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January 3, 2012

Anne Perry on a Remarkable Gift

Posted by Katherine

Anne Perry is a bestselling author of historical detective fiction, most notably the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series and the William Monk series, both set in Victorian England.  Her first book,THE CATER STREET HANGMAN (1979), launched both the Pitt series and her career as a premier writer of Victorian mysteries.  The William Monk series of novels, featuring a Victorian police officer turned private investigator, includes FUNERAL IN BLUE and THE SILENT CRY.  In addition to these series, Perry is also author of a number of World War I novels as well as several collections of short stories.  Perry's novels have appeared on bestseller lists around the world and she has over twenty-five million books in print worldwide. Here she talks about a suprising gift she received from a second-hand bookshop. 

One of the most remarkable gifts I have ever received was given to me quite recently.  I live in the north east of Scotland and I have a step-brother who lives in the south west of England.  A friend of the family arrived one day with a beautiful leather bound copy of the collected plays of George Bernard Shaw --- he had found it in a second-hand bookshop.  Inside the front cover was a label stating that this had been awarded to my father, for winning the coveted Smith's Prize in Mathematics, in 1931; this prize has been won on other occasions by James Clerk Maxwell, Fred Hoyle and Alan Turing!  My step-brother very kindly presented it to me as a gift. 

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