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The Nanny Bets On...

The Nanny

September 2019

Gilly Macmillan’s latest book, THE NANNY, is set on an estate called Lake Hall. Jo, along with her young daughter, has reluctantly moved back there from California following the sudden death of her husband. Her mother, Virginia, is called Lady Holt, and she stands fast on principles. Their world is rocked as Jo's nanny, Hannah, who had disappeared from their home 30 years ago, resurfaces, as does a skull on a beach near the house. Why is the nanny back? Whose skull is it? From these questions, Gilly delivers answers in a really well-plotted, character-driven thriller told from multiple points of view.

Jo is eager to have Hannah’s help as she tries to rebuild her life. Her daughter, Ruby, is quite reluctant to embrace her. She is more drawn to her grandmother, much to Jo’s consternation. Jo remembers her nanny as a warm person who she loved being with. And even though she appears less warm now, she gravitates towards her more than her mother. But are Ruby’s instincts right? And just what is up with the skull?

While we are swept up in this family’s tangled secrets, the pace is brisk and the writing takes us on many twists and turns, but they all work. It wraps up with a very satisfying ending. My one question: WHY have I not read Gilly Macmillan’s work before this?

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The Nanny
by Gilly Macmillan