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Archives - December 2009

Ho ho ho! Here's our latest roundup of our Facebook posts throughout the week. Always a lively discussion or two happening. You can join in here! Thanks to all those who have joined thus far. Hard to believe how we've grown during the year. Happy holidays to all! This Best Of list has compiled all the 2009 Best Books lists from around the world. Enjoy!
Susan Shapiro Barash, author of TOXIC FRIENDS, muses on fond Hanukkah memories and passing on a love for the written word from generation to generation.
HOMER'S ODYSSEY author Gwen Cooper reflects on her lifelong obsession with a different Homer, and what the numerous translations of his work have come to represent in her own life.
Ann Herendeen --- author of PHYLLIDA AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF PHILANDER, as well as the upcoming PRIDE/PREJUDICE --- revisits the Christmas she learned to read and the literary presents that followed, which have helped to shape the writer she is today.
On this sixth night of Hanukkah, Steve Luxenberg --- author of ANNIE'S GHOSTS --- illustrates that one doesn't necessarily need to observe Christmas in order to celebrate its traditions
Cartoonist Larry Gonick --- creator of FROM THE BASTILLE TO BAGHDAD, the latest installment in the bestselling The Cartoon History of the Modern World series --- reflects on the slow emergence of comics onto the mainstream literary scene, and revels in how his holiday memories, along with his choice in reading material, have vastly improved as a result of the increasing acceptance of this "new" medium.
While books have always been a staple under the Christmas tree, Marcia Muller --- author of the Sharon McCone series, including its most recent installment, LOCKED IN --- reveals how she found one of the greates
Jason Pinter --- whose latest book, THE DARKNESS, just hit stores this month --- can trace his love of stories all the way back to a picture book from his childhood about an immature tugboat afraid of the
Lisa Grunberger, author of YIDDISH YOGA, shares her bookish holiday memories through the voice of Ruthie, the septuagenarian protagonist of her debut novel, who reminisces about one of the first Chanukahs spent with her late husband, Harry.
Betsy Carter, author of THE PUZZLE KING, muses on the reciprocal value of literature as she she describes finding a treasured copy of an old classic to present to her spouse on Christmas Day.