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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

May 2022


The Great Mistake by Jonathan Lee - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Vintage | 9780593081013 | Published May 17, 2022

Andrew Haswell Green is dead, shot at the venerable age of 83, when he thought life could hold no more surprises. The killing --- on Park Avenue in broad daylight, on Friday the 13th --- shook the city. Born to a struggling farmer, Green was a self-made man without whom there would be no Central Park, no Metropolitan Museum of Art, no Museum of Natural History, no New York Public Library. But Green had a secret, a life locked within him that now, in the hour of his death, may finally break free.

The Hourglass Throne: The Tarot Sequence, Book Three by K.D. Edwards - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Urban Fantasy

Pyr | 9781645060550 | Published May 17, 2022

As Rune Saint John grapples with the challenges of assuming the Sun Throne, a powerful barrier appears around New Atlantis’s famed rejuvenation center. Though Rune and his lifelong bodyguard, Brand, are tasked with investigating the mysterious barrier, Rune is also busy settling into his new life at court. Claiming his father’s throne has irrevocably thrown him into the precarious world of political deception, he must secure relationships with newfound allies in time to keep his growing found family safe. But he and Brand soon discover that the power behind the barrier holds a much more insidious, far-reaching threat to his family, to his people and to the world.

The Lost Boys of Montauk: The True Story of the Wind Blown, Four Men Who Vanished at Sea, and the Survivors They Left Behind by Amanda M. Fairbanks - Biography, History, Nonfiction

Gallery Books | 9781982103248 | Published May 17, 2022

In March of 1984, the commercial fishing boat Wind Blown left Montauk Harbor on what should have been a routine offshore voyage. Its captain, a married father of three young boys, was the boat’s owner and leader of the four-man crew, which included two locals and the blue-blooded son of a well-to-do summer family. After a week at sea, the weather suddenly turned, and the foursome collided with a nor’easter. They soon found themselves in the fight of their lives. Tragically, it was a fight they lost. Neither the boat nor the bodies of the men were ever recovered. Amanda M. Fairbanks examines the profound shift of Montauk from a working-class village to a playground for the ultra-wealthy, seeking out the reasons that an event more than three decades old remains so startlingly vivid in people’s minds.

The Moments Between Dreams by Judith F. Brenner - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Greenleaf Book Group Press | 9781626349339 | Published May 17, 2022

Carol misses red flags about Joe’s need for control before she marries him, dashing her dreams for herself and her family. Trouble escalates after their daughter, Ellie, is paralyzed by the polio virus and Joe returns from WWII. Carol realizes how brutal waking life can be, and she conceals bruises and protects her children the best she can. THE MOMENTS BETWEEN DREAMS is a captivating story of a 1940s housewife who conforms to the rulebook of society until Joe pushes her too far. His constant intimidation shrinks Carol’s confidence while she tries to boost Ellie’s. Church-going neighbors in Carol’s tight-knit Polish community are complacent, but Sam, a handsome reporter, stirs up Carol’s zest for life. Despite impossible circumstances, Carol plans a secret escape.

The Night Always Comes by Willy Vlautin - Fiction

Harper Perennial | 9780063035096 | Published May 17, 2022

Barely 30, Lynette is exhausted. Saddled with bad credit and juggling multiple jobs, some illegally, she’s been diligently working to buy the house she lives in with her mother and developmentally disabled brother, Kenny. Portland’s housing prices have nearly quadrupled in 15 years, and the owner is giving them a good deal. Lynette knows it’s their last best chance to own their own home --- and obtain the security they’ve never had. While she has enough for the down payment, she needs her mother to cover the rest of the asking price. But a week before they’re set to sign the loan papers, her mother gets cold feet and reneges on her promise, pushing Lynette to her limits to find the money they need.

The Red Book: A Billy Harney Thriller by James Patterson and David Ellis - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Grand Central Publishing | 9781538752814 | Published May 17, 2022

When a drive-by shooting on Chicago's west side turns political, Detective Billy Harney leads the way to a quick solve. But his instincts --- his father was once chief of detectives, and his twin sister, Patti, is also on the force --- run deep. As a population hungry for justice threatens to riot, he realizes that the three known victims are hardly the only casualties. When Harney starts asking questions about who's to blame, the easy answers prove to be the wrong ones. On the flip side, the less he seems to know, the longer he can keep his clandestine investigation going…until Harney's quest to expose the evil that's rotting the city from the inside out takes him to the one place he vowed never to return: his own troubled past.

The Window Seat: Notes from a Life in Motion by Aminatta Forna - Essays, Nonfiction

Grove Press | 9780802159861 | Published May 17, 2022

In this collection of new and previously published essays, Aminatta Forna writes intimately about displacement, trauma and memory, love, and how we coexist and encroach on the non-human world. Movement is a constant here. In the title piece, “The Window Seat,” she reveals the unexpected enchantments of commercial air travel. In “The Last Vet,” time spent shadowing Dr. Jalloh, the only veterinarian in Sierra Leone, as he works with the street dogs of Freetown, becomes a meditation on what a society’s treatment of animals tells us about its principles. In “Crossroads,” Forna examines race in America from an African perspective, and in “Power Walking,” she describes what it means to walk in the world in a Black woman’s body.

Walking Through Needles by Heather Levy - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Polis Books | 9781951709877 | Published May 17, 2022

Like any young girl, Sam Mayfair developed infatuations and lust --- but her desires were always tinged with darkness. Then, when Sam was 16, her life was shattered by an abuser close to her. And she made one shocking decision whose ramifications would reverberate throughout her life. Now, 15 years later, Sam learns that her abuser has been murdered. But when her stepbrother, Eric, becomes the prime suspect, Sam is flung back into the hell of her rural Oklahoma childhood. As Sam tries to help exonerate Eric, she must hide terrifying truths of their past from investigators. Yet as details of the murder unravel, Sam quickly learns that some people, including herself, will do anything to keep their secrets buried deep.

Waterlog: A Swimmer's Journey Through Britain by Roger Deakin - Memoir, Nature, Nonfiction

Tin House Books | 9781953534033 | Published May 17, 2022

In an attempt to discover his island nation from a new perspective, Roger Deakin embarks from his home in Suffolk to swim Britain --- the seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, pools, streams, lochs, moats and quarries. Through the watery capillary network that braids itself throughout the country, Deakin immerses himself in the natural habitats of fish, amphibians, mammals and birds. And as he navigates towns, private property, and sometimes dangerous waters and inclement weather, Deakin finds himself in precarious situations: he’s detained by bailiffs in Winchester, intercepted by the coast guard at the mouth of a river, and mistaken for a dead body on a beach. The result of this surprising journey is a deep dive into modern Britain, especially its wild places.

What They Don't Know by Susan Furlong - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Seventh Street Books | 9781645060406 | Published May 17, 2022

Mona Ellison is living a dream life. But when her son becomes entangled with the wrong crowd, ditches college plans and runs away from home for a life of partying, Mona is upset. He'll be back as soon as his money runs dry. At least that's what she tells her friends. Only she suspects something different. Then the police knock on Mona's door. A young girl has turned up dead, and her missing son is the prime suspect. Determined to reunite with her son and prove his innocence, Mona embarks on a search that puts her on a twisty trail of social media clues and a rollercoaster ride of lies and betrayal until she lands on a truth that changes her perception of everything.

Why Peacocks?: An Unlikely Search for Meaning in the World's Most Magnificent Bird by Sean Flynn - Memoir, Nature, Nonfiction

Simon & Schuster | 9781982101084 | Published May 17, 2022

When Sean Flynn’s neighbor in North Carolina texted “Any chance you guys want a peacock? No kidding!” he stared bewilderedly at his phone. He had never considered if he wanted a peacock. But as an award-winning magazine writer, this kind of mystery intrigued him. So he, his wife and their two young sons became the owners of not one but three charming yet fickle birds: Carl, Ethel and Mr. Pickle. In WHY PEACOCKS?, Flynn chronicles his hilarious and heartwarming first year as a peacock owner, from struggling to build a pen to assisting the local bird doctor in surgery to triumphantly watching a peahen lay her first egg.

A Special Place for Women by Laura Hankin - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Berkley | 9781984806277 | Published May 24, 2022

For years, rumors have swirled about an exclusive, women-only social club where the elite tastemakers of New York City meet. People in the know whisper all sorts of claims: Membership dues cost $1,000 a month. Last time Rihanna was in town, she stopped by and got her aura read. The women even handpicked the city's first female mayor. But no one knows for sure. That is, until journalist Jillian Beckley decides she's going to break into the club. But the deeper she gets into this new world, the more she learns that bad things happen to those who dare to question the club's motives or giggle at its outlandish rituals. The select group of women who populate the club may be far more powerful than she ever imagined. And far more dangerous too.

Bath Haus by P. J. Vernon - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Anchor | 9780593311318 | Published May 24, 2022

Oliver Park, a recovering addict from Indiana, finally has everything he ever wanted: sobriety and a loving, wealthy partner in Nathan, a prominent DC trauma surgeon. Despite their difference in age and disparate backgrounds, they've made a perfect life together. With everything to lose, Oliver shouldn't be visiting Haus, a gay bathhouse. But through the entrance he goes, and it's a line crossed. Inside, he follows a man into a private room, and it's the final line. Everything goes wrong, terribly wrong, and Oliver barely escapes with his life. He races home in full-blown terror as the hand-shaped bruise grows dark on his neck. The truth will destroy Nathan and everything they have together, so Oliver does the thing he used to do so well: he lies.

CenterStage: My Most Fascinating Interviews — from A-Rod to Jay-Z by Michael Kay - Entertainment, Essays, Nonfiction, Sports

Scribner | 9781982152048 | Published May 24, 2022

Emmy Award–winning television announcer and interviewer Michael Kay’s 18 years as host of “CenterStage” have given him access to many remarkable figures in sports and entertainment. Now, this selection of the best, most revealing --- and often surprising --- interviews are available in one collection, including some behind-the-scenes stories that didn’t appear on camera. Among the interviews featured in the book are those with Red Auerbach, Charles Barkley, Mike Tyson, Bobby Orr, Sly Stallone, Jay-Z, Lorne Michaels, Paul Simon, John McEnroe, Rob Reiner, Seth Meyers, Serena Williams, Alan Alda, David Halberstam, Larry David, Bob Costas, Billy Crystal, Lindsey Vonn, Chris Evert and Quentin Tarantino.

Girlhood by Melissa Febos - Essays, Nonfiction

Bloomsbury Publishing | 9781635579314 | Published May 24, 2022

When her body began to change at 11 years old, Melissa Febos understood immediately that her meaning to other people had changed with it. By her teens, she defined herself based on these perceptions and by the romantic relationships she threw herself into headlong. Over time, Febos increasingly questioned the stories she'd been told about herself and the habits and defenses she'd developed over years of trying to meet others' expectations. The values she and so many other women had learned in girlhood did not prioritize their personal safety, happiness or freedom, and she set out to reframe those values and beliefs. In GIRLHOOD, Febos charts how she and others like her have reimagined relationships and made room for the anger, grief, power and pleasure that women have long been taught to deny.

Heal Your Living: The Joy of Mindfulness, Sustainability, Minimalism, and Wellness by Youheum Son - Nonfiction, Personal Growth, Self-Help

Parallax Press | 9781952692154 | Published May 24, 2022

HEAL YOUR LIVING is about more than just getting rid of your stuff. It's a holistic approach to a more fulfilling life, in harmony with your deepest aspirations. Youheum Son, the founder of the YouTube lifestyle channel with over 250,000 subscribers, identifies four areas that comprise the Heal Your Living approach: 1) Mindfulness: Meditation and insight, 2) Sustainability: Low-waste, eco-friendly lifestyle, 3) Minimalism: Simple living, and 4) Wellness: Self-care and healing. Separated into these four sections, this guide contains easy-to-use daily reflections for emotional and physical decluttering, as well as journaling prompts, planners, checklists, affirmations and mantras. With Youheum's guidance, you can recognize a better way of living and arrive at a turning point to release negative habits.

Imposter Syndrome by Kathy Wang - Fiction, Satire, Suspense, Thriller

Mariner Books | 9780062855299 | Published May 24, 2022

In 2006, Julia Lerner is recruited by Russia’s largest intelligence agency. By 2018, she’s in Silicon Valley as COO of Tangerine, one of America’s most famous technology companies. In between her executive management, self-promotion and work in gender equality, she funnels intelligence back to the motherland. But now Russia is asking for more, and Julia is getting nervous. Alice Lu is a first generation Chinese American whose parents are delighted she’s working at Tangerine. One afternoon, Alice discovers some unusual activity, and now she’s burdened with two powerful but distressing suspicions: Tangerine’s privacy settings aren’t as rigorous as the company claims they are, and the person abusing this loophole might be Julia Lerner herself.

Morningside Heights by Joshua Henkin - Fiction

Vintage | 9780525566632 | Published May 24, 2022

Ohio-born Pru Steiner arrives in New York in 1976. When she falls in love with and marries Spence Robin, her hotshot young Shakespeare professor, her life takes a turn she couldn’t have anticipated. Thirty years later, something is wrong with Spence. With their daughter, Sarah, away at medical school, Pru must struggle on her own to care for him. One day, feeling especially isolated, Pru meets a man, and the possibility of new romance blooms. Meanwhile, Spence’s estranged son from his first marriage has come back into their lives. Arlo, a wealthy entrepreneur who invests in biotech, may be his father’s last, best hope.

Our Last Days in Barcelona by Chanel Cleeton - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Berkley | 9780593197820 | Published May 24, 2022

Barcelona, 1964. Exiled from Cuba after the revolution, Isabel Perez goes to Spain in search of her missing sister, Beatriz. But it’s an unearthed piece of family history that ultimately transforms her life. Barcelona, 1936. Alicia Perez arrives in Barcelona after a difficult voyage from Cuba, her marriage in jeopardy and her young daughter, Isabel, in tow. When Cubans journey to Spain to join the International Brigades, Alicia’s past comes back to haunt her as she is unexpectedly reunited with the man who once held her heart. Alicia and Isabel’s lives intertwine, and the past and present collide, as a mother and daughter are forced to choose between their family’s expectations and following their hearts.

Paradox Lake by Vincent Zandri - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Oceanview Publishing | 9781608094981 | Published May 24, 2022

Sculptor and single mom Rose Conley is haunted by her tragic past and anxious about her uncertain future. She needs to get away from it all. On sabbatical from the college where she teaches art, she and her daughter rent a house for three months in the Adirondack lakeside community of Paradox. Rose desperately needs time alone with her 12-year-old daughter before the teenage years hit. In the wake of the premature deaths of her oldest daughter, Allison, and her husband, Charlie, Rose wants nothing more than to nurture Anna every moment she can. But idyllic Paradox Lake transforms into a nightmare when a monster from the past invades Rose’s retreat --- and targets her daughter for his special brand of horror.

Phase Six by Jim Shepard - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Vintage | 9780525565031 | Published May 24, 2022

In a tiny settlement on the west coast of Greenland, 11-year-old Aleq and his best friend, frequent trespassers at a mining site exposed to mountains of long-buried and thawing permafrost, carry what they pick up back into their village. PHASE SIX follows Aleq, one of the few survivors of the initial outbreak, through his identification and radical isolation as the likely index patient. While he shoulders both a crushing guilt for what he may have done and the hopes of a world looking for answers, we also meet two Epidemic Intelligence Service investigators dispatched from the CDC --- Jeannine, an epidemiologist and daughter of Algerian immigrants, and Danice, an M.D. and lab wonk. As they attempt to head off the cataclysm, Jeannine does what she can to sustain Aleq.

Tall Men, Short Shorts: The 1969 NBA Finals: Wilt, Russ, Lakers, Celtics, and a Very Young Sports Reporter by Leigh Montville - Nonfiction, Sports

Anchor | 9780525567318 | Published May 24, 2022

It's 1969, and the greatest basketball player of all time --- Bill Russell --- and his juggernaut Boston Celtics squeak through one more playoff run and land in the NBA Finals again. Russell’s opponent is the fearsome seven-foot, one-inch next-generation superstar, Wilt Chamberlain, recently traded to the Los Angeles Lakers to form the league’s first dream team. Covering this epic series is a wide-eyed young sportswriter named Leigh Montville, who would go on to become an award-winning legend himself at The Boston Globe and Sports Illustrated, and who is sent to L.A. (for the first time!) to write about his luminous heroes, the biggest of big men. What follows is a raucous, colorful, joyous account of one of the greatest seven-game series in NBA history.

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey - Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Tor Books | 9781250174673 | Published May 24, 2022

Martine is a genetically cloned replica made from Evelyn Caldwell’s award-winning research. She’s patient and gentle and obedient. She’s everything Evelyn swore she’d never be. And she’s having an affair with Evelyn’s husband. Now, the cheating bastard is dead, and both Caldwell wives have a mess to clean up. Good thing Evelyn Caldwell is used to getting her hands dirty.

The Girl Who Died by Ragnar Jónasson - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Minotaur Books | 9781250830586 | Published May 24, 2022

Una wants nothing more than to teach, but she has been unable to secure steady employment in Reykjavík. As darkness descends throughout the bleak winter in the remote fishing hamlet of Skálar, Una finds herself more often than not in her rented attic space --- the site of a local legendary haunting --- drinking her loneliness away. She is plagued by nightmares of a little girl in a white dress singing a lullaby. And when a sudden tragedy echoes an event long buried in Skálar’s past, the villagers become even more guarded, leaving a suspicious Una seeking to uncover a shocking truth that’s been kept secret for generations.

The Honeymoon Cottage by Lori Foster - Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

HQN | 9781335506368 | Published May 24, 2022

When it comes to creating the perfect happily-ever-after, Yardley Belanger is a bona fide miracle worker. But when it comes to her own love life, she’s completely clueless. The 31-year-old has poured her heart and soul into her business and doesn’t have time for anything --- or anyone --- else. And that’s something not even the gorgeous older brother of her newest client can change. Right? All Travis Long wanted was to give his little sister, Sheena, the wedding of her dreams. Ever since the tragic death of their parents, he’s done everything he can to make her feel loved and give her everything she needs. Yardley seems to know exactly what to do and how to do it --- and Travis finds himself falling for her a little more each day.