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The Wonder of You: A Christiansen Family Novel


The Wonder of You: A Christiansen Family Novel

Amelia Christiansen, the youngest of six, is back at the family’s resort in Deep Haven, Minnesota, after returning early from her semester abroad. Life in Prague was everything she had imagined and more, especially after meeting Roark St. John. Handsome, smart and fun, with a sexy English accent, Roark stole her heart, then shattered it when she saw him in the arms of another woman. Mortified at her inability to remain on her adventure, Amelia settles back into life at the resort, hoping to put Roark behind her. When he follows her back to the states to beg forgiveness, her protective family boots him out. But Roark never met anyone like Amelia, and is determined to explain his actions, win back her heart and reveal his true identity.

Months after his first attempt, he returns to Deep Haven and settles in, ready to do whatever it takes for Amelia to give him another chance. But in THE WONDER OF YOU, Roark is not the only one set on winning Amelia’s heart. Seth Turnquist was Amelia’s boyfriend for years until she left for Prague. Now that she’s back, and done with the European playboy, Seth is ready to take their relationship to the next level --- marriage. But before Amelia can give her heart to anyone, she must figure out who she is, what she wants, and where God is leading her.

"Book five in the Christiansen Family series is as compelling and delightful as its predecessors... Faith, family and all the complexities of life’s roller coaster ride can be found in this engaging romance."

Seth is the obvious choice. He has loved her forever and is embedded in her world. He is reliable, hardworking and shares her faith. His blond hair, rugged features and lumberjack muscles turn women’s heads. And there is zero doubt he’d be a wonderful husband and father. With Seth, she could stay in Deep Haven, be with her family, and with any luck work as a photographer for the local paper. But Roark sends her head and heart spinning at breakneck speed. Why has he returned? Just to shatter her heart again? He flits around the world taking classes and going on adventures without any direction or roots. Even if she lets herself get swept up, where could it possibly lead? And yet he crossed the Atlantic, again, just to talk to her. The least she could do is give him a chance.

Roark wants more than anything to tell Amelia the truth --- that he’s heir to a European hotel dynasty worth billions. More importantly, he wants to tell her why he has kept that a secret, why she saw him hugging another woman, and why he’s been on the run for far too long. His heart is sure that Amelia is his reason to stop running. Perhaps she is also the one who can stay by his side in whatever plans God has in store for him.

In the meantime, a tragedy at the river brings a new little resident to the Christiansens’ resort. Seven-year-old Yulia, adopted from Russia, finds herself without a family after only a week in the United States. As Amelia’s sister and new brother-in-law take care of her until another adoptive family can be found, they begin to see Heaven-sent possibilities for their future.

Amelia, too, begins to open her eyes to possibilities as God shows her that, with Him at the helm, she can soar beyond her own limitations. When a life-threatening accident sends her to the hospital, Amelia gets a clearer vision of what she wants and what she can accomplish with God’s guidance.

Book five in the Christiansen Family series is as compelling and delightful as its predecessors, including the two novellas. Faith, family and all the complexities of life’s roller coaster ride can be found in this engaging romance. Like the other books in the series, it is told from multiple perspectives, with captivating subplots that keep the reader fully engaged with the secondary characters. In THE WONDER OF YOU, Susan May Warren proves yet again that she is a master storyteller, gifted in creating imagery, relatable characters and storylines beautifully woven with faith-based messages.

Reviewed by Susan Miura on July 22, 2015

The Wonder of You: A Christiansen Family Novel
by Susan May Warren