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Archives - December 2009

Today's guest blogger, Stephen Coonts --- whose latest thriller, THE DISCIPLE, hits stores today --- muses on some of the simple joys of past Christmases, and reminds us of the best way to recapture the magic and wonder of the holiday season.
Though giving birth to her first child three days before Christmas is, without question, the best holiday present she's ever gotten, Meg Waite Clayton --- author of THE WEDNESDAY SISTERS --- describ
A RELIABLE WIFE author Robert Goolrick recalls an amazing encounter he had with legendary novelist Harper Lee, and the one truly priceless gift (if not two) he was able to give through a copy of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.
Sometimes, all it takes to transport you to an entirely different time, place, and state of mind are a few lines from a favorite book.
Ad Hudler, author of SOUTHERN LIVING and MAN OF THE HOUSE, shares a story of a less-than-ideal living situation, and how a well-timed book on Christm
Kate Jacobs --- author of the bestselling FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB, KNIT TWO, and the newly released holiday-
Rosalind Noonan, co-author of SNOW ANGELS, fondly looks back on one Christmas, when her young daughter’s onl
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Donna VanLiere --- author of the bestselling holiday tales THE CHRISTMAS SHOES, THE CHRISTMAS BLESSING and THE CHRISTMAS SECRET --- humorously recalls
Below, Robert Hilburn --- author of CORNFLAKES WITH JOHN LENNON --- shares a tale of an unwanted gift, and how a mysterious baseball player changed his outlook on reading forever.