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May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of May 13th and May 20th that we think will be of interest to readers.

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On Sale the Week of May 13th in Hardcover

May 13th

FOOLS: Stories by Joan Silber
When is it wise to be a fool for something? What makes people want to be better than they are? The characters in Joan Silber’s new story collection tackle this question head-on. Vera, the shy, anarchist daughter of missionary parents, leaves her family for love and activism in New York. A generation later, her own doubting daughter insists on the truth of being of two minds, even in marriage. The adulterous son of a Florida hotel owner steals money from his family and departs for Paris, where he takes up with a young woman and finds himself outsmarted in turn.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393088700

May 14th

AMERICANAH by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
As teenagers in a Lagos secondary school, Ifemelu and Obinze fall in love. Their Nigeria is under military dictatorship, and people are leaving the country if they can. Ifemelu departs for America to study, while Obinze plunges into a dangerous, undocumented life in London. Years later, when Obinze and Ifemelu reunite and reignite their shared passion --- for their homeland and for each other --- they will face the toughest decisions of their lives.
Knopf * 9780307271082

This story traces love in the life of young Eunice. In the first part, Eunice must reckon with familial love --- from an eccentric mother and an absent father. The second leg of Eunice’s journey introduces her to the steadiness of a nurturing love through her relationship with a mysterious stranger named Rose. Finally, in the third act, Eunice is initiated into the world of passionate love.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455519750

THE DIMAGGIOS: Three Brothers, Their Passion for Baseball, Their Pursuit of the American Dream by Tom Clavin
Acclaimed sportswriter Tom Clavin reveals the untold Great American Story of three brothers, Joltin’ Joe, Dom and Vince DiMaggio, and the Great American Game --- baseball --- that would consume their lives. A vivid portrait of a family and the ways in which their shifting fortunes and status shaped their relationships, THE DIMAGGIOS is an exploration of an era and a culture.
Ecco * 9780062183774

THE FEUD: The Hatfields and McCoys by Dean King
For more than a century, the enduring feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys has been American shorthand for passionate, unyielding, and even violent confrontation. Yet nobody has ever told the in-depth true story of this legendarily fierce and far-reaching clash in the heart of Appalachia. Drawing upon years of original research, Dean King finally gives us the complete tale, one vastly more enthralling than the myth.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316167062

INFERNO by Dan Brown
In the heart of Italy, Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon is drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces: Dante’s Inferno. Against this backdrop, Langdon battles a chilling adversary and grapples with an ingenious riddle that pulls him into a landscape of classic art, secret passageways, and futuristic science.
Doubleday * 9780385537858

LITTLE GREEN: An Easy Rawlins Mystery by Walter Mosley
Private eye Easy Rawlins and his murderous sidekick, Mouse, are looking for a young black man, Evander “Little Green” Noon, who disappeared during an acid trip. Fueled by an elixir called Gator’s Blood, brewed by the conjure woman Mama Jo, Easy experiences a physical, spiritual and emotional resurrection, but peace and love soon give way to murder and mayhem.
Doubleday * 9780385535984

It is just as important to learn how to receive a blessing as it is to be willing to give one. So teaches John Osteen in this eye-opening book. Growing up during The Great Depression, John's mentality was shaped by frugality that seeped even into his spiritual life. When God tried to bless and increase his life, he struggled with receiving the abundance of God. But the Bible shows us example after example of those whom God blesses after they lose everything.
FaithWords * 9780892968855

LOOPERS: A Caddie's Twenty-Year Golf Odyssey by John Dunn
John Dunn never expected that his summer job as a caddy at the local course in Connecticut might turn into something more. But one adventure after another kept him coming back summer after summer, until --- out of college --- he found himself migrating with the seasons, looping at some of the most exquisite and exclusive golf locations in the world: Sherwood, Augusta, Bandon Dunes, Shinnecock and St. Andrews, to name a few.
Crown * 9780770437183

THE MAGICAL STRANGER: A Son's Journey into His Father's Life by Stephen Rodrick
On November 28, 1979, squadron commander and Navy pilot Peter Rodrick died when his plane crashed in the Indian Ocean, leaving behind a devastated wife, two daughters, and a 13-year-old son. In THE MAGICAL STRANGER, journalist Stephen Rodrick explores the life and death of the man who indelibly shaped his life, even as he remained a mystery.
Harper * 9780062004765

MICKEY AND WILLIE: Mantle and Mays, the Parallel Lives of Baseball's Golden Age by Allen Barra
Culturally, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays were light-years apart. Yet they were nearly the same age and almost the same size, and they came to New York at the same time. They were both products of generations of baseball-playing families, for whom the game was the only escape from a lifetime of brutal manual labor. These two men shared a close personal friendship, and each was the only man who could truly understand the other's experience.
Crown Archetype * 9780307716484

ON SAL MAL LANE by Ru Freeman
On the day the Herath family moves in, Sal Mal Lane is still a quiet street, disturbed only by the cries of the children whose triumphs and tragedies sustain the families that live there. As the neighbors adapt to the newcomers in different ways, the children fill their days with cricket matches, romantic crushes and small rivalries. But the tremors of civil war are mounting, and the conflict threatens to engulf them all.
Graywolf Press * 9781555976422

THE OUTSIDER: A Memoir by Jimmy Connors
Jimmy Connors ignited the tennis boom in the 1970s with his aggressive style of play, turning his matches with John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and Ivan Lendl into prizefights. But it was his prolonged dedication to his craft that won him the public’s adoration. More than just the story of a tennis champion, THE OUTSIDER is the uncensored account of Connors's life --- from his complicated relationship with his formidable mother and his storybook romance with tennis legend Chris Evert, to his battles with gambling and fidelity.
Harper * 9780061242991

POPPET: A Jack Caffery Thriller by Mo Hayder
Everything goes according to procedure when a patient, Isaac, is released into the community from a high-security mental health ward. But when the staff realizes that he was connected to a series of unexplained episodes of self-harm amongst the ward's patients, and furthermore that he was released in error, they call on Detective Jack Caffery to investigate. Will the terrifying little effigies Isaac made explain the incidents around the ward, or provide the clue Caffery needs to predict what he has planned?
Atlantic Monthly Press * 9780802121073

SOUTHERN LEAGUE: A True Story of Baseball, Civil Rights, and the Deep South's Most Compelling Pennant Race by Larry Colton
Talented pitcher Johnny "Blue Moon" Odom and outfielder Tommie Reynolds --- both young black ballplayers with dreams of playing someday in the big leagues --- along with Bert Campaneris, a dark-skinned shortstop from Cuba, all found themselves playing for Heywood Sullivan, a white former major leaguer. Larry Colton traces their entire season, capturing the essence of Birmingham and its citizens during the tumultuous year of 1964.
Grand Central Publishing * 9781455511884

WALKING WITH JACK: A Father's Journey to Become His Son's Caddie by Don J. Snyder
Don Snyder and his young son, Jack, made a pact: if one day Jack became good enough to play on the pro golf tour, Don would be his caddie. Years later, Jack was a standout college golfer, and Don moved to St. Andrews, Scotland, to learn from the best caddies in the world. Finally, Don and Jack reunited --- and confronted the challenges of a father-son relationship that had inevitably changed since the days when their journey began.
Doubleday * 9780385536356

May 16th

SHE LEFT ME THE GUN: My Mother's Life Before Me by Emma Brockes
A chilling work of psychological suspense and forensic memoir, SHE LEFT ME THE GUN is a tale of true transformation: the story of a young woman who reinvented herself so completely that her previous life seemed simply to vanish, and of a daughter who transcends her mother’s fears and reclaims an abandoned past.
The Penguin Press * 9781594204593
On Sale the Week of May 13th in Paperback

May 14th

THE ACCOUNTING by William Lashner
Paperback Original

Jon Willing was just a teenager when he and his pals Augie and Ben stole a fortune in drug money. Twenty-five years later, Jon’s marriage is on the rocks, his kids are virtual strangers, and the recession has taken his job and decimated his finances. Worst of all, when he finds Augie murdered in Vegas, he knows the past has risen from its grave to grab him by the throat. The battle that ensues will force Jon to confront the demons of his past.
Thomas & Mercer * 9781611099355

ALBERT OF ADELAIDE by Howard Anderson
Howard Anderson’s debut novel is the story of a duck-billed platypus who escapes from Australia’s Adelaide Zoo and embarks on a journey through the outback in search of “Old Australia,” a land of liberty, promise and peace. Along his voyage, he encounters a motley assortment of characters and discovers a strength and skill for survival he never knew he possessed.
Twelve * 9781455509614

DAN GETS A MINIVAN: Life at the Intersection of Dude and Dad by Dan Zevin
A coming-of-middle-age tale told with warmth and wit, DAN GETS A MINIVAN provides the one thing every parent really needs: comic relief. Whether you’re a dude, a dad, or someone who’s married to either, fasten your seat belt and prepare to crack up.
Scribner * 9781451606478

THE FACE OF THE EARTH by Deborah Raney
Paperback Original

When Mitchell Brannon’s beloved wife sets off for home after a conference, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever. Hours later, Jill still hasn’t returned, and his irritation turns to dread. When the police come up empty, Mitch enlists the help of their next-door neighbor, Jill’s best friend, Shelley, to help search. As hours turn into days and days into weeks, Mitch and Shelley’s friendship grows ever closer --- and decidedly more complicated.
Howard Books * 9781416599975

Percival Chen is the headmaster of the most respected English school in Saigon. He is also a bon vivant, a compulsive gambler, and an incorrigible womanizer. He devotedly ignores all news of the fighting that swirls around him, choosing instead to read the faces of his opponents at high-stakes mah-jongg tables. But when his only son gets in trouble with the Vietnamese authorities, Percival faces the limits of his connections and wealth.
Hogarth * 9780307986481

HE’S GONE by Deb Caletti
Paperback Original
Dani’s husband, Ian, disappears without a trace from their houseboat in Seattle. Panic and disbelief soon give way to grief --- either he's been the victim of foul play (which is what the police assume), or he's determined not to be found. But Dani won't rest until she learns what happened to him. Her quest will dredge up dark memories from the past, and will force her to confront unpleasant truths about her relationship with Ian.
Bantam * 9780345534354

THE INNOCENTS by Francesca Segal
Adam Newman has been dating Rachel Gilbert since they were both 16, and now they are finally planning to marry. But as the vast machinery of the wedding gathers momentum, Adam feels the first faint touches of claustrophobia. And when Rachel’s younger cousin moves home, Adam starts questioning everything, suddenly torn between security and exhilaration, tradition and independence.
Hyperion * 9781401341893

LITTLE ELVISES: A Junior Bender Mystery by Timothy Hallinan
LA burglar Junior Bender is being bullied into proving that aging music industry mogul Vinnie DiGaudio is innocent of the murder of a nasty tabloid journalist he had threatened to kill. It doesn’t help that the dead journalist’s pretty widow is trying to get Junior to mix pleasure with business. Just as the investigation is spiraling out of control, Junior's hard-drinking landlady begs him to solve the disappearance of her daughter, who got involved with a very questionable character.
Soho Crime * 9781616952792

LIVE BY NIGHT by Dennis Lehane
Set against a dazzling backdrop of Prohibition-era American cities ranging from Jazz Age Boston to Tampa's Latin Quarter, Joe Coughlin, the youngest son of a Boston Police captain, defies his orthodox upbringing to journey up the dizzying ladder of organized crime.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062197757

NEVER TELL by Alafair Burke
When 16-year-old Julia Whitmire is found dead in her bathtub, a handwritten suicide note left on her bed, her parents insist that their daughter would never take her own life. When they use their power to force a criminal investigation, NYPD detective Ellie Hatcher’s resistance (she’s convinced the case is a suicide) causes trouble for her both at work and in her personal life.
Harper Paperbacks * 9780061999178

THE OFFERING by Angela Hunt
Paperback Original

Amanda Lisandra is a gestational carrier for a childless couple. Just when the nearly perfect pregnancy is about to conclude, unexpected tragedy enters Mandy’s world and leaves her reeling. Devastated by grief, she surrenders the child she was carrying and struggles to regain her emotional equilibrium. Two years later, she studies a photograph of the baby she bore and wonders if the unthinkable has happened. Could she have inadvertently given away her own biological child?
Howard Books * 9781439182055

ONE LAST STRIKE: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season by Tony La Russa with Rick Hummel
Down 10 1/2 games with little more than a month to play, the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals had long been ruled out as serious postseason contenders. Yet in the face of those steep odds, this team made the playoffs and won the World Series. Now manager Tony La Russa gives the inside story behind this astonishing comeback and his remarkable career, explaining how a team with so much against it was able to succeed on baseball's biggest stage.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062207548

RAY OF LIGHT: The Days of Redemption, Book Two by Shelley Shepard Gray
Paperback Original

In the second installment of Shelley Shepard Gray's Days of Redemption series, Roman Keim just wants a break from the family drama at his snowy Ohio home when he heads to an Amish snowbird community in Florida. There he meets Amanda Yoder and her daughter Regina, who soon are warming his heart. But will Roman return to Ohio, or will he stay and help the young widow embrace a second chance at love?
Avon Inspire * 9780062204424

SWEET DREAMS by Carla Stewart
Paperback Original

It's 1962, and Dusty Fairchild, daughter of a self-made millionaire and oilman, wants to go to college. Instead she is sent to a private finishing school in East Texas with her cousin and best childhood friend, Paisley. Their loyalty to each other binds them, but when they fall in love with the same handsome young man, their relationship teeters on shaky ground. Only after a tragic accident do they learn where their true hearts --- and dreams --- lie.
FaithWords * 9781455504275

THEY EAT PUPPIES, DON’T THEY? by Christopher Buckley
When Congress declines funding for Dumbo, a predator drone built by Groepping-Sprunt, Groepping’s CEO realizes he needs to educate Americans about the threat they face from China’s ascendancy. He asks his lobbyist, Walter “Bird” McIntyre, to drum up anti-China sentiment. With the help of Angel Templeton, an Ann Coulter-like media powerhouse, Bird succeeds, but not without bringing the US and China close to war.
Twelve * 9780446540964

ZOO by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
All over the world, brutal attacks are crippling entire cities. Jackson Oz, a young biologist, watches the escalating events with an increasing sense of dread. When he witnesses a coordinated lion ambush in Africa, the enormity of the violence to come becomes terrifyingly clear. With the help of ecologist Chloe Tousignant, Oz races to warn world leaders before it's too late.
Grand Central Publishing * 9780446571791

On Sale the Week of May 20th in Hardcover

May 21st

18 IN AMERICA: A Young Golfer's Epic Journey to Find the Essence of the Game by Dylan Dethier
Two months before his freshman year was set to begin, 17-year-old Dylan Dethier deferred admission to Williams College. With the reluctant blessing of his parents, he set out to play a round of golf in each of the lower 48 states. What began as the teenage wanderlust of a sheltered New England kid became a journey into America’s heart and soul, to “figure out where --- and why --- golf fit in” and what it means to be a young man today.
Scribner * 9781451693638

In this tale revolving around not just parents and children but brothers and sisters, cousins and caretakers, Khaled Hosseini explores the many ways in which families nurture, wound, betray, honor and sacrifice for one another; and how often we are surprised by the actions of those closest to us, at the times that matter most.
Riverhead Hardcover * 9781594631764

THE BLACK COUNTRY: A Novel of Scotland Yard's Murder Squad by Alex Grecian
When members of a prominent family disappear from a coal-mining village --- and a human eyeball is discovered in a bird’s nest --- the local constable sends for help from Scotland Yard’s new Murder Squad. Inspector Walter Day and Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith respond, but they have no idea what they’re about to get into. The villagers have intense, intertwined histories; everybody bears a secret; and the village itself is slowly sinking into the mines beneath it.
Putnam Adult * 9780399159336

Ranjit Singh, a former Indian Army Captain trying to escape a shameful past, is now a caretaker on the exclusive resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, looking after the vacation homes of the rich and powerful. One harsh winter, he secretly moves his family into the house of one of his clients, an African-American Senator. But when mysterious men break into the house, Ranjit is forced to enter the Senator’s shadowy world, where his only ally is the Senator’s beautiful wife, who has secrets of her own.
Minotaur Books * 9781250016843

A CHAIN OF THUNDER: A Novel of the Siege of Vicksburg by Jeff Shaara
Continuing the trilogy that began with A BLAZE OF GLORY, Jeff Shaara returns to chronicle another decisive chapter in America’s long and bloody Civil War. In A CHAIN OF THUNDER, the action shifts to the fortress city of Vicksburg, Mississippi. There, in the vaunted “Gibraltar of the Confederacy,” a siege for the ages will cement the reputation of one Union general --- and all but seal the fate of the rebel cause.
Ballantine Books * 9780345527387

THE LAST GIRL by Jane Casey
London defense attorney Philip Kennford’s wife and daughter are brutally murdered in their own home. When Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan arrives at the scene, the two survivors --- Philip and his other daughter, Lydia --- both claim to have seen nothing, but it’s clear right away that this is an unhappy family accustomed to keeping secrets. Maeve soon finds herself entangled in a case with a thousand leads that all seem to point nowhere.
Minotaur Books * 9780312622015

Home alone one morning, widow Sheldon Horowitz witnesses a dispute between the woman who lives upstairs and an aggressive stranger. When events turn dire, Sheldon seizes and shields the neighbor’s young son from the violence, and they flee the scene. But old age and circumstances are altering Sheldon’s experience of time and memory. He is haunted by dreams of his son Saul’s life and by guilt over his death.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780547934877

One of the singers in a Salvation Army concert is shot in the head at point-blank range and killed. Investigator Harry Hole has little to work with. As the search closes in, the killer becomes increasingly desperate, and Harry’s chase takes him to the most forbidden corners of the former Yugoslavia. Yet it’s when he returns to Oslo that he encounters true darkness: among the homeless junkies and Salvationists, eagerly awaiting a savior to deliver them from misery.
Knopf * 9780307595850

REQUIEM MASS: A Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Fenwick Mystery by Elizabeth Corley
What looked like a routine missing person's case involving a young wife and mother should’ve been changed to a suspected abduction. But it’s too late. Twenty years ago, a young woman fell tragically to her death. The only people with her were four school friends, one of whom (or maybe all) is responsible. Now there's someone intent on letting them have their just deserts. DCI Andrew Fenwick is soon caught in a desperate race against time to find the murderer before he completes his brutal vendetta.
Minotaur Books * 9781250028068

SIGHT READING by Daphne Kalotay
Hazel and Remy spot each other for the first time in years. Remy, a gifted violinist, is married to the Scottish composer Nicholas Elk --- once the love of Hazel's life, now struggling with a masterwork he cannot realize. In the 20 years since Hazel's world was tipped on its axis, these three artists have faced unexpected joys, mysterious afflictions and other puzzles of life, their fates irrevocably interlaced.
Harper * 9780062246936

WE NEED NEW NAMES by NoViolet Bulawayo
In Zimbabwe, 10-year-old Darling and her friends steal guavas, try to get the baby out of young Chipo's belly, and grasp at memories of Before. Before their homes were destroyed by paramilitary policemen, before the school closed, before the fathers left for dangerous jobs abroad. But Darling has a chance to escape: she has an aunt in America. She travels to this new land in search of America's famous abundance only to find that her options as an immigrant are perilously few.
Reagan Arthur Books * 9780316230810

May 23rd

THE FALL OF ARTHUR by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by Christopher Tolkien
THE FALL OF ARTHUR, the only venture by J.R.R. Tolkien into the legends of Arthur King of Britain, may well be regarded as his finest and most skillful achievement in the use of the Old English alliterative metre. Unhappily, it was one of several long narrative poems that he abandoned. Associated with the text of the poem, however, are many manuscript pages in which the strange evolution of the poem’s structure is revealed, together with narrative synopses and very significant notes.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt * 9780544115897
On Sale the Week of May 20th in Paperback

May 21st

by B. A. Shapiro

Claire Roth makes her living by painting reproductions of famous works. One day, the owner of a prestigious Boston gallery comes to her studio with a provocative request: He asks her to paint a copy of Degas’s After the Bath, one of the paintings stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990. But when she studies the stolen masterpiece, she begins to suspect that the painting may not be the original after all.
Algonquin Books * 9781616203160

BLACK LIST by Brad Thor
Somewhere, deep inside the United States government, is a deadly list, and only the president has the final say over it. Once your name is on the list, it doesn’t come off…until you’re dead. Someone has just added counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath’s name to the list. Scot races to evade the teams sent to kill him and find out who has framed him for terrorism.
Pocket Books * 9781439193020

CRONKITE by Douglas Brinkley
For decades Walter Cronkite was heralded as “the most trusted man in America,” from his first reports on the frontlines of World War II to anchoring the "CBS Evening News" until his retirement in 1981. Yet, for the most part, he was a remarkably private man. Douglas Brinkley, through analysis of Cronkite’s private papers and interviews with family and friends, now brings the American icon into a focus like never before.
Harper Perennial * 9780061374272

THE DOUBLE GAME by Dan Fesperman
A few years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, spook-turned-novelist Edwin Lemaster revealed to up-and-coming journalist Bill Cage that he’d once considered spying for the enemy. For Cage, the news story created a brief but embarrassing sensation and heralded the beginning of the end of his career in journalism. More than two decades later, Cage receives an anonymous note hinting that he should have dug deeper into Lemaster’s pronouncement.
Vintage * 9780307744401

Fourteen-year-old Peter and his two siblings live on the fictional island of Finø, where people of all religious faiths coexist peacefully. Yet nothing is as it seems. When their eccentric and profoundly devout mother and father suddenly disappear, they must question whether their parents' relentless quest to boost church attendance has put them in danger.
Other Press * 9781590516355

GOD DISTORTED: How Your Earthly Father Affects Your Perception of God and Why It Matters by John Bishop
Paperback Original

Regardless of the type of father you grew up with --- or without --- it is likely that your view of God is influenced by the relationship you had with your father. Author John Bishop wants to help you discover that God is not just like your dad. Instead, God is the Father revealed in Scripture, where the truth is clear. God is a father who is always there, up close and personal, fully pleased, in complete control, and completely safe.
Multnomah Books * 9781601424853

MUNSTER’S CASE: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery by Hakan Nesser

Waldemar Leverkuhn and three of his friends have just won the lottery and are toasting their good luck with a blowout at their favorite bar. The celebration ends, however, with Waldemar drunk, stumbling, belligerent, and eventually dead in his own bed. Taking charge of the case that ends up having shocking twists and turns is Intendent Münster, Chief Inspector Van Veeteren’s longtime right-hand man, and his beguiling colleague, Ewa Moreno.
Vintage * 9780307946416

THE SECOND EMPRESS: A Novel of Napoleon's Court by Michelle Moran
In THE SECOND EMPRESS, Michelle Moran brings us into the lives of the women who knew Napoleon best: Hortense Beauharnais, his stepdaughter from wife Joséphine's previous marriage; Pauline Bonaparte, his infamous and promiscuous sister with whom he likely had an affair; and Marie-Louise, the Austrian wife who cannot wait to be free of him.
Broadway * 9780307953049

SLEEPING IN EDEN by Nicole Baart
Paperback Original

The lives of a middle-aged doctor and a love-struck young woman intersect across time in SLEEPING IN EDEN, Nicole Baart’s haunting novel about love, jealousy, and the boundaries between loyalty and truth.
Howard Books * 9781439197363

SPARKY AND ME: My Friendship with Sparky Anderson and the Lessons He Shared About Baseball and Life by Daniel Ewald
Sparky Anderson met author Dan Ewald in 1979, and thus was born a lifelong friendship not likely ever to be seen again in baseball. Along the way, Dan never took for granted the front row seat he had to watch one of history's most memorable managers’ absolute mastery of baseball's nuances and intricacies.
St. Martin's Griffin * 9781250031273

TRAIL OF THE SPELLMANS: Document #5 by Lisa Lutz
Business is booming for San Francisco private eye Isabel “Izzy” Spellman and her family. When Izzy is not out on surveillance, checking on leaky faucets, babysitting her niece or tossing back shots with her boyfriend Henry’s mother Gertrude, she’s avoiding a serious talk with Henry about the future of their relationship.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451608137

TRUE SISTERS by Sandra Dallas
TRUE SISTERS tells the story of four women, brought together on the harrowing journey of the Martin Handcart Company, and united by the promises of prosperity and salvation in a new land. Through the ties of female friendships and the strength born from suffering, each one tests the boundaries of her faith and learns the real meaning of survival along the way.
St. Martin's Griffin * 9781250005038

Deirdre Griffin lives her life around her famous guru brother, Tag, to the extent that she essentially has no life. One night, after indulging in a heavy-on-the-vodka milkshake, she comes across an online poll. People can vote for a substitute dancer to appear on “Dancing with the Stars.” Deirdre couldn't use her brother's popularity to win that election and actually dance on the show. Or could she?
Touchstone * 9781451672770

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