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Jenny Lawson


Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson is an award-winning humorist known for her great candor in sharing her struggle with mental illness. She lives in Texas with her husband and daughter and was constantly “buying too many books” (“Not a real thing,” she insists), so she decided to skip the middleman and just started her own bookshop, which also serves booze because books and booze are what magic is made of. She has previously written LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED and FURIOUSLY HAPPY, both of which were #1 New York Times bestsellers. She also wrote YOU ARE HERE, which inexplicably made it onto the New York Times bestseller list in spite of the fact that it was basically a very fun coloring book.

Jenny Lawson

Books by Jenny Lawson

by Jenny Lawson - Essays, Humor, Memoir, Nonfiction

As Jenny Lawson’s hundreds of thousands of fans know, she suffers from depression. In BROKEN, she brings readers along on her mental and physical health journey, offering heartbreaking and hilarious anecdotes along the way. With people experiencing anxiety and depression now more than ever, Jenny humanizes what we all face in an all-too-real way, reassuring us that we’re not alone and making us laugh while doing it. From the business ideas that she wants to pitch to “Shark Tank” to the reason why she can never go back to the post office, BROKEN leaves nothing to the imagination in the most satisfying way. And, of course, Jenny’s long-suffering husband Victor --- the Ricky to Jenny’s Lucille Ball --- is present throughout.

by Jenny Lawson - Humor, Memoir, Nonfiction

In FURIOUSLY HAPPY, Jenny Lawson examines her own experience with severe depression and a host of other conditions, and explains how it has led her to live life to the fullest. There are so many people out there struggling with depression and mental illness, either themselves or someone in their family --- and in this book they will find a member of their tribe offering up an uplifting message (via a taxidermied roadkill raccoon).

by Jenny Lawson - Nonfiction

In the irreverent LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED, Lawson’s long-suffering husband and sweet daughter help her uncover the surprising discovery that the most terribly human moments—the ones we want to pretend never happened—are the very same moments that make us the people we are today. For every intellectual misfit who thought they were the only ones to think the things that Lawson dares to say out loud, this is a poignant and hysterical look at the dark, disturbing, yet wonderful moments of our lives.