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Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

August 2024


A Farewell to Arfs: A Chet & Bernie Mystery by Spencer Quinn - Animals , Fiction, Mystery

Forge Books | 9781250331809 | Published August 6, 2024

Chet the dog and his human partner P.I. Bernie Little are on to a new case, and this time they're entangled in a web of crime unlike anything they've ever seen before. Their elderly next door neighbor, Mr. Parsons, thought he was doing the right thing by loaning his ne'er do well son, Billy, some money to help get himself settled. But soon, Mr. Parsons discovers that his entire life savings is gone. A run-of-the-mill scam? Bernie isn’t so sure that the case is that simple, but it's Chet who senses what they're really up against. Only Billy knows the truth, but he's disappeared. Can Chet and Bernie track him down before it's too late? Someone else is also in the hunt, an enemy with a mysterious, cutting-edge power who will test Chet and Bernie to their limit --- or maybe beyond.

A Sorceress Comes to Call by T. Kingfisher - Adventure, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction

Tor Books | 9781250244079 | Published August 6, 2024

Cordelia knows her mother is...unusual. Their house doesn’t have any doors between rooms --- there are no secrets in this house --- and her mother doesn't allow Cordelia to have a single friend. But more than simple eccentricity sets her mother apart. Other mothers don’t force their daughters to be silent and motionless for hours, sometimes days, on end. Other mothers aren’t evil sorcerers. When her mother unexpectedly moves them into the manor home of a wealthy older Squire and his kind but keen-eyed sister, Hester, Cordelia knows this welcoming pair are to be her mother's next victims. But Cordelia feels at home for the very first time among these people, and as her mother's plans darken, she must decide how to face the woman who raised her to save the people who have become like family.

A Well-Trained Wife: My Escape from Christian Patriarchy by Tia Levings - Autobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Women’s Issues

St. Martin's Press | 9781250288288 | Published August 6, 2024

Recruited into the fundamentalist Quiverfull movement as a young wife, Tia Levings learned that being a good Christian meant following a list of additional life principles --- a series of secret, special rules to obey. Women were to be silent, “keepers of the home.” Tia knew that to their neighbors her family was strange, but she also couldn't risk exposing their secret lifestyle to police, doctors, teachers or anyone outside of their church. So, she hid in plain sight as years of abuse and pain followed. When Tia realized she was the only one who could protect her children from becoming the next generation of patriarchal men and submissive women, she began to resist and question how they lived. A WELL-TRAINED WIFE is an unforgettable and timely memoir about a woman's race to save herself and her family and details the ways that extreme views can manifest in a marriage.

Agony Hill by Sarah Stewart Taylor - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery

Minotaur Books | ‎ 9781250826626 | Published August 6, 2024

In the hot summer of 1965, Bostonian Franklin Warren arrives in Bethany, Vermont, to take a position as a detective with the state police. Warren's new home is on the verge of monumental change; the interstates under construction will bring new people, new opportunities and new problems to Vermont, and the Cold War and protests against the war in Vietnam have finally reached the dirt roads and rolling pastures of Bethany. Warren has barely unpacked when he's called up to a remote farm on Agony Hill. Former New Yorker and Back-to-the-Lander Hugh Weber seems to have set fire to his barn and himself, with the door barred from the inside, but things aren’t adding up for Warren. As he gets to know his new home and grapples with the tragedy that brought him there, Warren is drawn to the people and traditions of small town Vermont, even as he finds darkness amidst the beauty.

House of Glass by Sarah Pekkanen - Domestic Thriller, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

St. Martin's Press | 9781250283993 | Published August 6, 2024

Rose Barclay is a nine-year-old girl who witnessed the possible murder of her nanny --- in the midst of her parents' bitter divorce --- and immediately stopped speaking. Stella Hudson is a best interest attorney, appointed to serve as counsel for children in custody cases. From the moment Stella passes through the iron security gate and steps into the gilded, historic DC home of the Barclays, she realizes the case is even more twisted, and the Barclay family far more troubled, than she feared. And there's something eerie about the house itself: It's a plastic house, with not a single bit of glass to be found. As Stella comes closer to uncovering the secrets the Barclays are desperate to hide, danger wraps around her like a shroud, and her past and present are set on a collision course in ways she never expected.

The Dead Cat Tail Assassins by P. Djèlí Clark - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

Tordotcom | 9781250767042 | Published August 6, 2024

Eveen the Eviscerator is skilled, discreet, professional and here for your most pressing needs in the ancient city of Tal Abisi. Her guild is strong, her blades are sharp and her rules are simple. Those sworn to the Matron of Assassins --- resurrected, deadly, wiped of their memories --- have only three unbreakable vows. First, the contract must be just. That’s above Eveen’s pay grade. Second, even the most powerful assassin may only kill the contracted. Eveen’s a professional. She’s never missed her mark. The third and the simplest: once you accept a job, you must carry it out. And if you stray? A final death would be a mercy. When the Festival of the Clockwork King turns the city upside down, Eveen’s newest mission brings her face-to-face with a past she isn’t supposed to remember and a vow she can’t forget.

The Mysterious Mrs. Nixon: The Life and Times of Washington's Most Private First Lady by Heath Hardage Lee - Biography, Nonfiction, Politics, Women's History

St. Martin's Press | 9781250274342 | Published August 6, 2024

Pat Nixon has long been perceived as enigmatic. She was voted “Most Admired Woman in the World” in 1972 and made Gallup Poll’s top ten list of most admired women 14 times. She survived the turmoil of the Watergate scandal with her popularity and dignity intact. She was progressive on women’s issues, favoring the Equal Rights Amendment and backing a targeted effort to get more women into high level government jobs. She was pro-choice, supporting women’s reproductive rights publicly even before the landmark Roe v. Wade case in 1973. When asked to define her “signature” First Lady agenda, she defied being put into a box, often saying: “People are my project.” THE MYSTERIOUS MRS. NIXON, Heath Hardage Lee presents readers with the essential nature of this First Lady, who connected warmly with both ordinary Americans and people from different cultures world-wide.

The Singer Sisters by Sarah Seltzer - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Music, Women's Fiction

Flatiron Books | 9781250907646 | Published August 6, 2024

It's 1996, and alt-rocker Emma Cantor is on tour, with her sights trained on a record deal. Emma’s got no lack of inspiration for her music --- chiefly her mother Judie, a 1960s folk legend whose confessional songs made her an icon before her mysterious withdrawal from the public eye. Emma is baffled by Judie's coldness, and is deeply shaken when she learns a long-kept secret about their family. When Emma uncovers more about her mother's past, she is vaulted to new heights as a performer. But the knowledge she gains also propels her toward a musical betrayal that further fractures her relationship with Judie. Increasingly famous, but fragile and isolated, Emma grapples with her mother’s legacy and what it means for her own future.

All the Way Gone: A Detective Annalisa Vega Novel by Joanna Schaffhausen - Fiction, Mystery

9781250904140 | Published August 13, 2024

Is there such a thing as a good sociopath? Newly minted private investigator Annalisa Vega is skeptical, but her first client, Mara Delaney, has written a book titled "The Good Sociopath" centered around Chicago neurosurgeon Craig Canning. Dr. Canning has saved hundreds of lives so it shouldn’t matter that he doesn’t actually care about his patients, should it? But Mara is now concerned that Canning might not be such a good sociopath after all. A young woman in Canning’s apartment building mysteriously plunged to her death from a balcony, and Mara fears Canning could be responsible. Annalisa quickly discovers that more than one person wanted the young woman dead. Canning insists he didn’t do it. When Annalisa finally peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the horrifying truth of the girl’s death, she may be too late to save herself...

Glass Houses by Madeline Ashby - Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Tor Books | 9780765382924 | Published August 13, 2024

A group of employees and their CEO, celebrating the sale of their remarkable emotion-mapping-AI-algorithm, crash onto a not-quite-deserted tropical island. Luckily, those who survived have found a beautiful, fully-stocked private palace, with all the latest technological updates (though one without connection to the outside world). The house, however, has more secrets than anyone might have guessed, and a much darker reason for having been built and left behind. Kristen, the hyper-competent "chief emotional manager," is trying to keep her colleagues stable throughout this new challenge, but staying sane seems to be as much of a challenge as staying alive. Kristen's knack for out-of-the-box problem-solving and quick thinking has gotten her to the top of her field. But will a killer instinct be enough to survive the island?


Highway Thirteen by Fiona McFarlane - Crime, Fiction

Farrar, Straus and Giroux | 9780374606268 | Published August 13, 2024

In 1998, an apparently ordinary Australian man is arrested and charged for a series of brutal murders. The news shocks the nation, bringing both horror and resolution to the victims’ families, but its impact travels even further: into the past, as the murders rewrite personal histories, and into the future, as true crime podcasts and biopics tell the story of the crimes. HIGHWAY THIRTEEN, Fiona McFarlane’s newest collection, takes murder as its starting point, but it unfolds to encompass much more: through the investigation of the aftermath of this violence across time and place, from the killer’s childhood town to Texas, Rome and tropical northern Australia, McFarlane presents an oblique, entrancing exploration of the way stories are told and spread, and at what cost.

The Housekeeper's Secret by Iona Grey - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance

St. Martin's Press | 9781250272621 | Published August 13, 2024

Standing in the remote windswept moors of Northern England, Coldwell Hall is the perfect place to hide. For the past five years, Kate Furniss has maintained her professional mask so carefully that she almost believes she is the character she has created: Coldwell’s respectable housekeeper. It is the summer of 1911 that brings new faces above and below the stairs of Coldwell Hall --- including the handsome and mysterious new footman, Jem Arden. Just as the house’s shuttered rooms open, so does Kate’s guarded heart to a love affair that is as intense as it is forbidden. But Kate can feel her control slipping as Jem harbors secrets of his own. THE HOUSEKEEPER'S SECRET opens its door to a world of romance, the truths we hold onto and the past we must let go.

A Pair of Wings by Carole Hopson - African American Interest, Fiction, Historical Fiction

Henry Holt and Co. | 9781250347213 | Published August 20, 2024

A few years after the Wright brothers’ first flight, Bessie was working the Texas cotton fields with her family when an airplane flew over their heads. It buzzed so low she thought she could catch it in her hands. Bessie was fearless. She knew there was freedom in those wings. The daughter of a woman born into slavery, Bessie answers the call of the Great Migration. She moves to Chicago, where she wins the backing of two wealthy, powerful Black men --- Robert Abbott, creator and publisher of the Chicago Defender, and Jesse Binga, the founder of Chicago’s first Black bank. Abbott becomes her mentor, while Binga becomes her lover. Her true first love, though, remains flying.

Asunder by Kerstin Hall - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

Tordotcom | 9781250625434 | Published August 20, 2024

Karys Eska is a deathspeaker, locked into an irrevocable compact with Sabaster, a terrifying eldritch being who has granted her the ability to communicate with the newly departed. She pays the rent by using her abilities to investigate suspicious deaths around the troubled city she calls home. When a job goes sideways and connects her to a dying stranger with some very dangerous secrets, her entire world is upended. Ferain is willing to pay a ludicrous sum of money for her help. To save him, Karys inadvertently binds him to her shadow, an act that may doom them both. If they want to survive, they will need to learn to trust one another. Together, they must journey to the heart of a faded empire, all the while haunted by arcane horrors and the unquiet ghosts of their pasts. And all too soon, Karys knows her debts will come due.

City of Secrets by P. J. Tracy - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Minotaur Books | 9781250334350 | Published August 20, 2024

LAPD Detective Margaret Nolan returns in P. J. Tracy’s CITY OF SECRETS, the next book in the series praised by the New York Times Book Review. Los Angeles Police Detective Margaret Nolan and her partner have worked a lot of different cases, ones where things aren’t always as they appear. And it’s Nolan’s job to find the truth in the darkness around her. When they’re called to the scene of what looks like a fatal car-jacking, Nolan soon realizes her victim was a founder of a company about to sell for millions, and within a day of his death, his partner’s wife is abducted. As Nolan learns more about the victim and his life, she gets pulled into a disturbing world of sex, violence and big business; and an even darker world, where whispers of an "Angel of Death" are beginning to surface.

Red River Road by Anna Downes - Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Minotaur Books | 9781250868015 | Published August 27, 2024

Katy Sweeney is looking for her sister. A year earlier, just three weeks into a solo vanlife trip, her free-spirited younger sister, Phoebe, vanished without a trace on the remote, achingly beautiful coastal highway in Western Australia. Using Phoebe’s social media accounts as a map, Katy retraces her sister’s steps, searching for any clues the police may have missed. Then Katy’s path collides with that of Beth, who is on the run from her own dark past. Katy realizes that Beth might be her best --- and only --- chance of finding the truth, and the two women form an uneasy alliance to find out what really happened to Phoebe in this wild, beautiful, and perilous place. Anna Downes takes us on a twist-filled journey into the dark side of solo female travel  that explores what drives us to keep searching for those we have lost.

That Librarian: The Fight Against Book Banning in America by Amanda Jones - Biography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Politics, Social Issues

Bloomsbury Publishing | 9781639733538 | Published August 27, 2024

Part memoir, part manifesto, the inspiring story of a Louisiana librarian advocating for inclusivity on the front lines of our vicious culture wars. One of the things small town librarian Amanda Jones values most about books is how they can affirm a young person's sense of self. So in 2022, when she caught wind of a local public hearing that would discuss “book content,” she knew what was at stake. Schools and libraries nationwide have been bombarded by demands for books with LGTBQ+ references, discussions of racism and more to be purged from the shelves. Amanda spoke out that night at the meeting. Her decision to support a collection of books with diverse perspectives made her a target for extremists using book banning campaigns in a crusade to make America more white, straight and "Christian." But Amanda Jones wouldn't give up without a fight.

The Stranger at the Wedding by A. E. Gauntlett - Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Henry Holt and Co. | 9781250343369 | Published August 13, 2024

Annie never much believed in love. That is, until meeting Mark. Each recognizes something in the other, though both hide their own troubled pasts. It’s a whirlwind romance that propels Annie through their courtship, all the way to her wedding day --- a day she couldn’t have predicted for herself once upon a time yet now feels surer about than anything in her life. But as Annie stands at the altar, casting her eyes over the rows of well-wishers, she spots a stranger in the crowd and she soon learns that her new life isn’t going to be the happily ever after that she had planned. Who is the stranger at the wedding? What really happened to Mark’s first wife? And was Annie and Mark’s meeting as random as it first appeared, or is something more sinister at work?