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July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of July 30th and August 6th that we think will be of interest to readers.

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On Sale the Week of July 30th in Hardcover

July 31st

DARE ME by Megan Abbott
Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy are the cheerleaders all the other girls fear and admire, but everything changes when the new coach arrives. Coach Colette French instantly overturns the girls’ pecking order and gains their fierce alliance --- until a shocking event shakes their fragile peace.

Reagan Arthur Books * 9780316097772

DOUBLE CROSS: The True Story of the D-Day Spies by Ben Macintyre
In AGENT ZIGZAG and OPERATION MINCEMEAT, Ben Macintyre told the dazzling true stories of a remarkable World War II double agent and of how the Allies employed a corpse to fool the Nazis and assure a decisive victory. In DOUBLE CROSS, Macintyre returns with the untold story of the grand final deception of the war and of the extraordinary spies who achieved it.

Crown * 9780307888754

HAVEN: A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel by Kay Hooper
FBI Agent Nathan Navarro is a member of the Special Crimes Unit, which investigates paranormal/extraordinary cases. He is tasked with investigating the disappearance of Jessie Rayburn --- an operative of Haven, a civilian offshoot of SCU --- and suspects something deadly has happened to her.
Berkley Hardcover * 9780425258743


Tom Sherbourne takes a job as the lighthouse keeper on a remote and isolated island when a boat carrying a dead man and a living baby hit his shore. His wife, Isabel, has already suffered several miscarriages, and even though Tom’s conscience is telling him otherwise, they keep the little girl. Two years later, they return to the mainland and are reminded that there is someone out there desperate to find her lost baby.

Scribner * 9781451681734

THE MESSENGER by Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller’s latest novel is the story of two outsiders and two enemies of the state from opposite sides of the globe, who did not know the other existed but who will affect each other in profound --- even devastating --- ways.
Delacorte Press * 9780345528476

ODD APOCALYPSE: An Odd Thomas Novel
by Dean Koontz

The magnificent West Coast property known as Roseland is now home to a reclusive billionaire financier and his faithful servants. And, at least for the moment, it’s also a port in the storm for Odd Thomas and his traveling companion. But Roseland holds many mysteries, and only Odd is brave --- or mad --- enough to confront the evil that resides there.

Bantam * 9780553807745

TRIBURBIA by Karl Taro Greenfeld
Thrown together by circumstance, a group of fathers meet each morning at a local coffee shop after walking their children to their exclusive school. Over the course of a single year, we learn about their dreams deferred, their secrets and mishaps, their passions and hopes, as they confront terrible truths about ambition, wealth and sex.
Harper * 9780062132390

YOK by Tim Davys
Mollisan Town is a dark alternate world populated by stuffed animals that lie, cheat, dream, despair, love and kill. Yok, the seediest district, is a unique place where a cast of damaged animate plush toys explore provocative questions of life, death and morality. The handsome fox yearns for true love, the gecko seeks redemption and freedom from his abusive brothers, the chimpanzee burns for success, and the hare seeks the secret to a meaningful life
Harper * 9780061797477

YOU & ME by Padgett Powell
Two loquacious men sit talking on a porch. Funny and profound, daft and cogent, they argue about love and sex, how best to live and die, the merits of Miles Davis, Cadillacs and Hollywood starlets of yore, underused clichés, false truisms, and the meaning of nihilism.
Ecco * 9780062126139

August 2nd

THE AGE OF DESIRE by Jennie Fields
Anna Bahlmann was Edith Wharton’s closest friend --- that is, until Edith falls passionately in love with a dashing younger journalist. As Edith’s marriage crumbles and Anna’s disapproval threatens to shatter their lifelong bond, the women must face the fragility at the heart of all friendships.

Pamela Dorman Books * 9780670023684


Thirty-six-year-old Gal Garner lives a regimented life. Only at home, in her garden, does she come alive. It's here that she experiments with Hulthemia roses. But even her passion has a highly structured goal: Gal wants to win Queen of Show in a major competition and bring that rose to market. Then one afternoon Gal's teenaged niece Riley, the daughter of her estranged sister, arrives unannounced. Neither one of them will ever be the same.
Putnam Adult * 9780399157752

MONSTER by Dave Zeltserman
In 19th-century Germany, one young man counts down the days until he can marry his beloved...until she is found brutally murdered, and the young man is accused of the crime. Broken on the wheel and left for dead, he awakens on a lab table, transformed into an abomination. Friedrich must go far to take his revenge --- only to find his tormentor, Victor Frankenstein, in league with the Marquis de Sade, creating something much more sinister deep in the mountains.
Overlook Hardcover * 9781590208601

OFF THE GRID: A Monkeewrench Novel by P.J. Tracy
As Minneapolis homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth struggle to link three gruesome crimes, they learn that there have been similar murders in other cities around the U.S. Piece by piece, evidence accumulates, pointing to a suspect that shocks them to the core, uncovering a motive that puts the entire Midwest on high alert and Monkeewrench in the direct line of fire.
Putnam Adult * 9780399158049

THY NEIGHBOR by Norah Vincent
Obsessed with understanding the circumstances surrounding his parents’ deaths and deranged by his relentless sorrow, Nick Walsh begins a campaign of spying on his neighbors via hidden cameras and microphones he has covertly installed in their houses. As he observes all the things that his neighbors do to themselves and to one another, and as he learns that he himself is being stalked, he begins to slowly unravel the shocking truth about how and why his parents died.
Viking Adult * 9780670023745

On Sale the Week of July 30th in Paperback

July 31st

Plagued by guilt, Jinx has spent the years since her mother’s death alone, estranged from her husband and withdrawn from her son. When Lemon, an old family friend, appears at Jinx’s door, he seduces her with a heady mix of powerful storytelling and tender care. A tense and passionate weekend follows, where the two join forces to unravel the tragedy that binds them.

Amistad * 9780062183736

DON'T SAY A WORD by Beverly Barton
Homicide detective Julia Cass has witnessed plenty of crime scenes. But the murder of a Chattanooga judge is shocking in its brutality. Teamed with FBI agent Will Brannock, Julia delves into an investigation that soon unearths more bodies --- all mutilated in the same way, all left with a gruesome souvenir of a killer’s ruthless rage.

Zebra * 9781420110371

by Kathy Reichs

Just as 200,000 fans are pouring into town for Race Week, a body is found in a barrel of asphalt next to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The next day, a NASCAR crew member comes to Temperance Brennan’s office at the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner to share a devastating story. Twelve years earlier, Wayne Gamble’s sister, Cindi, disappeared, along with her boyfriend.
Pocket Books * 9781451646696

by Richard Doetsch
Manhattan District Attorney Jack Keeler has no memory of last night, or of how he got the gash on his head, a bullet wound to his shoulder and a huge tattoo. Scarier yet, his wife is missing. But most eerily of all, he has made the front page of the newspaper --- as a murder victim.
Pocket Books * 9781439183984

Chief detective Carl Mørck used to be one of Copenhagen's best homicide detectives. Now Carl has been selected to run Department Q, a new special investigations division that turns out to be a department of one. But when his colleagues snicker about the time he's wasting trying to find a missing politician who vanished five years earlier, Carl may have the last laugh --- and redeem himself in the process.

Plume * 9780452297906

THE MEASURE OF THE MAGIC: Legends of Shannara by Terry Brooks
For 500 years, the survivors of the Great Wars lived peacefully in a valley sanctuary shielded by powerful magic from the blighted and dangerous outside world. But the enchanted barriers have crumbled, the borders have been breached by predators, and the threat of annihilation looms large once more.

Del Rey * 9780345484222

MISS ME WHEN I'M GONE by Emily Arsenault
When author Gretchen Waters dies falling on a set of stone steps outside the library, no one suspects foul play --- certainly not Gretchen’s best friend, Jamie, who becomes her literary executor. But as she delves further into Gretchen’s latest manuscript, Jamie encounters a sinister new world. Suddenly Gretchen’s death seems suspicious, and Jamie finds herself in danger as well.

William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062103109

NOWHERE TO RUN by Nancy Bush
When Liv Dugan ducks out of work for lunch, it's just an ordinary day. When she returns, she stumbles onto a massacre. All her colleagues at Zuma Software have been shot. Only luck has left Liv unscathed, and that might be running out. Liv suspects the shootings are tied to her past --- and to the package she recently received from her long-dead adoptive mother.

Zebra * 9781420125016

POWER BLIND: A Graham Gage Thriller
by Steven Gore

When private investigator Graham Gage receives a phone call from a dying man named Charlie Palmer --- a specialist in concealing the crimes of political and financial elites --- he takes on a case revolving around the misdoings of a dishonest presidential candidate and his shrewd brother, a federal judge. As Gage proceeds with his inquiry, he finds himself embroiled in a web of murder, money laundering and corrupted justice that not only puts his life in danger, but also threatens the future of American democracy.
Harper * 9780061782244

THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLAR POP: A Detective Frank Behr Novel by David Levien

Frank Behr is rocked by a burst of automatic weapons fire as an attempt is made on his client. And though he is celebrated for his heroism, Behr can’t help but investigate what happened in that garage --- and why the Indianapolis cops seem to be burying the incident.

Anchor * 9780307475893

THE WORLD WE FOUND by Thrity Umrigar
Open your mind to possibilities as you explore India, first in real time and then back into the volatile past of India’s revolution in the 1970s. THE WORLD WE FOUND is the tale of four Indian women, activists in their youth who in middle age now plan a reunion in America.
Harper Perennial * 9780061938351

August 1st

THE AMISH BRIDE: The Women of Lancaster County, Book 3
by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

Ella Bayer and Ezra Gundy are in love and hope to marry someday, but she is a young Mennonite woman while he is an Amish man. Then, unexpectedly, Ella finds herself in a budding friendship with a handsome Amish farmhand, Luke. Whose bride will she become?
Harvest House Publishers * 9780736938624

DESPERATE FOR HOPE: Hanging On and Finding God During Life's Hardest Times by Bruce W. Martin
With sincere sympathy and ready encouragement, Bruce W. Martin takes hurting readers through a grieving process that helps them reconcile their deep suffering with their beliefs about a good God. He helps them find deep meaning in the midst of tragedy so that they can enjoy a deeper intimacy with God and others.
Revell * 9780800720544

DYING TO READ: The Cate Kinkaid Files, Book 1 by Lorena McCourtney
Cate Kinkaid is just dipping her toe into the world of private investigating until one of the many résumés she has floating around lands her a real job. All she has to do is determine that a particular woman lives at a particular address. Simple, right? When the big and brooding house happens to contain a dead body, this routine PI job turns out to be anything but simple. Is Cate in over her head?
Revell * 9780800721589

THE HAVEN: Stoney Ridge Seasons, Book 2 by Suzanne Woods Fisher
When Sadie Lapp steps off the bus in Stoney Ridge after being in Ohio for the winter, she is faced with a decision --- one that goes against her very essence. Yet it's the only way she can think of to protect a loved one. The lives of three individuals intertwine, and then unravel as unexpected twists create ripples through the town of Stoney Ridge...and through Sadie's heart.
Revell * 9780800719883

LETHAL LEGACY: Guardians of Justice, Book 3 by Irene Hannon
The police say her father's death was suicide, but Kelly Warren says it was murder --- and she has new evidence that she believes proves it. Detective Cole Taylor doesn't put much credence in her claim. But when Kelly ends up in the emergency room with a suspicious life-threatening medical condition, the incident strikes him as more than just coincidence. Digging deeper, he discovers she's linked to a long-ago crime. Is history repeating itself? And who wants Kelly silenced?
Revell * 9780800734589

LIVING IN HARMONY: The New Beginnings Series, Book 1 by Mary Ellis
After the deaths of her parents, Amy King relocates to the community of Harmony, Maine, to get a fresh start and healing for her heart. Her fiancé, John Detweiler, is very supportive…until Amy discovers an aunt who was shunned and wants to connect with her. What will John do then?
Harvest House Publishers * 9780736938662

TO LOVE AND CHERISH: Bride Veil Island, Book 2 by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller
When Melinda Colson's employer announces they'll be leaving Bridal Veil Island to return to their home in Cleveland, Melinda hopes her beau, Evan, will propose. But Evan isn't prepared to make an offer of marriage until he knows he can support a wife and family. Has she given her heart to the wrong man? Will Melinda and Evan ever get the chance to stand at the front of a church and promise "to love and cherish"?
Bethany House Publishers * 9780764208874

August 2nd

YOU'RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK: The Power to Do What You Feel You Can't by Dr. Les Parrott
In YOU'RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK, psychologist Dr. Les Parrott helps you access the power to do what you feel you can’t. The secret to tapping into your inner strength is not about positive thinking or pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Instead, it’s about leveraging your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses to reveal a surprising inner power that God has placed deep in your heart.
Tyndale House Publishers * 9781414348537

On Sale the Week of August 6th in Hardcover

August 6th

BRIDE OF NEW FRANCE by Suzanne Desrochers
Laure Beausejour dreams of becoming a seamstress and catching the eye of a nobleman. But after complaining about her living conditions in Paris, she is sent to Canada to marry a French farmer there. When her ill-matched husband leaves her alone in their derelict hut for the winter, she must rely on her wits and her clandestine relationship with an Iroquois man for survival.
W. W. Norton & Company * 9780393073379

August 7th

12.21 by Dustin Thomason
For decades, December 21, 2012, has been a touchstone for doomsayers worldwide. It is the date, they claim, when the ancient Maya calendar predicts the world will end. In Los Angeles, all is calm two weeks before. By the end of the day, Dr. Gabriel Stanton, the foremost expert on some of the rarest infections in the world, is grappling with a patient whose every symptom confounds and terrifies him.
The Dial Press * 9780385341400

Uprooted from Shanghai with her father and twin brother, young Cassandra finds the Black Isle's bustling, immigrant-filled seaport, swampy jungle, and grand rubber plantations a sharp contrast to the city of her childhood. She also discovers that the Black Isle is swarming with ghosts. Even as she becomes a fearless young woman, the Isle's dark forces won't let her go. War is looming, and Cassandra wonders if her unique gift might be her beloved island's only chance for salvation.
Grand Central Publishing * 9780446563925

THE BROKEN ONES by Stephen M. Irwin
Without warning, a boy in the middle of a city intersection sends Detective Oscar Mariani's car careening into a busy sidewalk. The scene is bedlam as every person becomes visited by something no one else can see. For Mariani, the only secret that matters is the unknown ghost who now shares his every waking moment. When he discovers the grisly remains of an anonymous murder victim in the city sewage system, his investigation will pit him against a corrupt police department.
Doubleday * 9780385534659

CITY OF WOMEN by David R. Gillham
At the height of the Second World War, Berlin has essentially become a city of women. While her husband fights on the Eastern Front, Sigrid Schröder goes to work every day and dutifully cares for her meddling mother-in-law. Her tedious existence is turned upside down when she finds herself hiding a mother and her two young daughters, and she must make terrifying choices that could cost her everything.
Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam * 9780399157769

The death of famed true-crime writer Julian Wells is clearly a suicide. But why would Wells have taken his own life? And was this his only crime? These are the questions that first intrigue and then obsess Philip Anders, Wells' best friend. Anders' increasingly passionate and dangerous quest for answers becomes a journey into a haunted life.
Mysterious Press * 9780802126030

A FOREIGN COUNTRY by Charles Cumming
On the vacation of a lifetime in Egypt, an elderly French couple are brutally murdered. Days later, a meticulously-planned kidnapping takes place on the streets of Paris. Amelia Levene, the first female Chief of MI6, has disappeared without a trace, six weeks before she is due to take over as the most influential spy in Europe. Desperate not only to find her, but to keep her disappearance a secret, Britain’s top intelligence agents turn to one of their own: disgraced MI6 officer Thomas Kell.
St. Martin's Press * 9780312591335

FREAK by Jennifer Hillier
Sitting alone in a maximum-security prison cell, Abby Maddox is a celebrity. She’s serving a nine-year sentence for slashing a police officer’s throat in a moment of rage. Jerry Isaac will never forget the attack or his attacker. Abby deserves to rot in jail --- forever, as far as Jerry is concerned. But she alone may possess crucial evidence that could crack open a disturbing new murder case.
Gallery Books * 9781451664546

A HUNDRED FLOWERS by Gail Tsukiyama
At the beginning of the Chinese Cultural Revolution of 1957, Kai Ying struggles to hold her family together after her husband is sent to a labor camp as punishment for writing a letter criticizing the Communist Party. When her young son breaks his leg, she must come to terms with the shattering reminder of her husband's absence. Meanwhile, other members of the household must face their own guilty secrets and strive to find peace in a world where the old sense of order is failing.
St. Martin's Press * 9780312274818

For seven-year-old Raami, the shattering end of childhood begins the night her father comes home bringing details of the civil war that has overwhelmed the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Over the next four years, as she endures the deaths of family members, starvation, and brutal forced labor, Raami clings to the remaining vestige of childhood --- the mythical legends and poems her father told her.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451657708

KILL YOU TWICE: An Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell Novel by Chelsea Cain
Portland detective Archie Sheridan gets a message from serial killer Gretchen Lowell, who claims to have inside knowledge about the grisly murder of a man who was found gagged, skinned, and hanging by his wrists from a tree. Archie agrees to visit Gretchen because he can’t risk losing his only lead in the case. But the ties between Archie and Gretchen have always been stronger, deeper and more complex than he’s willing to admit.
Minotaur Books * 9780312619787

THE LAST VICTIM by Karen Robards
When two vacationing families are brutally slain, FBI agents Ryan Sinclair and Buzz Crane discern that it could be the work of the notorious Boardwalk Killer. They turn to one of the country's preeminent experts on serial killers, Dr. Charlotte Stone, who was the only survivor of his last killing spree 15 years ago. When another family is murdered and a third girl is abducted, she knows she must do everything possible to stop the crazed madman who has long haunted her nightmares.
Ballantine Books * 9780345535405

LINE OF FIRE by Stephen White
In this penultimate installment of Stephen White’s series, Alan Gregory begins to fear that a mesmerizing new patient of his may be the catalyst that can cause everything he treasures --- his marriage, family, friendship and future --- to implode. As the authorities close in, the story hurtles toward a conclusion that will set the stage for the most unexpected of outcomes: the final act of the Alan Gregory saga.
Dutton Adult * 9780525952527

THE PROPHET by Michael Koryta
Adam and Kent Austin are brothers who haven't spoken since the brutal abduction and murder of their sister. But now, another girl has been found murdered, and details emerge that connect Adam and Kent to the crime. The two must bury their grief and unite to stop a killer before history repeats itself.
Little, Brown and Company * 9780316122610

Dr. Laura Pavlov, an American forensic archaeologist, is about to unravel a mystery that promises to shed light on one of the 20th century’s greatest enigmas. Pavlov’s discovery sets her on an unlikely journey to Ireland, where a carefully hidden account of a years-old covert mission is about to change the accepted course of world history and hurl her back into the past --- into a maelstrom of deceit, secrets and lies.
Howard Books * 9781451611861

SENTINEL: A Spycatcher Novel by Matthew Dunn
The United States and Russia are on the brink of war, and only Will Cochrane --- the master spy introduced in the critically acclaimed SPYCATCHER --- can find and unmask the diabolical double agent responsible for it all in this enthralling espionage thriller, written by a real-life former field officer.
William Morrow * 9780062037923

SHUNNING SARAH by Julie Kramer
When investigative reporter Riley Spartz hears that a young boy is trapped at the bottom of a sinkhole, she smells ratings. Little does she know just how big the story will be --- it involves not only a tragic murder, but the local Amish community as well. Once Riley is on the case, though, she sees that solving it will be anything but easy.
Atria/Emily Bestler Books * 9781451664638

SILVER: Return to Treasure Island by Andrew Motion
It's almost 40 years after the events of Robert Louis Stevenson's TREASURE ISLAND. Jim Hawkins now runs an inn called the Hispaniola on the English coast with his son, Jim, and Long John Silver has returned to England to live in obscurity with his daughter, Natty. Their lives are quiet and unremarkable; their adventures have seemingly ended. But for Jim and Natty, the adventure is just beginning.
Crown * 9780307884879

SNEAKY PIE FOR PRESIDENT by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown
It's an election year --- and Sneaky Pie Brown is taking time out of her busy schedule of writing bestselling mysteries to make a run for the big office! As the first feline to hit the White House since Socks Clinton, Sneaky Pie has an animal rights agenda that will keep ears perked and tails wagging all over the country. Also on the campaign trail are a frisky flock of animal friends that Sneaky Pie has plucked to fill her cabinet.
Bantam * 9780345530462

SOME REMARKS: Essays and Other Writing by Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson’s remarkable collection brings together previously published short writings, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as a new essay (and an extremely short story) created specifically for this volume. Stephenson ponders a wealth of subjects, from movies and politics to David Foster Wallace and the Midwestern American College Town; the future of publishing; and the origins of his novels.
William Morrow * 9780062024435

THE SPYMASTERS: A Men at War Novel by W. E. B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV
Two of the Allies’ most important plans for winning World War II are at grave risk. A furious FDR turns to OSS spy chief Wild Bill Donovan --- and Donovan turns to his top agent, Dick Canidy, and his team. In the weeks to come, they must fight not only the enemy in the field, but the enemy within. If the Soviets build their own atomic bomb, who knows where that might lead?
Putnam Adult * 9780399157516

VENGEANCE by Benjamin Black
Victor Delahaye, one of Ireland's most successful businessmen, kills himself while sailing with his partner's son. Detective Inspector Hackett calls upon the services of his sometime partner Quirke, consultant pathologist at the Hospital of the Holy Family. But when a second death occurs, this one even more shocking than the first, it quickly becomes apparent that a terrible secret threatens to destroy the lives and reputations of several members of Dublin's elite.
Henry Holt and Co. * 9780805094398

YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW by Lisa Jackson
Two years ago, Ava's two-year-old son Noah went missing, and his body has never been found. Ava has spent most of the past two years in and out of Seattle mental institutions, shattered by grief and unable to recall the details of Noah's disappearance. Now she's back at the family estate she once intended to restore to its former grandeur. But she can't shake the feeling that her family and her psychologist know more than they're saying.
Kensington * 9780758258571

On Sale the Week of August 6th in Paperback

August 7th

THE BEST OF ME by Nicholas Sparks
High school students Amanda and Dawson were deeply in love. But after unforeseen events tore them apart, the two followed radically divergent paths and became estranged. Now, 25 years later, the funeral of their beloved mentor, Tuck, brings them both back to Oriental, North Carolina. Following instructions Tuck has left for them, Amanda and Dawson are finally forced to confront their painful past.
Grand Central Publishing * 9780446547642

A BURIAL AT SEA by Charles Finch
In 1873, a string of English spies is found dead on French soil, and the threat of all-out war prompts government officials to ask Charles Lenox to visit the newly-dug Suez Canal on a secret mission. Once he is on board the Lucy, however, Lenox finds that the ship’s second lieutenant has been murdered on the first night, his body cruelly abused.
Minotaur Books * 9781250008145

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is no party girl, but she's managing to have a reasonably good time at the celebrity-packed bash celebrating The Icove Agenda, a film based on one of her famous cases. But a twist in the movie suddenly lands her at the center of a crime scene --- and she is more than ready to step into the role she was born to play: cop.
Berkley * 9780425250358

THE CHOICE by Robert Whitlow
Even as a pregnant, unwed teen in 1974, Sandy Lincoln wanted to do the right thing. But when an ageless woman approached her in a convenience store with a mysterious prophecy and a warning, doing the right thing became even more unclear. She made the best choice she could…and has lived with the consequences. More than 30 years later, a pregnant teen has come into her life, and Sandy’s long-ago decision has come back to haunt her.
Thomas Nelson * 9781401685614

A CRIMSON WARNING: A Lady Emily Mystery by Tasha Alexander
Lady Emily and her husband, Colin Hargreaves, an agent of the crown, begin investigating the murder of a well-known London businessman with many odd leads. When red paint, a calling card for the revelation of long-held, scandalous secrets, begins appearing on doorsteps, all of high society holds its collective breath waiting to find out who will be next and what secrets will be revealed.
Minotaur Books * 9781250007186

Fourth-year medical student Pia Grazdana is a rising star at a prestigious medical research hospital in New York City. Her life is put in jeopardy after her mentor, along with his co-researcher, are infected with a deadly strain of a virus --- just as they are about to announce a major medical breakthrough.
Berkley * 9780425250365

THE DEVIL’S ELIXIR by Raymond Khoury
In Raymond Khoury's Templar novels, FBI agent Sean Reilly and his girlfriend, archaeologist Tess Chaykin, traveled the globe to unravel ancient mysteries with present-day ramifications. In THE DEVIL'S ELIXIR, they find themselves in a race --- against the clock, against drug kingpins, and even against the DEA --- to merge two divergent trails: one several hundred years old, the other as current as a heartbeat, which together may lead humanity to the brink of annihilation.
Signet * 9780451237569

Nicholas "Foxy" Foxton, a former jockey, is out for a day at the Grand National races when his friend and co-worker Herb Kovak is murdered, execution style, right in front of him --- and 60,000 other potential witnesses. As he struggles to come to terms with Kovak's seemingly inexplicable death, Foxton begins to question everything, from how well he knew his friend to how much he understands his employer.
Berkley * 9780425250389

AN INVISIBLE THREAD: The True Story of an 11-Year-Old Panhandler, a Busy Sales Executive, and an Unlikely Meeting with Destiny by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski
When Laura Schroff first met Maurice on a New York City street corner, she had no idea that she was standing on the brink of an incredible and unlikely friendship that would change both their lives. As one lunch at McDonald’s with Maurice turns into two, then into a weekly occurrence that is fast growing into an inexplicable connection, Laura learns heart-wrenching details about Maurice’s horrific childhood.
Howard Books * 9781451648973

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Stories by Adam Ross
After his widely celebrated debut, MR. PEANUT, Adam Ross now presents a darkly compelling collection of stories about brothers, loners, lovers, and lives full of good intentions, misunderstandings and obscured motives.
Vintage * 9780307454911

LAST MAN IN TOWER by Aravind Adiga
Real estate developer Dharmen Shah rose from nothing to create an empire and hopes to seal his legacy with a new building that promises to be one of the city’s most elite addresses. Shah is a dangerous man to refuse. But he meets his match in a retired schoolteacher named Masterji, who flat-out refuses to leave the apartment that Shah is on the brink of demolishing.
Vintage * 9780307739834

Pak Jun Do is the son of a lost mother and an influential father who runs a work camp for orphans. There the boy is given his first taste of power, picking which orphans eat first and which will be lent out for manual labor. Jun Do comes to the attention of state superiors, rises in the ranks, and starts on a road from which there will be no return: he boldly takes on the role of rival to Kim Jong Il in an attempt to save the woman he loves.
Random House Trade Paperbacks * 9780812982626

THE SCENT OF RAIN by Kristin Billerbeck
Daphne Sweeten left Paris --- and a job she loved --- to marry the man of her dreams in the U.S. But when he stands her up on their wedding day, she's left reeling and senseless. Literally. She's been trained as a perfume creator, and now her sense of smell has disappeared along with her fiancé. She has to figure out why her nose isn't working, fix it, and get back to Paris.
Thomas Nelson * 9781401685652

In this follow-up to ME & EMMA, nine-year-old Carrie Parker and her mother have fled their small North Carolina town for a fresh start, when they meet another mother-daughter pair, Honor and Cricket, with a troubled past of their own. Carrie and Cricket become fast friends, especially when they discover a surprising secret that could change both of their lives forever.
Ballantine Books * 9780345524430

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