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Told in three parts, LEGACY is a gripping revenge story. After her mother kills her father in a shocking act of self-defense, seven-year-old Adrian spends the summer with her maternal grandparents in the quaint town of Traveler’s Creek.

Adrian’s mother Lina, a well-known personality in the wellness world, barely misses a step. Despite the traumatic incident, Lina’s focus on her business never wavers. While she travels around the country promoting her popular Yoga Baby video, Adrian thrives with her grandparents. Before long, Adrian has even made friends with two neighbor kids, siblings Maya and Raylan, whose own mother works in her grandfather’s restaurant. Traveler’s Creek soon feels like home.

"Once again, Nora Roberts has crafted a cast of strong and determined characters who act with honor and care despite a looming threat in the background of their lives."

As the publicity and the trauma of the incident fade into memory, life settles down for Adrian and Lina. Her mother’s daughter, Adrian collaborates with a group of students on a project and produces her own yoga and workout video. She even starts a new company in conjunction with her mother’s business, which is a bigger hit than anyone ever imagined. But not long after the video is released, a threatening letter addressed to Adrian arrives. Lina, who is no stranger to the ugly side of public life, encourages her daughter to take it in stride. The letters continue to come every year, but Lina points out that hate mail is just a part of the business.

Life returns to normal once again, until Adrian’s grandmother dies in a car accident. Adrian decides to move back to Traveler’s Creek where she can work from the house and keep her grandfather company. Once she settles in, she becomes more involved with the community. Maya is still there, and soon Raylan moves back to town. Now a widower, he brings his work as a graphic novelist and his two children home to be close to family. He and Adrian, who have stayed in touch over the years, eventually reconnect and a love affair blossoms.

But when Adrian’s grandfather dies, the annual death threats arrive more frequently. Lina is now concerned that there could be real danger and suggests it might be time to hire a private detective to investigate. Rachel McNee starts to dig into the origin of these letters, and as she gets closer to the source, she discovers that the letter writer might have other victims. As the investigation brings Rachel closer to the truth, it also brings her closer to danger. When she realizes that several murdered women might have ties to the same person, Rachel is attacked and left for dead. Adrian is now the next target, and there may not be time to stop a killer from exacting his or her final revenge.

Once again, Nora Roberts has crafted a cast of strong and determined characters who act with honor and care despite a looming threat in the background of their lives. LEGACY is ultimately a story of survival, and how life, love, family and friendship can go on even in the face of tragedy and loss.

Reviewed by Jennifer McCord on May 28, 2021

by Nora Roberts