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November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of November 18th and November 25th that we think will be of interest to readers.

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On Sale the Week of November 18th in Hardcover

November 19th

by Jane Maas

Jessica Lavery, a beautiful London actress, breaks off her romance with Owen Thomas, a poor Welsh coal miner. Broken-hearted, Owen wraps the Christmas angel he made in her likeness in his mother’s shawl and brings her to America. There, she looks down over five generations, witnessing peace and war, triumphs and tragedies, reminding all who see her that Christmas is the time when families and sweethearts can come together.
Thomas Dunne Books * 9781250037572

by Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin

On the night JFK was assassinated, a photo ran on the front pages of newspapers across the world, showing a Secret Service agent jumping on the back of the presidential limousine in a desperate attempt to protect the President and Mrs. Kennedy. Now Secret Service Agent Clint Hill commemorates the 50th anniversary of the tragedy with a book containing more than 150 photos, each accompanied by Hill’s insider account of those terrible days.
Gallery Books * 9781476731490

by David Baldacci

Teenager Tyler Wingo learns that his father was killed in action in Afghanistan. Then the extraordinary happens: Tyler receives a communication from his father after his supposed death. Tyler hires Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to solve the mystery surrounding his father. But their investigation quickly leads to deeper, more troubling questions. Could Tyler's father really still be alive? What was his true mission? Could Tyler be the next target?
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455521319

by Donato Carrisi

Sandra Vega, a forensic analyst with the Roman police department, mourns deeply for a marriage that ended too soon. A few months ago, her husband plunged to his death at the top of a high-rise construction site. The police ruled it an accident, but Sandra isn’t buying it. Her eventual investigation is deeply entwined with a series of disappearances that has swept the city, and brings Sandra ever closer to a secret society that will do anything to stay in the shadows.
Mulholland Books * 9780316246798

by Daniel Menaker

Daniel Menaker started as a fact checker at The New Yorker in 1969. With luck, hard work, and the support of William Maxwell, he was eventually promoted to editor. Never beloved by William Shawn, he was advised early on to find a position elsewhere; he stayed for another 24 years. Now Menaker brings us a new view of life in that wonderfully strange place and beyond, throughout his more than 40 years working to celebrate language and good writing.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780547794235

by Robert Littell

Former CIA agent Lemuel Gunn works as a private investigator from his mobile home. Into his life comes Ornella Neppi, who’s making a hash out of her uncle’s bail bonds business. The source of her troubles, Emilio Gava, was arrested for buying cocaine. He’s jumped bail and now she’s about to pay the price for it. Curiously, no photographs of Gava seem to exist. Once Gunn begins his search, it becomes unclear whether Gava even existed in the first place.
Thomas Dunne Books * 9781250021458

by Paul Auster

REPORT FROM THE INTERIOR is Paul Auster’s follow-up to last year’s WINTER JOURNAL, a memoir in which, at age 64, he looked back on joyous as well as painful memories of his life. In his latest book, he writes about the salient events of his childhood, analyzes films that affected him in middle school, and shares letters he wrote in his late teens and early 20s to Lydia Davis, who would become his first wife.
Henry Holt and Co. * 9780805098570

by Joshilyn Jackson

SOMEONE ELSE'S LOVE STORY is beloved and highly acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Joshilyn Jackson's funny, charming and poignant novel about science and miracles, secrets and truths, faith and forgiveness; about falling in love, and learning that things aren't always what they seem --- or what we hope they will be.
William Morrow * 9780062105653

TAKEDOWN TWENTY: A Stephanie Plum Novel
by Janet Evanovich

When powerful mobster Salvatore “Uncle Sunny” Sunucchi goes on the lam in Trenton, it’s up to New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum to find him. Uncle Sunny is charged with murder for running over a guy (twice), and nobody wants to turn him in. Even Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli, has skin in the game. The godfather is his actual godfather, and his grandmother is doing everything she can to throw Stephanie off the trail.
Bantam * 9780345542885

On Sale the Week of November 18th in Paperback

November 19th

by Elizabeth Wilhide

When brother and sister Charlie and Ros discover that they have inherited their aunt’s grand English country house, they must decide if they should sell it. As they survey the effects of time on the estate’s architectural treasures, a narrative spanning two-and-a-half centuries unfolds. We meet those who built the house, lived in it and loved it, worked in it, and those who would subvert it to their own ends.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451697896

BOTH FLESH AND NOT: Essays by David Foster Wallace

BOTH FLESH AND NOT gathers 15 of David Foster Wallace’s essays never published in book form, including "Federer Both Flesh and Not," considered by many to be his nonfiction masterpiece; "The (As it Were) Seminal Importance of Terminator 2," which deftly dissects James Cameron's blockbuster; and "Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young," an examination of television's effect on a new generation of writers.
Back Bay Books * 9780316182386

THE HOLY OR THE BROKEN: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of "Hallelujah"
by Alan Light

When music legend Leonard Cohen first wrote and recorded “Hallelujah,” it was for an album rejected by his longtime record label. A decade later, Jeff Buckley reimagined the song for his much-anticipated debut album. Three years after that, Buckley would be dead, his album largely unknown, and “Hallelujah” still unreleased as a single. How did one obscure song become an international anthem for human triumph and tragedy?
Atria Books * 9781451657852

MARMEE & LOUISA: The Untold Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Mother
by Eve LaPlante

Since its release nearly 150 years ago, Louisa May Alcott’s classic LITTLE WOMEN has been a mainstay in American literature, while passionate Jo March and her calm, beloved “Marmee” have shaped generations of young women. In this riveting dual biography, Eve LaPlante draws on unknown and unexplored letters and journals to show that Louisa’s “Marmee,” Abigail May Alcott, was the intellectual and emotional center of her daughter’s world.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451620672

NOTORIOUS NINETEEN: A Stephanie Plum Novel
by Janet Evanovich

After a slow summer of chasing low-level skips for her cousin Vinnie’s bail bonds agency, Stephanie Plum finally lands an assignment that could put her checkbook back in the black. Geoffrey Cubbin, facing trial for embezzling millions from Trenton’s premier assisted-living facility, has mysteriously vanished from the hospital after an emergency appendectomy. Now it’s on Stephanie to track down the con man.
Bantam * 9780345527769

by Jose Saramago

In Alentejo, a southern province of Portugal known for its vast agricultural estates, the Mau Tempo family --- poor landless peasants --- faces changing fortunes in the midst of the coming of the Republic of Portugal, the two World Wars, and an attempt on the dictator Salazar's life. Yet nothing really impinges on the grim reality of the farm laborers’ lives until the first communist stirrings.
Mariner Books * 9780544102736

by Belinda Alexandra
Paperback Original

Florence, 1914. A mysterious stranger known as The Wolf leaves an infant with the sisters of Santo Spirito. Fifteen years later, young Rosa must leave the nuns and become governess to the daughter of an aristocrat and his strange, frightening wife. Their house is elegant but cursed, and Rosa --- blessed with gifts beyond her considerable musical talents --- is torn between her desire to know the truth and her fear of its repercussions.
Gallery Books * 9781451679076

On Sale the Week of November 25th in Hardcover

November 25th

by James Patterson

Detective Alex Cross’s love of his family is his anchor, and gives him the strength to confront evil in his work. One man knows this deeply, and uses Alex's strength as a weapon against him in the most unsettling and unexpected novel of James Patterson's career. When the ones Cross loves are in danger, he will do anything to protect them. If he does anything to protect them, they will die.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316210911

November 26th

HOSTAGE: A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel
by Kay Hooper

Haven operative Luther Brinkman and Agent Callie Davis are hunting an escaped felon in the Appalachian Mountains. But the case is far from simple. They’re about to discover that their quarry is far more than a bank robber --- and something closer to the worst monster either has ever faced.
Berkley Hardcover * 9780425259375

An American writer of travel guides in need of a new location chooses to travel to a small and obscure Eastern European country. It soon becomes evident, though, that there are supernatural agencies at work, but they are not in some ways as threatening as the brute forces of bureaucracy and corruption in that country. Is our hero in fact a spy for the CIA? Or is he an innocent citizen caught in a Kafkaesque trap?
Tor Books * 9780765335951

by Morag Joss

Howard and Deborah have sunk their life savings into the small cottage where they raise sheep and live quiet lives. When Howard has a stroke, Deborah must open the doors to lodgers, turning her home into a bed and breakfast. Two men come one night, drinking too much and complaining too loudly. The next morning, one of them is gone and the other can't even begin to pay the bill. So begins a fiendishly complex novel that delves into the corroded pasts of these three characters.
Delacorte Press * 9780385342766

by Adriana Trigiani

For over a hundred years, the Angelini Shoe Company in Greenwich Village has relied on the leather produced by Vechiarelli & Son in Tuscany. This historic business partnership provides the twist of fate for Valentine Roncalli, the school teacher turned shoemaker, to fall in love with Gianluca Vechiarelli, a tanner with a complex past and a hidden secret.
Harper * 9780062136589

On Sale the Week of November 25th in Paperback

November 26th

by Joyce Carol Oates

Princeton, New Jersey, at the turn of the 20th century: a tranquil place to raise a family, a genteel town for genteel souls. But something dark and dangerous lurks at the edges of the town, corrupting and infecting its residents. A young bride on the verge of the altar is seduced and abducted by a shape-shifting, vaguely European prince who might just be the devil. When the bride's brother sets out against all odds to find her, his path will cross those of Princeton's most formidable people.
Ecco * 9780062234353

by Melanie Benjamin

Melanie Benjamin pulls back the curtain on the marriage of one of America’s most extraordinary couples: Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Drawing on the rich history of the 20th century and featuring cameos from such notable characters as Joseph Kennedy and Amelia Earhart, THE AVIATOR'S WIFE is a vividly imagined novel of a complicated marriage --- revealing both its dizzying highs and its devastating lows.
Bantam * 9780345528681

by Urban Waite

Hired gun Ray Lamar is ready to put his past behind him. He wants to see his 12-year-old son and start a new life --- away from the violence of the last 10 years. One last heist will take him there. All he has to do is steal a rival’s stash. But when things start to go very wrong, Ray realizes that the path to redemption isn’t always easy.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062216892

by Magnus Flyte
Paperback Original

In this action-packed sequel to CITY OF DARK MAGIC, musicologist Sarah Weston is in Vienna in search of a cure for her friend Pollina, who is now gravely ill and may not have much time left. Meanwhile, Nicolas Pertusato, in London in search of an ancient alchemical cure for the girl, discovers that an old enemy is one step ahead of him. In Prague, Prince Max tries to unravel the strange reappearance of a long-dead saint while being pursued by a seductive red-headed historian with dark motives of her own.
Penguin Books * 9780143123279

by J. A. Jance

Police academy-trained former reporter Ali Reynolds is contacted to investigate the grisly murder of a gold-digging divorcee on behalf of Lynn Martinson, who is accused of the crime. Ali is simultaneously drawn to the case of A.J. Sanders, a frightened teen with secrets of his own. When the body of an ex-con is discovered near the first crime scene, Ali struggles to determine if A.J. and Lynn’s cases are related.
Pocket Books * 9781451628692

by Dana Haynes

A former Shin-Bet agent now in exile in the U.S. and under the protection of the FBI, Daria Gibron works primarily as an interpreter but still can't resist the occasional freelance job as an operative. En route to an impromptu meeting with an old contact from her days in the Israeli Secret Service, Daria learns that she's about to walk into an ambush. Someone has linked her to a much sought-after terrorist, and now all the resources of the U.S. intelligence community are being marshaled against her.
Minotaur Books * 9781250036933

by Sarah Jio
Paperback Original

Fleeing an East Coast life marred by tragedy, Ada Santorini takes up residence on houseboat number seven on Boat Street. She discovers a trunk left behind by Penny Wentworth, a young newlywed who lived on the boat half a century earlier. Ada longs to know her predecessor’s fate, but little suspects that Penny’s mysterious past and her own clouded future are destined to converge.
Plume * 9780142196991

A POSSIBLE LIFE: A Novel in Five Love Stories by Sebastian Faulks

Throughout the five stories that make up A POSSIBLE LIFE, characters risk their bodies, hearts and minds in pursuit of the manna of human connection. Between soldier and lover, parent and child, servant and master, and artist and muse, important pleasures and pains are born of love, separations and missed opportunities. These interactions, whether successful or not, also affect the long trajectories of characters' lives.
Picador * 9781250037855

by Gene Hackman
Paperback Original

In a tense standoff with a shopping mall shooter, Sergeant Juliette Worth has the suspect about to surrender --- then in a few explosive seconds, she takes him down. Instead of kudos for saving his hostage, the Missouri State Criminal Investigation Unit hands Julie cold case duty. Among the forgotten files, she uncovers a disturbing connection between disappearances from years ago --- all pretty girls, all presumed runaways.
Pocket Books * 9781451623574

THE PURSUIT OF MARY BENNET: A Pride and Prejudice Novel
by Pamela Mingle
Paperback Original

Growing up with four extraordinary sisters wasn't easy for an awkward bookworm like Mary Bennet. But the unrefined Mary has transformed into an attractive and eligible young woman in her own right. When she meets the dashing Henry Walsh, Mary is confused by his attentions, even as she finds herself drawing closer to him. Could this really be love --- or the notions of a foolish girl unschooled in the art of romance and flirtation?
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062274243

RISKY GOSPEL: Abandon Fear and Build Something Awesome
by Owen Strachan
Paperback Original

How do you access a real, thriving, vibrant faith? You trust a big God, and you start living like He’s real. It’s time to put our comfort, ease and false security on the line. If we know God is real, let’s pray as if He’s actually listening. If we know He’s good, let’s reflect that goodness in the world. When our problems feel big, let’s lean on the One who is bigger. Is that risky? “Sure,” says Owen Strachan. “Embrace it anyway. It’s literally the only way to live.”
Thomas Nelson * 9781400205790

by Linda Howard

Lizette Henry wakes up one morning and doesn’t recognize the face she sees in the mirror. She remembers what she looks like, but her reflection is someone else’s. To add to the shock, two years seem to have disappeared from her life. Someone has gone to great and inexplicable lengths to keep those missing years hidden forever. But strange memories soon begin to surface and, along with them, some unusual skills and talents that Lizette hasn’t a clue about acquiring.
Ballantine Books * 9780345506948

by Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush and Rosalind Noonan
Paperback Original

Ira Dillinger has summoned his children home for his upcoming wedding. Eldest son Colton and his siblings don't approve of their father's gold-digging bride-to-be. But someone is making his displeasure felt in terrifying ways. Soon all the Dillingers, and those closest to them, are targets --- and suspects. A killer has been honing his skill, feeding his fury, and waiting for the moment when the Dillingers come home --- to die.
Zebra * 9781420125788

by Amanda Kyle Williams

Private Investigator Keye Street just wants to have a relaxing Fourth of July weekend with her boyfriend. However, with two strikingly similar murders and her cousin Miki claiming that a man is stalking her, Keye must give up her dreams of relaxation and stop a killer before he strikes those she loves.
Bantam * 9780553593815

THE WRATH OF ANGELS: A Charlie Parker Thriller
by John Connolly

In the depths of the Maine woods, the wreckage of a plane is discovered. What it conceals is a list of names, a record of those who have struck a deal with the devil. Now a battle is about to commence between those who want the list to remain secret and those for whom it represents a crucial weapon in the struggle against the forces of darkness. The race to secure the prize draws in private detective Charlie Parker, who fears that his own name may be on the list.
Pocket Books * 9781476703039

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