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January 4, 2008

Happy New Year - When Does it End?

Posted by admin

When I write email I usually bang out whatever my question or message is and then go back and add nice things like "Hi" or "Hope this note finds you well." I am not sure what that says about me, but it's a reality. When I read emails from others I think, did they too plunk in the "Good Morning" or "Hi Carol" later or do they really think of that first? I bring this up since this week I have gone back and added "Happy New Year" at the start of each email, just as last month had a lot of "I hope your holidays are wonderful" at the end.

Now there are all sorts of emoticons and abbreviations for smiling, frowning, laughing etc. I vote for HNY and HH for next year. Okay, okay they are not as festive and warm as the words, but think about the time you will save. Also, if someone knows WHEN it's acceptable to not say HNY at the start of an email, let me know. Is the cutoff January 10th? 15th?

For years it was all about no white after Labor Day, which was a very clear rule, but now yearround white is okay, which I think is a plot on the part of dry cleaners who know it's harder to keep white clean. But when is it acceptible to stop using HNY? Please do not say this needs to continue until something like the last gift card has been spent!