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Believe Me Bets On...

Believe Me

August 2018

I loved JP Delaney’s THE GIRL BEFORE (I still want to see the house he wrote about there), so I looked forward to reading BELIEVE ME.

Here, the protagonist is a young woman from the UK named Claire Wright, who is a struggling actor, living in New York without a green card. She freelances as a decoy for a group of lawyers; her role is to try to seduce husbands whose wives think they are cheating. Tables twist when one of the women who hired her is found dead, and it’s one brutal crime. Claire is enlisted to help find the murderer, but as she assumes this role, what is going on here? Who is really the suspect?

It’s one very gripping story that had me snagging late-night reading and early mornings wondering who I should believe.

Believe Me
by JP Delaney