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Invisible Girl Bets On...

Invisible Girl

October 2020

Lisa Jewell’s latest psychological thriller, INVISIBLE GIRL, is set in an upscale London neighborhood, similar to the one that Lisa was living in while her home was being remodeled. Her inspiration for the book came from a rather innocuous sighting of a “schlubby-looking” man on the street who was walking by as a group of swanky moms were waiting for their children to get out of school. Who was he?

Well, Lisa invented a story about him where he lived in his aunt’s spare bedroom. Owen is a teacher but is currently suspended for his actions with some students, which he vehemently denies. He also is caught up in the world of incels, men who are "involuntary celibates" --- members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner.

Owen lives across from a family where the father, Roan, is a child psychologist who treated a young woman named Saffyre. She misses the connection with her therapist and has taken to following him and spying on his house. Then Saffyre goes missing, but not before she has learned more about Roan than she cares to know. Oh, and the last person to see Saffyre? The schoolteacher.

The three tangled storylines work well. And what’s seen through Saffyre’s eyes will keep you guessing about what really went on.

Invisible Girl
by Lisa Jewell