiever despondent over getting caught cheating has jumped to her death. At least that’s the story Grace Hall tells Kate. And clouded as she is by her guilt and grief, it is the one she forces herself to believe. Until she gets an anonymous text: She didn’t jump.
Harper Perennial * 9780062225443

by Robert Knott

Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch have been through some of the roughest places in the Western United States. As newly appointed Territorial Marshalls, their first task is to escort Mexican prisoners to the border. This simple train ride is easy after some of their past adventures, but when the Governor of Texas and his wife and daughters climb aboard, they begin to realize that this job may not be as easy as they expected.
Berkley * 9780425267707

by Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney

An aborted coup in the People's Republic of China has left President Wei Zhen Lin with no choice but to agree with the expansionist policies of General Su Ke Qiang. They have declared the South China Sea a protectorate and are planning an invasion of Taiwan. Jack Ryan’s administration is determined to thwart China’s ambitions, but the stakes are dangerously high as a new breed of powerful Chinese anti-ship missile endangers the US Navy's plans to protect the island.
Berkley * 9780425262306

by Stuart Woods

Two unexpected invitations may be the first clues in an intricate puzzle that Stone Barrington must unravel to learn the truth --- a puzzle that will lead him deep into the rarefied world of European ultrawealth and privilege, where billionaires rub elbows with spooks, insider knowledge is traded at a high premium, and murder is never too high a price to pay for a desired end. It soon becomes clear that beneath the bright lights of Europe lurks a shadowy underworld...and its only rule is deadly ambition.
Signet * 9780451414397

December 7th

DIE EASY: A Charlie Fox Thriller
by Zoë Sharp

Bodyguard Sean Meyer has woken from a gunshot-induced coma with his memory in tatters. When an ambitious robbery explodes into a deadly hostage situation, the motive may be far more complex than simple greed. Somebody has a major score to settle, and Sean is part of the reason. Only trouble is, he doesn’t remember why. And when his former lover, Charlie Fox, finds herself facing a nightmare from her own past, she realizes she can’t rely on Sean to watch her back.
Pegasus * 9781605985084

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