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The Girl from Widow Hills Bets On...

The Girl from Widow Hills

June 2020

THE GIRL FROM WIDOW HILLS by Megan Miranda is a brisk suspense/thriller. In it, Arden Maynor was six years old when she sleepwalked away from her house, fell into a river and was swept away in a rainstorm. Days later, she was found alive and became a celebrity for it. But that celebrity was too much for her. She has changed her name and tried to move on from her unwanted “fame.”

However, as the 20th anniversary of the event approaches, interest in what happened is renewed, and she is more afraid than ever that people will find her. Then she finds herself outside of her house sleepwalking one night, and she trips over the body of a man who is someone from her past. Suddenly she realizes that she is about to be outed. And what happened to her as a child now also comes into question.

This book brought back memories of the real-life story of Baby Jessica, who disappeared down a well in Texas back in 1987. And yes, I googled what she is up to today! Here you go.

The Girl from Widow Hills
by Megan Miranda