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December 20, 2011

December 20, 2011

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of December 19th and December 26th that we think will be of interest to readers.

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On Sale the Week of December 19th in Hardcover

December 22nd

COVERT WARRIORS: A Presidential Agent Novel by W. E. B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV

Few in the U.S. government want to believe that a Third World country and its chest-thumping leader could pose a credible threat. But then why are the Chinese helping to train its special forces? Why are the Russians helping to build a nuclear power plant? Charley Castillo and his men go in to investigate, but they have no idea what they have just gotten themselves into.
Putnam Adult * 9780399157806

D.C. DEAD: A Stone Barrington Novel by Stuart Woods
When Stone Barrington is summoned to Washington, D.C., by President Will Lee, he takes on a special operation that will reunite him with his former partner in crime and in bed, Holly Barker.
Putnam Adult * 9780399157660

THE DEVIL’S ELIXIR by Raymond Khoury
FBI agent Sean Reilly and his girlfriend, Tess Chaykin, find themselves in a race --- against the clock, against drug kingpins, and even against the DEA --- to merge two divergent trails, one several hundred years old, the other as current as a heartbeat, which together may lead humanity to the brink of annihilation.
Dutton Adult * 9780525952435

On Sale the Week of December 19th in Paperback

December 20th


Duncan Jepson’s debut novel transports us to a China on the brink of revolution, and witnesses this colorful, tumultuous world through the eyes of a woman forced into a life not of her choosing and driven to seek a bitter revenge.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062081605

THE FOUR MS. BRADWELLS by Meg Waite Clayton
When Bee hears that Tess, her younger sister, is missing, she returns home to London immediately. She expects to find Tess and give her the usual big sister lecture scolding her flighty behavior --- but Bee never could have prepared for what really awaits her.
Ballantine * 9780345517098

A LONELY DEATH: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery by Charles Todd
Three World War I survivors have been murdered in the quiet English countryside two years after the war. Scotland Yard Inspector Rutledge has been called in --- but with only a few clues to go on and the pressure building, he must gamble everything to find answers.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780061726200


Chelsea Enright never expected to inherit her grandmother's cottage in the Adirondacks. But when she finds her grandmother's WWII diaries, she's stunned to discover that they hold secrets she never suspected --- and they have the power to upend her own life.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062041197

SISTER by Rosamund Lupton
As one woman risks everything to uncover the truth about her sister's last moments, this debut novel with a knockout twist shows that nothing is as durable --- and as exceptional --- as the bond between sisters.
Broadway * 9780307716521

VOYEUR by Daniel Judson
Ever since one of Manhattan P.I. Remer’s targets forced him into early retirement, he’s been living in the shadows. Then, when someone from his past needs help, he agrees to one last case --- but the consequences could be deadly.
Minotaur Books * 9780312383596
On Sale the Week of December 26th in Hardcover

December 27th

1222: A Hanne Wilhelmsen Novel by Anne Holt

From Norway's #1 bestselling crime writer comes a suspenseful locked-room mystery, the U.S. debut of a new series, set in an isolated hotel where guests who are stranded during a monumental snowstorm begin turning up dead.
Scribner * 9781451634716

77 SHADOW STREET by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz takes readers on a gripping journey to a place where nightmare visions become real --- and where a group of singular individuals hold the key to humanity’s destiny. Welcome to 77 Shadow Street.
Bantam * 9780553807714

CONQUEROR: A Novel of Kublai Khan by Conn Iggulden

Intrigue and treachery roil the vast Mongol nation as the heirs of Genghis Khan fight for control of his unprecedented empire --- and of his mighty armies. But only one man, dismissed by all the others, will boldly rise to the challenge with the courage and vision to forge the future, and with the strength to be called...CONQUEROR.
Delacorte Press * 9780385343053

When tragedy strikes in the Columbia University Medical Center's lab, medical student Pia, with the help of infatuated classmate George Wilson, launches an investigation into the unforeseen calamity in the hospital's supposedly secure biosafety lab.
Putnam Adult * 9780399157462


In the Demi-Monde, author Rod Rees has conjured up a terrifying virtual reality, a world dominated by history’s most ruthless and bloodthirsty psychopaths. THE DEMI-MONDE: WINTER kicks off a brilliant, high concept series that blends science fiction and thriller, steampunk and dystopian vision.
William Morrow * 9780062070340


In the third installment of her Oak Knoll series, Tami Hoag explores the early days of forensic police work through FBI agent Vince Leone's pioneering, science-based investigatory skills.
Dutton Adult * 9780525952398

THE INNOCENT: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel by Taylor Stevens

Eight years ago, a man took five-year-old Hannah into the world of a cult known as The Chosen. Since then, followers of The Prophet have hidden the child, moving her from country to country. Now, childhood survivors of The Chosen, who have managed to escape, know where to find her.
Crown * 9780307717122

THE MAGIC ROOM: A Story About the Love We Wish for Our Daughters by Jeffrey Zaslow

For thousands of women, Becker's Bridal in Fowler, Michigan is the site of some of the most important moments of their lives. Illuminating the poignant aspects of a woman's journey to the altar, THE MAGIC ROOM tells the stories of a diverse group of memorable women on the brink of commitment.
Gotham * 9781592406616

SLEEPWALKER by Karen Robards

She’s a rookie cop. He’s a professional crook. She catches him in the act of stealing big bucks from a mob boss’s safe. He manages to embroil her in a crime so explosive it could cost both of them their lives. Natural adversaries, their only common ground is mutual dislike and distrust --- and the fact that the same killers are now hunting them both.
Gallery Books * 9781439183724

On Sale the Week of December 26th in Paperback

December 27th

AFRAID OF THE DARK by James Grippando
Miami criminal defense lawyer Jack Swyteck is shocked to discover that the client he’s been assigned to defend, a young man facing the death penalty for terrorist activities, is already wanted for the murder of his girlfriend and the permanent blinding of a police officer.
Harper * 9780061840296


Amy Chua argues that Western parenting tries to respect and nurture children's individuality, while Chinese parents typically believe that arming children with skills, strong work habits, and inner confidence prepares them best for the future. BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER chronicles Chua's iron-willed decision to raise her daughters the Chinese way.
Penguin * 9780143120582

BLOOD OF THE REICH by William Dietrich
William Dietrich returns with a knockout stand-alone novel about a quartet of American adventurers in a race to stop Nazis from acquiring an awesome power that will enable them to dominate the world.
Harper * 9780061989193

DEATH OF A CHIMNEY SWEEP: A Hamish Macbeth Mystery by M. C. Beaton
Police Constable Hamish Macbeth must discover who's responsible for a double murder --- and this time, the killer may be closer than he realizes.
Grand Central Publishing * 9780446547406

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES by Deborah Harkness
Diana Bishop, a young scholar and the descendant of witches, discovers a long-lost alchemical manuscript deep in Oxford's Bodleian Library. Its reappearance summons a fantastical underworld, which she navigates with her leading man, vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont.
Penguin * 9780143119685

EMILY, ALONE by Stewart O'Nan
Emily Maxwell, a widow with grown children far away, grapples with her new independence, discovering hidden strengths and realizing that life always offers new possibilities.
Penguin * 9780143120490

FATAL ERROR by J. A. Jance
Richard Lowensdale, a cyber-sociopath, has left a trail of broken hearts in his virtual wake. When he is viciously murdered, the women he once victimized are considered suspects, and Ali Reynolds investigates.
Pocket Star * 9781416566373

FOLLY BEACH: A Lowcountry Tale by Dorothea Benton Frank
A woman returns to the past to find her future in this exciting and heartwarming tale of loss, acceptance, family and love from Dorothea Benton Frank.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062111739

IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT: The Strange Death of Ronda Reynolds and Her Mother's Unceasing Quest for the Truth by Ann Rule
From renowned true crime writer Ann Rule comes the story of a young woman whose life ended too soon --- and a determined mother’s 11-year crusade to clear her daughter’s name.
Pocket Books * 9781416544616

INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS is an intricate historical page-turner about a forbidding country estate and the unlikely forensic duo who set out to uncover its deadly secrets.
Penguin * 9780143120407

Four presidents of the United States have been assassinated, each murder seemingly unrelated. But what if those presidents were all killed for the shocking same reason: a clause contained in the United States Constitution?
Ballantine Books * 9780345505521

KNOCKDOWN: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery by Sarah Graves
Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree is deep in her latest home improvement project --- repainting the porch of her lovingly restored house in Eastport, Maine --- when she notices the man repeatedly biking past her house. His face is unsettlingly familiar, but his chilling message seems inexplicable: Blood shows up again. Murder will out.
Bantam * 9780553593426

LITTLE PRINCES: One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal by Conor Grennan
While volunteering at a Nepal orphanage in 2006, Conor Grennan discovered that the children were not orphans: they were trafficked. Despite the danger, he trekked remarkable distances with photographs of the children, miraculously reuniting dozens of families.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780061930065

MADAME TUSSAUD: A Novel of the French Revolution by Michelle Moran
The world knows Madame Tussaud as a wax artist extraordinaire...but who was this woman who became one of the most famous sculptresses of all time? In these pages, her tumultuous and amazing story comes to life. The year is 1788, and a revolution is about to begin.
Broadway * 9780307588661

MINDING FRANKIE centers on the native people of the Irish countryside, transporting us to tranquil shores of a deep-rooted landscape. The book presents dozens of personal stories that show a greater evolution of people's lives and envision a kind of synergy and commonality between those with different values and backgrounds.
Anchor * 9780307475497

THE OUTLAWS: A Presidential Agent Novel by W. E. B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV
Charlie Castillo's secret unit has been disbanded --- but that doesn't mean he's out of business. One day a FedEx package arrives, bearing photos of barrels containing some of the most dangerous biohazard materials on earth, all of which were supposed to have been destroyed during a raid on a secret Russian factory in the Congo.
Jove * 9780515150278

A SIMPLE ACT OF GRATITUDE: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed My Life by John Kralik
In 2007, John Kralik's life had reached an ultimate low. Stressed, lonely and feeling helpless, he took a hiking trip by himself and had an epiphany about the importance of gratefulness. His life took a radical turn as he committed himself to finding new sources of gratitude every day for a year.
Hyperion * 9781401310714

TRADER OF SECRETS: A Paul Madriani Novel by Steve Martini
Defense attorney Paul Madriani is on the trail of a missing NASA scientist --- a man carrying horrific state-of-the-art weapons technology --- in this latest entry of Steve Martini's bestselling series.
Harper * 9780061930249

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