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November 19, 2009

Sharing the Holidays With Author and Reader Friends

Posted by admin

Last weekend as I was sitting at a panel at the Miami Book Fair, I had this moment where I realized how deeply my life has been enriched by the many authors and readers whom I have met over the last 13 plus years. Sitting with a group of readers in a room listening to an author share her story, there was something really lovely --- and satisfying --- about acknowledging that. It was a revelation of something pretty simple, but I have been thinking about it all week.

Through the years, I have been lucky enough to be able to count so many authors as friends. We have shared anecdotes about our lives, our children and our families. There have been moments of joy and times of loss all shared at readings and conferences, on airplanes, phone calls, and endless emails. We’ve talked knitting, decorating, haircuts, sports and our children’s special moments as much as we have about the stories that they have written.

And when I am in a city that is not home, it’s been wonderful to meet readers. Their suggestions about things to see, places to shop, and things I just cannot miss have given me a very different lens on so many of the places where I have touched down or driven to. Readers’ recommendations of books I “must” read and authors I “need” to explore have expanded my horizons in more ways than I can count. From their suggestions, I have become much more well-read.

There’s this generosity of spirit that I do not take for granted, as I realize it’s pretty special.

As the holidays approach, I am thrilled to share that --- as we did last year --- we will once again be bringing you holiday stories from authors on this blog starting tomorrow that will run right through Christmas Day. There will be pieces about gift giving and getting, bookish tales of the stories that have enhanced their lives and the traditions that they share. I have read some pieces and teared up, laughed and smiled as I read them. I am thrilled that so many authors want to be part of this special celebration of the holiday with us. For me, though they will not be at my holiday table, it will be a chance to spend time with them and celebrate.

Since we cannot all be together, I am glad that you will be able to escape with me and enjoy these moments in the days and weeks ahead. We’ll start tomorrow with Beverly Barton, as she describes two very treasured copies of of the classic fairy tale, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. In the weeks to come, more than 50 authors will be joining us. I hope you end up both discovering an author's work you want to read --- and ideas for bookish giving and getting.

-- Carol Fitzgerald