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The Better Half Bets On...

The Better Half

July 2023

Once again, Alli Frank and Asha Youmans hit it out of the park with their third novel together, THE BETTER HALF, which has both heart and soul. At 43, Nina Morgan Clarke has arrived. She is the first Black headmaster of the very tony Royal-Hawkins School, which is mostly populated by students of wealthy white parents. She has a tolerable relationship with her ex-husband, and her daughter is on the east coast at a private school. Before she embarks on this new role, she goes on vacation with her best and longtime friend, Marisol. On that trip, she meets a man to whom she has an instant attraction and comes home with a challenge that will complicate her life.

Nina’s job has its own difficulties from day one as she navigates the school board, entitled parents and students who have all kinds of needs. The drama is there. And so is the humor. Her father and Marisol ground her; they challenge her decisions, as well as support her.

At a time when race --- and how to talk about it --- is at the forefront of so much of the media, Alli and Asha work through the issues in a story where the beat is never heavy-handed. But it is laced with true emotion --- and thought. They worked together in a private school before heading off to write together. So they know their subject matter. Their previous two books were Bets On picks as well: TINY IMPERFECTIONS and NEVER MEANT TO MEET YOU. I really look forward to seeing what they do next!

The Better Half
by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans