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The House Guest Bets On...

The House Guest

February 2023

Hank Phillippi Ryan gives readers a total treat in THE HOUSE GUEST!

Here’s how it sets up. Alyssa Macallan’s husband has left her. Suddenly her very posh and elegant lifestyle is being tugged away from her. When she married Bill, she gave up her friends and work to live life on his terms. It was a glittering fun world of the country club set, but now it’s a very lonely one. He has the friends. For the moment she still has the house, actually two of them, but all the other trappings of a cushy lifestyle are vanishing. And she is really not sure what is going to come next.

As Alyssa hits rock bottom, she stops for a drink or two in a swanky bar. There she meets Bree Lorrance, who conveys that she is in a dangerous relationship. In an altruistic sweep that could only happen to a person who feels totally alone, Alyssa offers Bree a room in her guest house. But just who is she bringing home? How many times have we been told that picking up someone at a bar is risky business?

Then the FBI shows up, and Alyssa hears that Bill has some shady doings going on. Between trying to get Bree’s life under control, as well as her own, they assume roles like Thelma and Louise. They are out to save themselves.

But who’s really in the guest house? What can these two do together to solve their problems? Twists and turns ensue, and the cat-and-mouse game really ramps up in the last 20% of the book. And then… Well, you have to read to see what happens.

The House Guest
by Hank Phillippi Ryan