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December 30, 2014

Jessica Hagy on Love Notes and Books

Posted by emily

Jessica Hagy’s book, HOW TO BE INTERESTING (In 10 Simple Steps), is a charming and uniquely inspirational how-to that combines fresh and pithy lessons with deceptively simple diagrams and charts. And Jessica really does know a thing or two about being interesting; not only is she an author and an illustrator, she’s also an award-winning blogger and an Internet sensation. In her Holiday Author Blog, she talks about something else that’s interesting: how a book can sometimes be more than just a book.

Last Christmas, my husband gave me an autographed, limited edition copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s previously unpublished fiction, LOOK AT THE BIRDIE. It’s hardbound, edged in golden ink and absolutely perfect. My favorite author, a rare gift, an insightful gift, a surprise of a gift that took time and effort and diligence to find --- sometimes, a book is more than a book. Sometimes, a book can say, “I know who you are, and what you love, and what moves you, because I’m paying attention.” Sometimes, a book can be a love note of 251 pages of someone else’s words, hardbound, edged in gold ink and absolutely perfect.