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June 23, 2005


Posted by admin

It's been a while since I have written, which is not to say that there have not been thoughts knocking around in my head. Thus the title of this blog...Ramblings. I have collected all the bits of paper I have been scrawling notes on and I am going to jot them off here.

A couple of weeks ago the voice of Tony the Tiger died. Imagine going through life being known for how you said one word "GREAAAAT! This got me thinking about quotable lines. There are tons from literature over the years. What great line --- that will be immortalized --- do you remember from any book that you have read recently? I am drawing a huge blank.

On Michael Jackson, I love when things are labeled Trial of the Century when it's 2005. I also love the way the newscasters all were watching body language, the faces of the jurors and the positioning of anything in the courtroom and saying that it meant he was guilty. I think next time they should consult the 8-ball. Clearly it would be just as effective. Am I the only one who watches cable news thinking they are making it up as they go?

On celebrity books, it makes me insane that someone can do something which is usually really dumb and get a book contract for it when I know people with some really great stories about them that will never see print.

I am waiting for some teen to have his or her text messages published. I have to say that I, who am a pretty big techie, do not text message. I type on my Blackberry, but must be minus some chip that keeps me from being able to hit keys on my phone to send messages. Okay, add this one to my list of things I am waiting to see, "I wrote my book on my cellphone."

During the weekend of Book Expo America I attended a flurry of events. It was Authors Authors Everywhere. Lots has been written in the national press about the tenor and tone of the show. I will share this. In the nine years that I have been attending this event I have not seen the mood this positive or the excitement so high. It was very invigorating. By the end of the weekend I was wiped out and hoarse, which usually indicates real success with an event!

Here are some of my favorite highlights of the weekend.

1) Seeing the coffee tables at Adriana Trigiani's house and realizing that they were EXACTLY what I had read about in ROCOCO. Loved that moment. Also, Adriana knows I always wear turquoise. She announced that I inspired the outfit and shoes being worn on the woman on the cover of this book. Loved that even if I am sure she was teasing.

2) Being arm-to-arm and wall-to-wall with some of the biggest names in suspense/thriller writing at the International Thriller Writers party. It was a...thrill.

3) Moderating a panel with six editors from the mystery/suspense/thriller genres. When you have read the writers, it's a real thrill to meet the authors who have shaped those words.

4) Best themed party was Jennifer Weiner's event where we were invited to "Say Goodnight with Jennifer Weiner" on Saturday night. There were beds around the room and very comfortable couches to stretch out and relax on. There was party food that included mini burgers, great fruit salad and an assortment of dessert treats. And the goody bags had...Krispy Kremes, which were perfect for Sunday breakfast before hitting the show floor again.

5) Sunday I took my older son to the show. We walked the entire show. Completely fun to share my world with him like that. Yes, we looked at books, but we also had a great time looking at the new Light Wedge products at their booth. There are new small lights that will work great in restaurants. I keep joking that I do not need reading glasses; I just need more light!

6) Saturday I met Alex Scott's parents and talked to them about their Alex's Lemonade Stand charity, which is a cause we are celebrating at The Book Report. Of course, it helps that I really love lemonade. I would not have rallied like this for tomato juice.

I am off to Chicago for ALA as I wrap this blog. More stories to come.