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April 30, 2005

Runaway Bride

Posted by admin

So this morning I woke up and saw the Georgia bride who disappeared while jogging was safe and sound in New Mexico. Here were my first thoughts:

1) Is Saturday Night Live in reruns, or will they be handling this tonight? I think of SNL a lot when things like this happen.

2) I can see Leno, Letterman and everyone else on late night getting some mileage on this. Maybe this is why she waited til Saturday AM to show up. Maybe something more newsworthy can happen by Monday and they will forget about her! As she was running did she ever think...I am a future joke on Leno and Letterman?

3) Can you see the battle now about WHO gets her on a morning talk show first? There is some producer on his or her way to Georgia to pull that one off. Or dialing her up on speed dial.

4) Can you see her bridesmaids being asked to talk on camera and give their opinions on this? Note to self: I can NEVER do anything wrong. I know there are a list of people who would love this moment to show up and talk about me on Larry King or Oprah.

5) I think she should pay back the guy who gave the free coffee to the rescue volunteers. Seriously.

6) Was she the only one who missed the TV footage while she was gone of her mom crying on TV? For that matter, I guess she never checked her AOL mail since if she did she would have seen her face on the welcome screen. Seriously if I saw everyone was looking for me I might have kept going instead of coming back.

7) Too bad there already was a movie with Julia Roberts. If not...

8) Did she read mystery books to learn how to disappear without a trace. I have to admit, this was pretty well done. What did she have cash stashed in the jogging pants?

9) The Vegas detour was an interesting one. Maybe she was outside the Chapel of Love envisioning the wedding she always wanted. I also realize I would not have 600 people to invite to a wedding.

10) Who signed up the book? I am sure SOMEONE thinks this should be a book.