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The Other Mothers Bets On...

The Other Mothers

December 2023

I loved Katherine Faulkner's debut novel, GREENWICH PARK, and I am happy to share that THE OTHER MOTHERS is even better.

A young nanny has been found dead, and the mothers in the neighborhood are curious as to what happened. A new mom in their midst, Tash, has been looking for the right story to jump-start her career as a journalist. She spotted these other mothers at her son’s playgroup. They are sleek, sophisticated and way out of her league socially. They live in houses that are stately, very unlike her basement apartment. She budgets; they spend. But quickly she is a part of their circle, sipping lattes and enjoying spa treatments she cannot afford.

Tash is intent on getting the story, and the other mothers are not talking. Are they holding on to her closely to keep the truth from being known? Then someone else is murdered, and suddenly Tash is seeing this group in a whole new way. Their lives do not sparkle quite as much. Does she get the story? You’ll have to read to find out.

Katherine weaves this plot masterfully. I hope that you, like me, have a number of “aha” moments as you read it.

The Other Mothers
by Katherine Faulkner