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February 29, 2008

Leap Day

Posted by admin

I think we need a new National Holiday --- Leap Day. I have a complete plan for this. It will happen just once every four years. There will be no presents, food, decorations or sales attached to it. Well, people whose birthdays only come every four years still would get to celebrate.

By the way, you all KNOW there will be news stories about these people on every news show and in every newspaper today as well as a sidebar piece on the babies born today. There will be yukking it up by anchors about the people who really are four when they are sixteen or whatever. It's one of those stories that is on the story file at every studio and paper to get plucked out and done like it's an original human interest concept, but it's not. But I digress...

For the rest of us Leap Day will be spent on whatever your favorite pursuit is. For many of you, like me, this will be reading. Picture a day every four years where all you will do is read. I see myself planning my Leap Day books. You would have four years to plot the perfect book to enjoy. It will be a bonus day. which candidate can add Leap Day to their platform? I see this as a nonpartisan holiday. All the candidates should "leap" on this as concept. Okay, that was a bad line.

But take a moment and think about what your Leap Day book would be. Then find a chair and at least spend an hour of Leap Day reading. Or play hookey today and devote the day to reading. After all, what's the harm? It only happens every four years.