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October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

The following are lists of books releasing the weeks of October 24th and October 31st that we think will be of interest to readers.

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On Sale the Week of October 24th in Hardcover

October 24th

STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson
Based on more than 40 interviews with Steve Jobs conducted over two years, Walter Isaacson has written a riveting story of the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing and digital publishing.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451648539

October 25th

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
A love story, a mystery, a fantasy, a novel of self-discovery, a dystopia to rival George Orwell’s --- 1Q84 is Haruki Murakami’s most ambitious undertaking yet: an instant bestseller in his native Japan, and a tremendous feat of imagination from one of our most revered contemporary writers.
Knopf * 9780307593313

AMERICAN EMPEROR: Aaron Burr's Challenge to Jefferson's America by David O. Stewart
AMERICAN EMPEROR traces Aaron Burr from the threshold of the presidency in the contested election of 1800, through his duel with Alexander Hamilton, and then across the American West as he schemed with foreign ambassadors, the traitorous general-in-chief of the army, and future presidents, including Andrew Jackson.
Simon & Schuster * 9781439157183

A familiar face from the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels --- Charlotte’s mother, Caroline --- travels with her young husband, Joshua Fielding, and his theatrical troupe to Whitby, the Yorkshire fishing village where Dracula the vampire first touched English soil in the sensational novel named after him.
Ballantine Books * 9780345524638

From the author of The Christmas Hope series comes a new inspirational novel about an unlikely friendship between two women, but one that will change each of their lives forever.
St. Martin's Press * 9780312658960

A CRIMSON WARNING: A Lady Emily Mystery by Tasha Alexander
Secrets prove deadly in this new novel from Tasha Alexander featuring Lady Emily Hargreaves. Some very prominent people in London are waking up to find their doorsteps smeared with red paint, the precursor to the revelation of a dark secret --- and worse --- by someone who enjoys destroying lives.
Minotaur Books * 9780312661755

FEAR AND LOATHING AT ROLLING STONE: The Essential Writing of Hunter S. Thompson by Hunter S. Thompson
This is a definitive, hand-picked selection of Hunter S. Thompson's finest pieces ever published in Rolling Stone --- the magazine that helped to put him on the map in the 1970s.
Simon & Schuster * 9781439165959

JERUSALEM: The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore
Simon Sebag Montefiore has written an intimate and unprecedented history of Jerusalem, recounted through the lives of the men and women who created, destroyed, conquered, wrote about and believed in the Holy City through the millennia.
Knopf * 9780307266514

THE LITIGATORS by John Grisham
With their new associate on board --- a young but already burned-out attorney who walked away from his fast-track career at a fancy downtown firm --- the “boutique law firm” of Finley & Figg is ready to tackle a case that could make the partners rich without requiring them to actually practice much law.
Doubleday * 9780385535137

THE NIGHT ETERNAL: Book Three of the Strain Trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan
THE NIGHT ETERNAL is the conclusion to Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan's much-talked-about vampire trilogy. As the final battle dawns, the group’s only hope is the intervention of an unexpected race of beings --- avenging “angels” --- who arrive to help them defeat the vampires and reclaim the planet for humanity.
William Morrow * 9780061558269

TIDES OF WAR by Stella Tillyard
Harriet and James's interwoven stories of love and betrayal propel this novel as it moves between Regency London on the cusp of modernity --- a city in love with science, the machine, money --- and the shocking violence of war in Spain.
Henry Holt and Company * 9780805094572

WHEN ELVES ATTACK: A Joyous Christmas Greeting from the Criminal Nutbars of the Sunshine State by Tim Dorsey
Tim Dorsey offers the perfect antidote for all those sappy feel-good holiday stories with this zany blockbuster extravaganza in which his wonderfully deranged serial killer Floridaphile delivers his special brand of Christmas cheer.
William Morrow * 9780062092847

October 26th

CITY OF WHISPERS: A Sharon McCone Mystery by Marcia Muller
Private eye Sharon McCone receives an email asking for help from her emotionally disturbed half brother Darcy Blackhawk. Sensing he's in terrible danger, Sharon begins a search for him throughout the city.
Grand Central Publishing * 9780446573337

October 27th

GOODNIGHT iPAD: A Parody for the Next Generation by Ann Droyd
A parody of children’s picture book classic GOODNIGHT MOON, GOODNIGHT iPAD teaches you and your children how to “power down” for the night.
Blue Rider Press * 9780399158568

On Sale the Week of October 24th in Paperback

October 25th

BROOKLYN STORY by Suzanne Corso
Fifteen-year-old Samantha Bonti, who is half-Jewish and half-Italian, dreams of escaping her dysfunctional community to pursue a writing career in Brooklyn --- until she meets Tony, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed mobster wannabe who seduces her into his dangerous world.
Gallery Books * 9781439190234

A CHRISTMAS BLIZZARD by Garrison Keillor
A charming holiday farce, A CHRISTMAS BLIZZARD follows James Sparrow as he returns from Chicago to his lunatic family in Looseleaf, North Dakota in the midst of a historic blizzard.
Penguin * 9780143119883

CRESCENT DAWN: A Dirk Pitt Novel by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler
In the fourth Dirk Pitt novel from Clive Cussler and son Dirk, evildoers Ozden Aktan Celik and his sister, Maria, who are bent on Muslim domination of the Middle East, plot to blow up sacred Muslim sites and pin the blame on the West.
Berkley * 9780425242391

GIDEON’S SWORD by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Ever since his late mother begged him to avenge his father’s murder, Gideon Crew has been on a mission. Now, he is being closely observed --- and he may have an opportunity to use his skills for more than just this murder.
Vision * 9780446564311

Fabric shop-owner Linda Davis is torn between excitement and heartache as her only child prepares for college. On the journey to Molly’s new school, Linda compiles scraps from throughout Molly’s life to create a meaningful gift.
Mira * 9780778313229

Composed mentally while Tony Judt was paralyzed and unable to physically write, his memoirs thoughtfully explore his childhood in postwar London, his travels throughout Europe, his arrival to a new home in New York and, finally, the devastating illness that took his life.
Penguin * 9780143119975

Marissa Fordham is dead, but her daughter is found alive at the crime scene. Now detective Tony Mendez and child advocate Anne Leone begin to investigate Marissa’s life --- until a shocking twist reveals that Marissa never actually existed.
Signet * 9780451235152

October 26th

SUNSET PARK by Paul Auster
A blend of captivating personal stories, SUNSET PARK follows the hopes and fears of a cast of unforgettable characters brought together by the mysterious Miles Heller during the dark months of the 2008 economic collapse.
Picador * 9780312610678

Exiled in Paris, 100-year-old Mathilde Kschessinska, once the vain, ambitious, impossibly charming prima ballerina assoluta of the tsar’s Russian Imperial Ballet in St. Petersburg, now reflects on her tumultuous life with striking clarity.
Farrar, Straus & Giroux * 9780312610715

On Sale the Week of October 31st in Hardcover

October 31st

ZERO DAY by David Baldacci
John Puller is a combat vet and the best military investigator in the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigative Division. He is called out on a case in a remote, rural area far from any military outpost and finds that he is truly one man against an overwhelming force.
Grand Central Publishing * 9780446573016

November 1st

BLUE NIGHTS by Joan Didion
In her first book since THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING, Joan Didion has now written with stunning frankness about her daughter, Quintana Roo, as well as thoughts and fears about having children and about growing old.
Knopf * 9780307267672

An incomparable master storyteller in all forms, in THE CORN MAIDEN AND OTHER NIGHTMARES Joyce Carol Oates spins six imaginative tales of suspense.
Mysterious Press * 9780802126023

HORSES NEVER LIE ABOUT LOVE: The Heartwarming Story of a Remarkable Horse Who Changed the World Around Her by Jana Harris
When Jana Harris moved to Washington State with her husband and fulfilled her dream of having a horse farm, she never expected to encounter True Colors –-- a beautiful, traumatized mare who arrived terrified and damaged, and soon became the heart and soul of the farm.
Free Press * 9781451605846

HOTEL VENDOME by Danielle Steel
Danielle Steel’s new novel invites readers into the ultra-glamorous world of a five-star New York hotel, and brings to vivid life the man who builds it as his dream, the girl who grows up in its loving embrace, and the colorful guests and staff who make its magic complete.
Delacorte Press * 9780385343176

THE HOUSE OF SILK: A Sherlock Holmes Novel by Anthony Horowitz
Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective in literary history. For the first time since the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a new Holmes story has been sanctioned by his estate, whetting the appetites of fans everywhere.
Mulholland Books * 9780316196994

I AM HALF-SICK OF SHADOWS: A Flavia de Luce Novel by Alan Bradley
The precocious Flavia de Luce must solve a murder that took place while the entire village gathered to see a movie starring the famed Phyllis Wyvern being filmed at the de Luces’ decaying English estate.
Delacorte Press * 9780385344012

JACK KENNEDY: Elusive Hero by Chris Matthews
With the verve of a skilled novelist, Chris Matthews illuminates the life of Jack Kennedy, from a privileged, rebellious youth to an unforgettable American presidency. As Matthews writes, “he was a far greater hero than he ever wished us to know.”
Simon & Schuster * 9781451635089

THE LAST TESTAMENT: A Memoir by God with David Javerbaum
As dictated to his mortal amanuensis, 11-time Emmy Award–winning comedy writer David Javerbaum, God looks back with unprecedented candor on his time in the public sector.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451640182

LONDON UNDER: The Secret History Beneath the Streets by Peter Ackroyd
Peter Ackroyd has written an atmospheric and imaginative short study of everything that goes on under London --- from original springs and streams and Roman amphitheaters to Victorian sewers, gang hideouts and modern tube stations.
Nan A. Talese * 9780385531504

LOST DECEMBER by Richard Paul Evans
After squandering his million-dollar trust, Luke Crisp is suddenly broke and too ashamed to return home. Only through the kindness of a stranger --- and a woman’s love --- does he recall the early lessons of his life. But it may be too late to save his father’s company, which was turned over to a heartless man with no scruples.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451628005

NO HIGHER HONOR: A Memoir of My Years in Washington by Condoleezza Rice
Having written a bestselling memoir of her upbringing, EXTRAORDINARY, ORDINARY PEOPLE, Condoleezza Rice now follows up with the long-anticipated chronicle of her years in the Bush administration as national security adviser and secretary of state.
Crown * 9780307587862

OUT OF OZ: The Final Volume in the Wicked Years by Gregory Maguire
OUT OF OZ reimagines L. Frank Baum’s world over the rainbow as wracked with social unrest --- placing Glinda the good witch under house arrest and having the cowardly Lion on the lam from the law as the Emerald City prepares to make war on Munchkinland.
William Morrow * 9780060548940

PRINCE OF RAVENSCAR: A Sherbrooke Novel by Catherine Coulter
Nicholas Monroe is feeling pressure from his family to remarry. But the mysterious death of his first wife still hangs over his head. Her brother, Richard, believes Nicholas is responsible for her death. When Richard finally confronts Nicholas, long-held secrets threaten to resurface --- despite someone's desperate effort to keep them buried.
Putnam Adult * 9780399158070

ROAM: A Novel with Music by Alan Lazar
Much more than the story of one dog’s incredible journey, ROAM is a deeply moving story of survival and enduring love, which once again confirms the unbreakable bond between humans and their best friends.
Atria Books * 9781451632903

ROME: A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History by Robert Hughes
Starting on a personal note, Robert Hughes takes us to the Rome he first encountered as a hungry 21-year-old fresh from Australia in 1959. He then takes us back more than 2,000 years to the city's foundation, one mired in mythologies and superstitions that would inform Rome's development for centuries.
Knopf * 9780307268440

SHOCKAHOLIC by Carrie Fisher
SHOCKAHOLIC is the juicy account of Carrie Fisher’s life, focusing more on the Star Wars years and dishing about the various Hollywood relationships she’s formed since she was chosen to play Princess Leia at only 19 years old.
Simon & Schuster * 9780743264822

On Sale the Week of October 31st in Paperback

October 31st

HELL & GONE by Duane Swierczynski
After barely escaping from an outrageous shootout, ex-cop Charlie Hardie is kidnapped by a team of undercover operatives and forced to guard an underground prison that houses the most dangerous criminals on earth. Or so he's told.
Mulholland Books * 9780316133296

November 1st

After his girlfriend is brutally murdered by a serial killer, John only emerges from his apartment to work as a crime researcher. But when a new rash of murders begins across New Jersey, he may be the only one who can hunt down the killer.
Overlook TP * 9781590206836

ATLANTIC: Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories by Simon Winchester
Spanning from the earth's geological origins to modern-day research and technology, Simon Winchester narrates the saga of the Atlantic Ocean against the backdrop of mankind’s intellectual evolution.
Harper Perennial * 9780061702624

THE CHARMING QUIRKS OF OTHERS: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel by Alexander McCall Smith
Isabel Dalhousie has been asked to investigate candidates for the new headmaster position at a local boy’s school. When she receives an anonymous warning about one of them, she discovers deep secrets not just about the candidates, but also about her own life.
Anchor * 9780307739391

A COVERT AFFAIR: When Julia and Paul Child Joined the OSS by Jennet Conant
During World War II, Julia and Paul Child joined the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and were involved in the McCarthy Red spy hunt in the 1950s. Jennet Conant relates the OSS experiences of the Childs and their eccentric colleague, Jane Foster.
Simon & Schuster * 9781439163535

FORBIDDEN PLACES by Penny Vincenzi
Penny Vincenzi’s eighth riveting family drama centers on love and marriage, families and secrets, and wartime and what it does to every accepted social value.
Overlook TP * 9781590206850

FRANK: The Voice by James Kaplan
Frank Sinatra was the best-known entertainer of the 20th century. But despite his mammoth fame, Sinatra the man has remained an enigma. Now James Kaplan brings deeper insight than ever before to the complex psyche and turbulent life behind that incomparable voice.
Anchor * 9780767924238

I REMEMBER NOTHING: And Other Reflections by Nora Ephron
Nora Ephron takes a hilarious look at the past, the present and the future, bemoaning the vicissitudes of modern life, and recalling with her signature clarity and wisdom everything she hasn’t (yet) forgotten.
Vintage * 9780307742803

After his historical victory over General Custer at the 1876 battle of Little Bighorn, Indian warrior Crazy Horse was inexplicably killed in the custody of federal troops. Thomas Powers pieces together the story behind this long-debated killing.
Vintage * 9780375714306

Ninety-one-year-old Ptolemy has sunk into a lonely dementia. But when a doctor offers him a new drug that guarantees he won’t live to see 92, but that he’ll spend his last days in total mental clarity, Ptolemy discovers a shocking and unexpected past.
Riverhead Trade * 9781594485503

Award-winning author Matt Rees takes readers to 18th-century Austria, where Mozart's estranged sister stumbles into a world of ambition, conspiracy and immortal music while attempting to uncover the truth about her brother's suspicious death.
Harper Perennial * 9780062015860

PROOF OF HEAVEN by Mary Curran Hackett
Seven-year-old Colm knows he is sick and not getting better. When he reveals his dying wish --- to meet the father who abandoned him --- Colm and his family embark on an emotional quest and come face-to-face with their biggest uncertainties about life and death.
William Morrow Paperbacks * 9780062079985

A QUILTER’S HOLIDAY: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel by Jennifer Chiaverini
The Elm Creek Quilters gather every holiday season to stitch holiday gifts for loved ones. Inspired to revive a lost family tradition, Sylvia Bergstrom Compson Cooper invites her friends to sew quilt blocks that represent their own unique stories of gratitude and love.
Simon & Schuster * 9781451658217

ROCK BOTTOM by Erin Brockovich with CJ Lyons
Ten years ago, pregnant teenager Angela Joy Palladino fled her hometown of Scotia, West Virginia, and became an environmental activist. Now, desperate for money, she takes on a project that will force her to return to Scotia and confront everything she thought she had left behind.
Vanguard Press * 9781593156763

THE TIGER’S WIFE by Tea Obreht
In a Balkan country, Natalia, a young doctor, is attempting to piece together the mysterious circumstances around her beloved grandfather’s recent death through the extraordinary stories and legends from his past.
Random House Trade Paperbacks * 9780385343848

THE VALCOURT HEIRESS by Catherine Coulter
In medieval England, Garron of Kersey returns to Wareham Castle and finds it has been almost completely destroyed by a man named the Black Demon. With the help of an enigmatic servant girl, he pieces together the elusive story behind the attack.
Jove * 9780515150063

THE WEIGHT by Andrew Vachss
When professional thief Sugar is accused of a rape he couldn’t have committed because he was robbing a jewelry store at the time, he ends up in jail. But when he gets out, a member of his heist crew has disappeared, and it’s up to Sugar to track him down.
Vintage * 9780307741318

November 2nd

Malcolm Fox works with The Complaints, a subdivision of the police force that investigates other cops. His job and personal life are both wearing him down --- until he is given the case of a shady new cop who may be connected to a vicious local murder.
Reagan Arthur/Back Bay Books * 9780316078764

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