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Rebellious Heart Monthly Contest

Rebellious Heart

Massachusetts, 1763. When a determined Susanna Smith and poor country lawyer Benjamin Ross act to save the life of a runaway indentured servant, they’ll risk everything for love and justice in a nation on the brink of revolution.

Click here to see the 30 winners selected to read and comment on the book.

Rebellious Heart
by Jody Hedlund


Amanda from Whitesburg, TN
Anne from Reading, MA
Beth from White Plains, NY
Betsy from Blacksburg, VA
Billie from Oklahoma City, OK
Carol from Clearlake Oaks, CA
Carol from Rockaway, NJ
Debra from Lombard, IL
Estelle from Bowling Green, KY
Jan from La Crosse, WI
Jean from Broomfield, CO
Jennifer from Flatwoods, KY
Joan from Saint Peters, MO
Joan from Agoura Hills, CA
Joann from Houma, LA
Karen from Tuscaloosa, AL
Lori from Reston, VA
Mary from Walbridge, OH
Mary from Wenatchee, WA
Maxie from Pasadena, TX
Michael from Dayton, NV
Nicole from Flat Rock, MI
Patrick from Mattapoisett, MA
Regina from Carrollton, TX
Robert from Deerfield Beach, FL
Rosalie from Milton, IN
Sheryll from West Van Lear, KY
Stephanie from Chester, NH
Tracy from Elyria, OH
Zara from Cedar Park, TX