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January 10, 2005

Multitasking and Cassandra King

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All the holiday decorations are stored away --- and I have yet to find a stray piece around that we missed. I am sure that you can relate to that --- you think you are done packing things up and then bam there's an overlooked piece of "Christmas celebrating" stuck on a shelf somewhere and it looks really out of place in January.

Over the holiday I got Aqua Tunes as a holiday present, which is a waterproof pack/earphones for keeping a Walkman or other audio device dry while swimming. I now am addicted to listening to music while swimming! Instead of the half mile I had been doing each time I went out to swim, I am now swimming a mile. The difference --- something to do besides count strokes. I am the ultimate multi-tasker and this gives me a chance to do two things at once. Often I will more lap...or five...or enjoy a song I like. I am planning to try listening to audiobooks this way. I figure I may swim an extra chapter --- or two. Will keep you posted on this.

Yesterday we stopped by our local Borders store so my son could pick up a book he needed for school. I am happy to report that he told me that the checkout line was wrapped around the store. I love seeing people on lines buying books. I stayed in the car and curtailed my usual modus operandi of making recommendations to those on line and also assessing what people have in their hands. You know, me as book voyeur. Reason: wet hair from swimming.

As planned, I spent the weekend reading THE SAME SWEET GIRLS by Cassandra King. This book hooked me from the first few chapters. I had loved King's THE SUNDAY WIFE, but I love this one even more. The characters are complicated women, each with their own stories to share, as well as their powerful combined story of friendship. King has great form creating dramatic tension as she tells readers just enough about each character to keep them looking for more. I have enough questions for her after reading this book to see if there is an interview with her available, or interview her. Will keep you posted.

Great line on Desperate Housewives last night: "Please do not mistake my anal retentiveness for affection."

Off to read the Grisham review in the Times --- book is on sale tomorrow --- and to get the week in gear! Happy Monday.