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August 14, 2008

Michael Phelps Plots His Swims Like a Good Novel

Posted by admin

I love to read and I love to swim. Watching Michael Phelps this week I was thinking that the way he swims is like plotting a memorable book.

He takes off from the wall like a great novel grips you and pulls you in. As he moves down the lane, he has his eye on the field the way a good writer watches over all of his characters --- and he stays one step ahead of them.

He holds back when he needs to conserve energy as a writer holds back some action or revelation.

He turns and flies off the wall with the same style a great cliffhanger ramps up and then sweeps you along with the action. When he holds his breath and dolphin kicks, he keeps the story going at a pace you cannot stop watching -- just as a good book keeps you reading.

He continues kicking, stroking and reaching 'til he hits the wall, as a great storyline keeps going right to the end.

And when he climbs out of the pool you are ready to see it all over again in slow motion to see how it happened, much like you re-read your favorite books.

You always are ready to watch his next race the way you are ready to read your favorite author's next book.

And as he walks away from the pool, he has a gleam in his eye that lets you know that whatever he is thinking is going to be one great story.