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Eden Collinsworth


Eden Collinsworth

Eden Collinsworth is a former media executive and business consultant. She was president of Arbor House Publishing Co. and founder of the Los Angeles–based monthly lifestyle magazine Buzz, before becoming a vice president at Hearst Corporation. She served as the chief of staff at the EastWest Institute, a global think tank; in 2011 --- after writing a bestselling book in China for Chinese businesspeople on Western deportment --- she launched Collinsworth & Associates, a Beijing-based consulting company, which specialized in intercultural communi­cation.

She is the author of a novel, IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN WHAT HE SAID; a play, "The Strangeness of Men and Women"; a memoir, I STAND CORRECTED: How Teaching Manners in China Became Its Own Unforgettable Lesson; BEHAVING BADLY: The New Morality in Politics, Sex, and Business, and WHAT THE ERMINE SAW: The Extraordinary Journey of Leonardo da Vinci's Most Mysterious Portrait. She currently lives in London.

Eden Collinsworth

Books by Eden Collinsworth

by Eden Collinsworth - Art, Art History, History, Nonfiction

Five hundred and thirty years ago, a young woman sat before a Grecian-nosed artist known as Leonardo da Vinci. Her name was Cecilia Gallerani, and she was the young mistress of Ludovico Sforza, duke of Milan. Sforza was a brutal and clever man who was mindful that Leonardo’s genius would not only capture Cecilia’s beguiling beauty but also reflect the grandeur of his title. But when the portrait was finished, Leonardo’s brush strokes had conveyed something deeper by revealing the essence of Cecilia’s soul. No records of The Woman with an Ermine have been found for the 250 years that followed Gallerani’s death. Readers of THE HARE WITH THE AMBER EYES will marvel at Eden Collinsworth’s dexterous story that illuminates the eventual history of this unique masterpiece.

by Eden Collinsworth - Nonfiction, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Sciences

To call these unsettling times is an understatement. Our political leaders are less and less respectable; in business, cheating, lying and stealing are hazily defined; and in daily life, technology permits us to act in ways inconceivable without it. Yet somehow, people still draw lines between what is acceptable and what is not. In BEHAVING BADLY, Eden Collinsworth speaks with a wide range of figures --- from experts to everyday people --- to parse out the parameters of modern morality.

by Eden Collinsworth - Cultural Studies, Memoir, Nonfiction

In I STAND CORRECTED, Eden Collinsworth tells the entertaining and insightful story of the year she spent living among the Chinese while writing a book featuring advice on such topics as the non-negotiable issue of personal hygiene, the rules of the handshake, and making sense of foreigners. Scrutinizing the kind of etiquette that has guided her own business career, Collinsworth creates a counterpart that explains Chinese practices and reveals much about our own Western culture.