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December 23, 2004

Holidaze Tip 101

Posted by admin

As promised in our December 17th newsletter, here is my new blog. I was stuck when we were naming this, but I clearly knew it was was going to be musings about books, authors and life, thus this is the title we came up with.

Life this week is completely consumed by the holidaze. This morning I made stacks of presents to be sure everyone was "covered." I am sure you all know this moment of truth. You are looking to see exactly what you have been stashing in the closet all these months --- and who has not had enough stashed for them. I heaved a sigh of relief that the biggie gifts have all been bought. Now it's time for "fillers." You know what these are...bonus gifts you give people. I also think of them as "I need more for this person." My favorites for filling in a gift pile --- coffee table books, CDs and videos/DVDs.

With this in mind I trekked over to the Borders at Columbus Circle, which opened earlier this year and has become part of my stomping ground. There I saw a terrific selection of coffee table books --- everything from one on DIANA: THE PORTRAIT, an impressive book by Rosalind Coward with a foreward by Nelson Mandela (Ponder this: who would write the foreward to your book?) to a terrific all encompasing book from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 50 YEARS: The Illustrated History Book. Stuck on what to get for a last minute holiday purchase or to bring as a hostess gift? Think coffee table books!