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Archives - December 2008

While books often make the perfect gift, sometimes we just aren't so lucky when it comes to the titles we're given.
Today's guest blogger, Clyde Forde, is the author of several books, including the nautical thriller, PRECIOUS CARGO.
That old saying "One man's rags are another man's riches" is certainly true for today's guest blogger, Karen Robards.
Sam Wyly, author of 1,000 DOLLARS AND AN IDEA, describes the tumultous personal history of his family, and the comfort they found in reading Margaret Mitchell'<
Today's guest blogger, Joseph Finder, introduces us to one of literature's greatest, but most underrated villains . . . the Grinch?
Kristin Hannah, author of FIREFLY LANE, reminisces about childhood holiday traditions that she's since passed on to her own son, and muses over just what makes the presents they share so special.
Wade Rouse, author of CONFESSIONS OF A PREP SCHOOL MOMMY HANDLER, reflects on "Christmas miracles," and what he's gained from the most important women in his life.
Today, Ad Hudler --- author of MAN OF THE HOUSE --- recalls his attempt to teach his neighbors a lesson in environmental preservation through the poetry of Dr. Seuss.
No good can ever come from banning books, as demonstrated by today's guest blogger, Laura Pedersen --- whose new memoir, BUFFALO GAL, is featured in this week's Holiday Basket of Cheer.