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August 16, 2013

A Reader Reports on the Debbie Macomber Fan Retreat

Posted by emily

Back in June, we ran a contest for readers to attend the Debbie Macomber Fan Retreat in Nashville. Pat from Brazil, IN won two tickets to attend the retreat, which took place last weekend. Pat was kind enough to answer some questions for us and share some pictures of the weekend. Read all about her experiences in this blog piece.

Is this the first time that you met Debbie or attended a Debbie Macomber event? 

No, I met Debbie several years ago in Greenwood, IN at a small bookstore where she was signing books. I was so impressed with her friendliness and outgoing personality.
Was there one event at the Debbie Macomber Fan Retreat that stood out to you? If so, what was it and why?
I loved the morning tea. She told of letters she had received and some of the hilarious questions or comments some of them contained. They were zany one-liners!! Two I especially remember are: "I love your books and read them every night and they put me to sleep" and "I love your books, keep writing BETTY.”  
What else did you enjoy about the Fan Retreat?

My husband and I especially enjoyed the bus tour of Nashville. We had an outstanding tour guide (a school teacher named Melanie). She was very knowledgeable and quite interesting. The only sad or discouraging part of it was that we had a very rude woman and husband on the bus and she truly was a distraction for our guide. We did learn the woman was 

having a health issue BUT I also observed her several other times at other events and she was just rude, overbearing and loud at everything. Sad that she caused so much trouble!! 

Was it fun meeting other readers of Debbie's? Tell us about them.

Absolutely. I had the most interaction at the tea. One lady was quite well-educated and from Alabama. She was a fairly new reader of Debbie's books. We had great fun discussing them. I was also happy to tell 

her of Debbie's nonfiction books (she was totally unaware of those) and pulled up the various ones on my iPhone and shared the titles and info about those books. I would venture to say she will be purchasing a few more of Debbie's books. Another very sweet gal was from Maryland. I actually ran into her several times during the weekend. She had been a long-time reader of Debbie's writing. I talked with others from Texas, Ohio and elsewhere. All fun, gracious women.
Tell us about the "swag bag" that you received. What was your favorite item in it?
Without a doubt, I loved receiving an autographed copy of ROSE HARBOR IN BLOOM and reading more about Jo Marie and her bed and breakfast. I also love my DM bag!!!!

 Who accompanied you to the Debbie Macomber retreat? Did he enjoy it as well? 
My best friend --- hubby Larry. He tells everyone that his purpose in life is to "drive Miss Daisy.” And, he does a fabulous job at it (we’ve been married 51½ years)!!!

 How long have you been reading Debbie's books, and which is your favorite?
I truly don't know what year I began reading her, but it was many years ago for sure. I especially love her books because I never hesitate to recommend them, loan them or persuade someone to read them because they are clean, good reads!!! I am a book lender to many of my friends and just got one of my best friends "hooked" on the Rose Harbor series. I told her she would have to read Cedar Cove series as well. She isn't fully retired yet, but soon enough...

Regarding my favorite: Hard question. I absolutely loved the Cedar Cove series and all the characters (and am loving the TV series, too --- great casting), but I also so enjoyed the Blossom Street series and its characters. Of course, the Rose Harbor series is awesome --- especially since it brings back characters from Cedar Cove. I just plain love her books --- all of them!!!!