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Never Have I Ever Bets On...

Never Have I Ever

August 2019

In NEVER HAVE I EVER, Joshilyn Jackson is exploring a new genre, and she clearly shows that she has strong writing chops in the craft of penning suspense/thrillers.

The book opens at a neighborhood book club discussion. The usual suspects are there, but in wanders the woman who is staying at the neighborhood rental house. Hmmmm that has not happened before. She’s cooler than the rest of the women who have gathered to talk books. Angelica Roux quickly takes charge of the night and gets everyone involved in a drinking game: “Never Have I Ever.” The game seems tame at first, but then it abruptly takes on a new tone.

Amy Whey, who has a secret from her past, is suddenly on edge. She realizes that Roux is targeting her with the game. She must figure out what she needs to do to placate this stranger, so her secret is not revealed. It’s easy. Roux wants money, lots of it, to buy the silence Amy needs. But Amy is not going to go quietly. Thus the game is on, and it’s a real battle of wits! These are two very clever women, so the stakes get high quickly. And let’s just say that all is not what it seems.

Readers learn Amy’s secret in measured doses, which will keep them intrigued. There is a compelling plotline that revolves around scuba diving, and I dare say that anyone reading will be holding their breath as the characters dive into the ocean.

This is one tight book, and readers will be happy to know that Joshilyn is planning to continue writing in this genre. For book clubs, hmmmm is “Never Have I Ever” a game you want to play at your next discussion?

Never Have I Ever
by Joshilyn Jackson