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July 22, 2005

More Random Musings

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More Random Musings

Travel and summertime have given birth to a new set of random musings, so here you go.

When I was in Colorado having dinner with a friend, I found someone who had not heard of THE DA VINCI CODE or Dan Brown. After I got over my amazement that this book had slipped someone's notice, we went outside where my friend showed me the irrigation system she had built on her property to ensure her flowers and plantings were adequately watered. I realized that I may know Dan Brown and THE DA VINCI CODE, but I never was going to be able to create my own irrigation system.

Great fun in both Beaver Creek and Denver chatting books with my friends, Laura and Starr. I realized I could be a book concierge. Tell me what you like and I bookishly will suggest new titles. Quite fun! It beats my days at Mademoiselle where I spewed fashion and beauty tips!

Shannon Maughan, who reviewed HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE for us, shared this story with me. Last Friday night she was at her local Barnes & Noble in suburban Pittsburgh with a friend, the friend’s 13-year-old daughter and the daughter’s pal for Harry Potter festivities and to purchase reserved copies of the book. While the eager crowd was pretty content with getting tea-leaf readings by Professor Trelawney, admiring fellow costume-wearers, making wands, and receiving free Harry specs, one obnoxious teenage girl sought to ruin the night for everyone. The girl marched into the store at about 11:40PM carrying a large poster board declaring “TKTKTKT DIES.” There was no missing the sign, and people just sort of disbelievingly stared at her as an oddity. She proceeded to walk through the store (infuriating and disgusting Shannon), not speaking a word. Obnoxious Girl’s spoiler did indeed turn out to be accurate, which Shannon said clouded her reading experience. Our thought...what would possess someone do such a thing? Shannon followed up with the store and asked how they handled it. They said that the Obnoxious Girl's spoiler sign was confiscated and that she was asked to please "behave herself" if she chose to remain in the store. I am very ticked off at the anonymous Obnoxious Girl.

While on my way to Denver I saw an author, whose name I did not catch, doing a book signing in the airport bookstore. Considering the delays that seem to abound at airports, this is a clever way to help travelers pass time.

This gave me an idea for all my author friends who have grueling book tours. The next time a flight is delayed the stewardess can announce that an author is on board and flight and they can do a reading while the plane is on the tarmac, or explain their inspiration for the book. It has to be better than just sitting there.

Is it just me, or has the legroom on planes shrunk? I cannot even cross my legs. I am pretzel person. I, who am addicted to answering email, never even pull out my laptop when I fly since if I do, I end up with the thing pressed against the seat in front of me and my stomach. Instead, I read. And yes, I suppress the urge to flip on my Blackberry at 30,000 feet and just take a wee peek at the mail. No, I have not cheated and done this, but I HAVE thought about it.

Wi-Fi is a joke. I am not kidding. It's a joke. I have checked into more hotels where the Wi-Fi does not work than I want to think about. I want to call hotels and say, NO Wi-Fi, instead tether me to high-speed that I know works. I actually checked out of a hotel in Denver and complained abt the No-Fi. They said...we have never heard this before. Okay, come on folks, when the Wi-Fi is No-Fi, you have to say something!

One more complaint. Hotel rooms need to think about the following when plotting outlets: Laptop, cellphone, Blackberry, hairdryer. To run these I do not want to have to disconnect clocks, lamps or other lighting. I find that my choices are, use my laptop or use the light. Not a good choice. Likewise turning on the TV should be simple. People are traveling. They do not want to read a manual. They want to turn on the TV. We do not need 210 channels if we cannot figure out HOW to turn ON the TV!

Pure heaven was at Beaver Creek. I do not mean the mountain view...I mean the front desk clerk who ran a power cord out to the pool for me when my laptop was losing juice so I could write the newsletter. He was tipped WELL!