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Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

July 2024


Evenings and Weekends by Oisín McKenna - Fiction

Mariner Books | 9780063319974 | Published July 2, 2024

Summer in London stops for no one. It’s June 2019, and everyone has converged to revel in the collective joys of being alive. Everyone but Maggie. She’s 30, pregnant and broke. Faced with moving back to the town she fought to escape, she’s wondering if having a baby with boyfriend Ed will be the last spontaneous act of her life. Ed, meanwhile, is trying to run from his past with Maggie’s best friend Phil and harboring secret dreams of his own. Phil hates his office job and is living for the weekend, while falling for his housemate, Keith. Then there’s Rosaleen, Phil’s mother, who’s tired of feeling like a side character in her own life. She’s just been diagnosed with cancer and is travelling to London to tell Phil, if she can ever get hold of him. As Saturday night approaches, all their lives are set to change forever. Temperatures are soaring and the weekend is about to begin...

Flashpoint: An FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

William Morrow | 9780063283091 | Published July 2, 2024

A year has passed since Elizabeth Palmer was nearly killed with hundreds more in the attempted bombing of St. Paul’s in London. For Elizabeth, life is finally back to normal, until suddenly her world changes in a flash. With three new attempts on her life, and her connection to the terrorist attack, MI-5 gets involved to find out who is trying to kill her and why. Autumn Backman begrudgingly accepts a job to shepherd Tash Navarro, a shy, bullied little boy. She learns Tash is gifted psychically, like her, and Tash’s father is suspected of embezzling from his own firm. Tash is scared and convinced his father needs help, so Autumn reaches out to Dillon Savich. Desperate for answers, Elizabeth flies to Washington, D.C., and is assigned Special Agent Rome Foxe for protection. With deadly assailants in pursuit, Elizabeth and Rome soon find themselves neck deep in danger and in a race for survival.

Midnight Rooms by Donyae Coles - Fiction, Gothic, Historical Thriller, Thriller

Amistad | 9780063228092 | Published July 2, 2024

England, 1840. Scruffy in appearance yet claiming to be the scion of a fabulously wealthy family, Elias Blakersby declares a deep desire to make Orabella Mumthrope his wife. Her uncle has many debts, and Orabella agrees. The new bride is whisked away to Korringhill Manor, the Blakersby family estate, where she is shocked to find decay. But her kind new husband’s loving touch, promises of a happy life together and his assurances she’ll never want for anything soothe her concerns. Yet there is a darkness deep within this house that soon begins to engulf her, too. Becoming dizzy and drowsy after dinner, she falls into a fitful sleep filled with macabre dreams, and is awakened by blood-curdling screams in the night. Confused and terrified, she begins to question where her dreams end and reality begins. The longer Orabella stays here, the more she loses parts of long until she no longer exists?

Pink Slime written by Fernanda Trías, translated by Heather Cleary - Fiction, Horror, Literary Fiction

Scribner | 9781668049778 | Published July 2, 2024

In a city ravaged by a mysterious plague, a woman tries to understand why her world is falling apart. An algae bloom has poisoned the previously pristine air that blows in from the sea. Inland, a secretive corporation churns out the only food anyone can afford --- a revolting pink paste, made of an unknown substance. In the short, desperate breaks between deadly windstorms, our narrator stubbornly tends to her few remaining relationships: with her difficult but vulnerable mother; with the ex-husband for whom she still harbors feelings; with the boy she nannies, whose parents sent him away even as terrible threats loomed. Yet as conditions outside deteriorate further, her commitment to remaining in place only grows --- even if staying means being left behind.

Storm Child by Michael Robotham - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Scribner | 9781668030998 | Published July 2, 2024

The mystery of Evie Cormac’s background has followed her into adulthood. As a child, she was discovered hiding in a secret room where a man had been tortured to death. Many of her captors and abusers escaped justice, unseen but not forgotten. Now, on a hot summer’s day, the past drags Evie back as she watches the bodies of 17 migrants wash up on a Lincolnshire beach. There is only one survivor, a teenage boy, who tells police their small boat was deliberately rammed and sunk. Psychologist Cyrus Haven is recruited by the police to investigate the murders --- but recognizes immediately that Evie has some link to the tragedy. By solving this crime, he could finally unlock the secrets of her past. But what dark forces will he set loose? And who will pay the price?

The Lion Women of Tehran by Marjan Kamali - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Gallery Books | 9781668036587 | Published July 2, 2024

In 1950s Tehran, seven-year-old Ellie lives in grand comfort until the untimely death of her father, forcing Ellie and her mother to move to a tiny home downtown. Luckily, on the first day of school, Ellie meets Homa, a kind, passionate girl with a brave and irrepressible spirit. Together, they play games, learn to cook in the stone kitchen of Homa’s warm home, wander through the colorful stalls of the Grand Bazaar, and share their ambitions for becoming “lion women.” But their happiness is disrupted when Ellie and her mother are afforded the opportunity to return to their previous bourgeois life. Now a popular student at the best girls’ high school in Iran, Ellie’s memories of Homa begin to fade. Years later, however, her sudden reappearance in Ellie’s privileged world alters the course of both of their lives.

The Moonlight Market by Joanne Harris - Fantasy, Fiction, Romance

Pegasus Books | 9781639366637 | Published July 2, 2024

Deep in the heart of London, a young photographer named Tom Argent walks the streets and captures whatever catches his eye: an old man drinking coffee; a cloud of moths taking flight across the sky. He’s orphaned, lonely and lost in his work. He certainly has no intention of falling in love. And yet, love finds him in the shape of beautiful Vanessa, who lives a dangerous double life in the heart of the city. Tom’s pursuit of Vanessa leads him to discover an alternate world, hiding in plain sight among the streets and rooftops of London. A world unseen by common folk and inhabited by strange and colorful beings, in which two warring factions --- one nocturnal, one in the light --- wage war for the sake of a long-lost love, which can only end with one side’s total annihilation.

The Villain Edit by Laurie Devore - Comedy, Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Avon | 9780063337602 | Published July 2, 2024

Romance novelist Jacqueline Matthis’s big career has gone bust and she’s ditched the bright lights of New York City for her more affordable South Carolina hometown. Desperate, Jac dreams up a comeback plan --- she is going to be a contestant on "the 1," the most obsessively watched reality dating show in the world. On set, Jac is shocked to discover who’s actually pulling the strings. How was she to know that Henry Foster, her last one-night stand before the show, was actually a longtime producer on "the 1?" Henry is just as horrified...but they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. As Jac plays the game and the show unfurls, she discovers that she’s getting the villain edit. What happens if her affair with Henry comes to light? What if, in trying to save her career, Jac has ruined her life?

A Death in Cornwall by Daniel Silva - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Harper | 9780063384200 | Published July 9, 2024

When an old friend from the Devon and Cornwall Police seeks art restorer and legendary spy Gabriel Allon's help with a baffling murder investigation, he finds himself pursuing a new adversary. The victim is Charlotte Blake, a celebrated professor of art history from Oxford. Her murder appears to be the work of a serial killer who has been terrorizing the Cornish countryside, but there are a number of telltale inconsistencies. Gabriel soon discovers that Professor Blake was searching for a looted Picasso worth more than $100 million, and he takes up the chase for the painting as only he can. The result is a stylish and wildly entertaining mystery that moves at lightning speed from the cliffs of Cornwall to the enchanted island of Corsica and, finally, to a breathtaking climax on the very doorstep of 10 Downing Street.

Like Mother, Like Daughter by Kimberly McCreight - Domestic Thriller, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Knopf | 9780593536421 | Published July 9, 2024

When Cleo, a student at NYU, arrives late for dinner at her childhood home in Brooklyn, she finds food burning in the oven and no sign of her mother, Kat. Then Cleo discovers her mom’s bloody shoe under the sofa. Something terrible has happened. But what? Kat is the essence of Park Slope perfection: a happily married, successful corporate lawyer. Or so Cleo thinks. Kat has been lying. She’s not just a lawyer; she’s her firm’s fixer. And in the days leading up to her disappearance, Kat has become aware of multiple threats: demands for money from her unfaithful soon-to-be ex-husband; evidence that Cleo has slipped back into a relationship that’s far riskier than she understands; and menacing anonymous messages from her past --- all of which she’s kept hidden from Cleo.

Tell It to Me Singing by Tita Ramírez - Fiction, Literary Fiction

S&S/Marysue Rucci Books | 9781982157319 | Published July 9, 2024

Monica Campo is pregnant with her first child when, moments before being wheeled into emergency heart surgery, her mother confesses a long-held secret: Monica’s father is not the man who raised her. But when her mother wakes up and begins having delusional episodes, Monica doesn’t know what to believe --- whether the confession was real or just a channeling of the telenovela her mother watches nightly. Monica’s search for the truth leads her to a new understanding of the past: the early '80s when her parents arrived from Cuba on the famous Mariel boatlift, and the tumultuous '70s, a decade after Castro’s takeover, when some people were still secretly fighting his regime --- people like her mother and the man she claims is Monica’s real father. 

The Briar Club by Kate Quinn - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller

William Morrow | 9780063244740 | Published July 9, 2024

Washington, D.C., 1950. Everyone keeps to themselves at Briarwood House, a down-at-the-heels all-female boardinghouse in the heart of the nation’s capital where secrets hide behind white picket fences. But when the lovely, mysterious widow Grace March moves into the attic room, she draws her oddball collection of neighbors into unlikely friendship: poised English beauty Fliss with gaping inner wounds, policeman’s daughter and gangster-involved Nora, frustrated baseball star Beatrice and poisonous, gung-ho Arlene, who has thrown herself into McCarthy’s Red Scare. Grace’s weekly attic-room dinner parties and window-brewed sun tea become a healing balm on all their lives, but she hides a terrible secret of her own. When a shocking act of violence tears the house apart, the Briar Club women must decide once and for all: who is the true enemy in their midst?

The Dallergut Dream Department Store by Miye Lee - Fantasy, Fiction, Magical Realism

Hanover Square Press | 9781335081179 | Published July 9, 2024

In a mysterious town hidden in our collective subconscious, there's a department store that sells dreams. Day and night, visitors both human and animal shuffle in to purchase their latest adventure. Each floor specializes in a specific type of dream: childhood memories, food dreams, ice skating, dreams of stardom. Flying dreams are almost always sold out. Some seek dreams of loved ones who have died. For Penny, an enthusiastic new hire, working at Dallergut is the opportunity of a lifetime. As she uncovers the workings of this whimsical world, she bonds with a cast of unforgettable characters, including flamboyant and wise owner Dallergut, famous dream designer Babynap Rockabye, nightmare producer Maxim and the many customers who dream to heal, dream to grow and dream to flourish.

The Family Experiment by John Marrs - Dystopian, Dystopian Fiction, Fiction, Thriller

Hanover Square Press | 9781335000361 | Published July 9, 2024

The world's population is soaring, creating overcrowded cities and an economic crisis. And in the UK, the breaking point has arrived. A growing number of people can no longer afford to start families, let alone raise them. But for those desperate to experience parenthood, there is an alternative. For a monthly subscription fee, clients can create a virtual child from scratch who they can access via the metaverse and a VR headset. To launch this new initiative, the company behind Virtual Children has created a reality TV show called "The Substitute." It will follow 10 couples as they raise a virtual child from birth to the age of 18 but in a condensed nine-month time period. The prize: the right to keep their virtual child, or risk it all for the chance of a real baby...

The Unraveling by Vi Keeland - Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Atria/Emily Bestler Books | 9781668046852 | Published July 9, 2024

This isn’t a love story. It’s a story about obsession. After experiencing a terrible loss, New York City psychiatrist Meredith McCall feels painfully adrift. When she crosses paths with a man with whom she has a tragic connection, she follows him, sparking an unhealthy obsession with Gabriel Wright. How is he doing so well while her life is in shambles? But when Gabriel walks into her office as a patient, seemingly unaware of who she is, she knows it crosses all ethical and moral bounds to treat him. Yet, Meredith can’t bring herself to turn him away and becomes further entangled. With her life and career continuing to unravel, it appears that things could not get any worse...until they do.

Toward Eternity by Anton Hur - Dystopian, Dystopian Fiction, Fiction, Science Fiction

HarperVia | 9780063344488 | Published July 9, 2024

In a near-future world, a new technological therapy is quickly eradicating cancer. The body’s cells are entirely replaced with nanites --- robot or android cells which not only cure those afflicted but leaves them virtually immortal. Literary researcher Yonghun teaches an AI how to understand poetry and creates a living, thinking machine he names Panit. When Yonghun mysteriously vanishes into thin air and then just as suddenly reappears, the event raises disturbing questions. What happened to Yonghun, and though he’s returned, is he really himself anymore? When Dr. Beeko, the scientist who holds the patent to the nanotherapy technology, learns of Panit, he transfers its consciousness from the machine into an android body, giving it freedom and life. As Yonghun, Panit and other nano humans thrive, their development will lead them to a crossroads and a choice with existential consequences.

Bright Objects by Ruby Todd - Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Women's Fiction

Simon & Schuster | 9781668053218 | Published July 16, 2024

Sylvia Knight is losing hope that the person who killed her husband will ever face justice. Since the night of the hit-and-run, her world has been shrouded in hazy darkness --- until she meets Theo St. John, the discoverer of a rare comet soon to be visible to the naked eye. As the comet begins to brighten, Sylvia is soon drawn into the orbit of local mystic Joseph Evans, who believes the comet’s arrival is nothing short of a divine message. She struggles to define for herself where the reality lies. As the comet grows in the sky, her town slowly descends further and further into a fervor over its impending apex, and Sylvia’s quest to uncover her husband’s killer will push her and those around her to the furthest reaches of their very lives.

Docile: Memoirs of a Not-So-Perfect Asian Girl by Hyeseung Song - Memoir, Nonfiction

Simon & Schuster | 9781668003664 | Published July 16, 2024

A daughter of Korean immigrants, Hyeseung Song spends her earliest years in the cane fields of Texas where her loyalties are divided between a restless father in search of Big Money, and a beautiful yet domineering mother whose resentments about her own life compromises her relationship with her daughter. Neither rich nor white, Song does what is necessary to be visible: she internalizes the model minority myth as well as her beloved mother’s dreams to see her on a secure path. Years of self-erasure take a toll and Song experiences recurring episodes of depression and mania. A thought repeats: I want to die. I want to die. Song enters a psychiatric hospital where she meets patients with similar struggles. So begins her sweeping journey to heal herself by losing everything.

I Was A Teenage Slasher by Stephen Graham Jones - Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Thriller

S&S/Saga Press | 9781668022245 | Published July 16, 2024

1989, Lamesa, Texas. A small west Texas town driven by oil and cotton --- and a place where everyone knows everyone else’s business. So it goes for Tolly Driver, a good kid with more potential than application, 17, and about to be cursed to kill for revenge. Here Stephen Graham Jones explores the Texas he grew up in, the unfairness of being on the outside, through the slasher horror he lives but from the perspective of the killer, Tolly, writing his own autobiography. Find yourself rooting for a killer in this summer teen movie of a novel gone full blood-curdling tragic.

JFK Jr.: An Intimate Oral Biography by RoseMarie Terenzio and Liz McNeil - Biography, Nonfiction

Gallery Books | 9781668018514 | Published July 16, 2024

The first oral biography of John F. Kennedy Jr. is an extraordinarily intimate, comprehensive look at the real man behind the myth. Sharing never-before-told stories and insights, his closest friends, confidantes, lovers, classmates, teachers and colleagues paint a vivid portrait of one of the most beloved figures of the 20th century, revealing how the boy who saluted became the man America came to know and love who still captures public imagination 25 years after his tragic death. JFK JR. dives deep into his complicated psyche and explores the what-ifs, illuminating both the cultural and political moment he inhabited and the way this son of a president, so full of promise and possibility, embodied America’s most cherished hopes.

The Astrology House by Carinn Jade - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Atria Books | 9781668045961 | Published July 16, 2024

Margot needs a minute. She’s been working 80-hour weeks as a newly minted partner at her law firm. She’s disconnected from her brother, the only family she has left. And she’s still not pregnant after years of trying. Stars Harbor Astrological Retreat promises rest, relaxation and wisdom for Margot and her friends. This getaway should be nothing but idyllic fun. For Margot’s brother, Adam, it’s the perfect opportunity to rekindle the romance that fuels his writing. But his wife, Aimee, hides the darkness of her past with a beautiful social media feed. Their friend, Farah, is a successful doctor who cannot admit that she’s losing control. Yet no one holds a greater secret than their astrologer host, Rini. She has a plan for all of her guests, and one of them won’t be leaving Stars Harbor alive.

Shadow of Doubt by Brad Thor - Fiction, Political Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Atria/Emily Bestler Books | 9781982182236 | Published July 23, 2024

A mysterious cargo plane, flanked by a squadron of Russia’s most lethal fighters, has just taken off from a remote airbase. Closely monitored by the United States, no one inside the Pentagon has any idea where it’s going or what it’s carrying. A high-level Russian defector, a walking vault of secrets that could shatter the West, seeks asylum in Norway. Across the continent, in the heart of Paris, a lone French agent stumbles upon a conspiracy so explosive it could ignite a global firestorm. As alarm bells ring in Washington, the CIA’s most lethal weapon, Scot Harvath, is forced to choose between his conscience and his country. You’ll be left breathless as Harvath is swept into a whirlwind of double agents, international intrigue and heart-stopping chases.

Slow Dance by Rainbow Rowell - Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

William Morrow | 9780063380196 | Published July 23, 2024

Back in high school, everybody thought Shiloh and Cary would end up together...everybody but Shiloh and Cary. They were just friends. Best friends. They were both going to get out of north Omaha --- Shiloh would go to college and become an actress, and Cary would join the Navy. Well, Shiloh did go to college, and Cary did join the Navy. And yet, somehow, everything changed. Now Shiloh’s 33, and it’s been 14 years since she talked to Cary. She’s been married and divorced. She has two kids. And she’s back living in the same house she grew up in. Her life is nothing like she planned. When she’s invited to an old friend’s wedding, all Shiloh can think about is whether Cary will be there --- and whether she hopes he will be. Would Cary even want to talk to her? After everything? The answer is yes. And yes. And yes.

The Days I Loved You Most by Amy Neff - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Park Row | 9780778310471 | Published July 30, 2024

In the summer of 1941, on the New England shores where they were raised, Evelyn and Joseph fell in love. Now, more than 60 years later, with a lifetime between them, they have gathered their three grown children to share the staggering news: she has received a tragic diagnosis, and he cannot live without her. So in one year’s time, they will end their lives on their own terms. As the couple comes to grips with their fate, they retrace their past --- the joys and regrets, the laughter and the sorrow --- that brought them to this moment. They embark on a journey to live out their greatest dreams and to comfort and connect with each of their children before they're gone. But as their final days draw closer, they must confront the stark reality of what they are about to do, and make peace with the legacy they will leave behind for their family.


Beyond Summerland by Jenny Lecoat - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Graydon House | 9781525831546 | Published July 2, 2024

The German occupation is over. But the people of Jersey are left as scarred as the landscape. No longer a “summerland” holiday paradise, the island now boils with tension as locals seek revenge on anyone suspected of collaborating with the enemy during the war. 19-year-old Jean Parris is shocked to learn that Hazel, a teacher who lives over her dad’s shop, may be responsible for her father’s wartime arrest. Hazel denies all accusations but has reasons to conceal what really happened. As rumors of Hazel’s guilt swell to a fury, Jean discovers new clues that suggest there were other, more sinister factors at play. When Hazel learns of Jean’s own ruinous secret, the women form an unexpected bond that sets them apart from the rest of Jean’s family. But in the end, Jean’s need to know the truth about her father may consume everything she once believed about her home, her family and herself.