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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

July 2023


Going Rogue: A Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich - Fiction, Mystery

Atria Books | 9781668003077 | Published July 11, 2023

Stephanie Plum turns up for work at Vinnie’s Bail Bonds to find that longtime office manager Connie Rosolli hasn’t shown up. Her worst fears are confirmed when she gets a call from Connie’s abductor. He says he will only release her in exchange for a mysterious coin that a recently murdered man left as collateral for his bail. Unfortunately, this coin, which should be in the office, is nowhere to be found. The quest to discover the coin, learn its value and save Connie will require the help of Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur, her best pal Lula, her boyfriend Morelli, and hunky security expert Ranger. As they get closer to unraveling the reasons behind the kidnapping, Connie’s captor grows more threatening.

Home/Land: A Memoir of Departure and Return by Rebecca Mead - Memoir, Nonfiction

Vintage | 9780593081242 | Published July 11, 2023

When New Yorker writer Rebecca Mead relocated to her birth city of London with her family in the summer of 2018, she was both fleeing the political situation in America and seeking to expose her son to a wider world. With a keen sense of what she’d given up as she left New York, her home of 30 years, she tried to knit herself into the fabric of a changed London. The move raised poignant questions about place: What does it mean to leave the place you have adopted as home and country? And what is the value and cost of uprooting yourself? In HOME/LAND, Mead artfully explores themes of identity, nationality and inheritance.

Kaleidoscope by Cecily Wong - Fiction

Dutton | 9780593184462 | Published July 11, 2023

Morgan and Riley Brighton are joint heirs to Kaleidoscope: a glittering, "global bohemian" shopping empire --- created in sleepy Oregon and catapulted into haute New York --- sourcing luxury goods from around the world. Morgan, a statuesque beauty and Kaleidoscope’s talented designer, is adored by all, especially by the Brighton parents. Yet no one loves her more than Riley, whose shy and adventurous spirit is exalted by her sister. When a catastrophic event dismantles the Brightons’ world, Riley must stand in the spotlight for the first time in her life, with questions about her family that challenge her memory, identity and loyalty. Restless and heartbroken, she sets off across the globe with the person she least expects, to seek truths about those she thought she knew best --- herself included.

Lowdown Road by Scott Von Doviak - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Hard Case Crime | 9781803364131 | Published July 11, 2023

It’s the summer of ’74. Richard Nixon has resigned from office, CB radios are the hot new thing, and in the great state of Texas two cousins hatch a plan to drive $1 million worth of stolen weed to Idaho, where some lunatic is gearing up to jump Snake River Canyon on a rocket-powered motorcycle. But with a vengeful sheriff on their tail and the revered and feared marijuana kingpin of Central Texas out to get his stash back, Chuck and Dean are in for the ride of their lives --- if they can make it out alive.

Meredith, Alone by Claire Alexander - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Grand Central Publishing | 9781538709955 | Published July 11, 2023

She has a full-time remote job and her rescue cat, Fred. Her best friend, Sadie, visits with her two children. There's her online support group, her jigsaw puzzles and favorite recipes, her beloved Emily Dickinson poems. Also keeping her company are treacherous memories of an unstable childhood and a traumatic event that had sent her reeling. But something is about to change. First, two new friends burst into her life. Then her long-estranged sister gets in touch. Suddenly her carefully curated home is no longer a space to hide. Whether Meredith likes it or not, the world is coming to her door.

Ordinary Monsters by J. M. Miro - Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Flatiron Books | 9781250833679 | Published July 11, 2023

Despite surviving a brutal childhood in Mississippi, Charlie Ovid doesn't have a scar on him. His body heals itself, whether he wants it to or not. Marlowe, a foundling from a railway freight car, shines with a strange bluish light. He can melt or mend flesh. When Alice Quicke, a jaded detective with her own troubled past, is recruited to escort them to safety, all three begin a journey into the nature of difference and belonging, and the shadowy edges of the monstrous. What follows is a story of wonder and betrayal, from the gaslit streets of London and the wooden theaters of Meiji-era Tokyo, to an eerie estate outside Edinburgh where other children with gifts are forced to combat the forces that threaten their safety. There, the world of the dead and the world of the living threaten to collide.

Run Time by Catherine Ryan Howard - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Blackstone Publishing | 9798212173407 | Published July 11, 2023

Feeling her stardom fading, struggling soap actress Adele Rafferty is ready to give up on her dreams when she gets a last-minute offer to play the lead in an upcoming horror film, Final Draft. Could this be her big break? Will she have redemption for what happened the last time she was on a film set? Adele doesn’t think twice before signing on the dotted line. Adele quickly makes her way to the set, deep into the isolated and wintry woods of West Cork, Ireland, miles away from civilization and cell service. When real life on the set starts to somehow mirror the sinister events portrayed in the script, Adele fears the real horror lies off the page. Isolated and unsure who in the crew she can trust, is there anywhere or any time left to run?

Smells Like Tween Spirit by Laurie Gelman - Fiction, Humor, Women's Fiction

Holt Paperbacks | 9781250871510 | Published July 11, 2023

Even with the cutthroat days of being Class Mom behind her, as a freshly minted mat mom of the Pioneer Middle School (PMS) wrestling team, Jen Dixon cannot catch a break. This year, as her son joins the ranks of the PMS wrestlers, Jen faces mystifying new social dynamics with her trademark combination of reluctance and resigned acceptance. The sights and smells of her son’s wrestling matches are more than enough for her to deal with, but Jen also finds herself fully immersed in sports-mom competitiveness. These parents all seem perfectly unassuming until their kids start to wrestle, and then some become raging momsters. Jen steels herself for the indignities of middle school life, but she cannot quite fathom the extents to which some kids (and moms) will go for the sweet taste of victory.

Snowstorm in August by Marshall Karp - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Blackstone Publishing | 9798212184786 | Published July 11, 2023

They call him el Carnicero --- the Butcher. He is the most powerful drug lord on the planet, and when the city of New York incurs his wrath, he utters a single word: “¡Venganza!” With military precision, he strafes Central Park with 4,000 pounds of cocaine, killing hundreds of innocent people enjoying a summer afternoon. The only NYPD unit trained to go up against this level of terrorism has been disbanded, but four anonymous billionaires retaliate by recruiting a task force of highly decorated retired cops. Armed with cutting-edge technology, former NYPD captain Danny Corcoran leads his team in a pulse-pounding thriller in their battle to stop the enraged head of a Mexican cartel from raining more death on the city.

Stay Awake by Megan Goldin - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

St. Martin’s Griffin | 9781250842244 | Published July 11, 2023

Liv Reese wakes up in the back of a taxi with no idea where she is or how she got there. When she’s dropped off at the door of her brownstone, a stranger answers --- a stranger who claims to live in her apartment. Her hands are covered in scribbled messages, like graffiti on her skin: STAY AWAKE. Two years ago, Liv was thriving as a successful writer for a trendy magazine. Now, she’s lost and disoriented in a New York City that looks nothing like what she remembers. She’s horrified to see news reports of a crime scene where the victim’s blood has been used to scrawl a message across a window, similar to the message that’s inked on her hands. What did she do last night? And why does she remember nothing from the past two years?

The Bones of the Story by Carol Goodman - Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

William Morrow Paperbacks | 9780063265240 | Published July 11, 2023

It’s been 25 years since the shocking disappearance of a female student and the distinguished Creative Writing professor who died while searching for her. Now, the president of Briarwood College is bringing together faculty, donors and alumni to honor the victims from all those years ago. Guests gather on the vacant campus for the commemorative event. But as a storm descends, people begin to depart, leaving a group of alumni who were the last ones taught by the esteemed professor. Recriminations and old rivalries flare as they recall the writing projects they shared as classmates. When an alumna dies in a shockingly similar way to the story she wrote, and then another succumbs to a similar fate, they realize that someone has decided at long last to avenge the crimes of the past.

The Catch by Alison Fairbrother - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Random House Trade Paperbacks | 9780593134313 | Published July 11, 2023

Two years out of college, Ellie Adler has a job in journalism, an older lover and a circle of smart friends. Her beloved father, James, who has children from three marriages, unites the family with his gentle humor and charisma, but Ellie has always believed she is her father's favorite. When he suddenly dies, she finds herself devastated by the unexpected loss. Then, at the reading of his will, she learns that instead of leaving her his prized possession --- a baseball that holds emotional resonance for them both --- he has left her a seemingly ridiculous, even insulting gift. Worse, he’s given the baseball to someone no one in the family has ever heard of. Setting out to track this person down, Ellie learns startling information about who her father really was and who she herself is becoming.

The Cloisters by Katy Hays - Fiction, Literary, Suspense, Thriller

Atria Books | 9781668004418 | Published July 11, 2023

When Ann Stilwell arrives in New York City, she expects to spend her summer working as a curatorial associate at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Instead, she finds herself assigned to The Cloisters, a gothic museum and garden renowned for its medieval art collection and its group of enigmatic researchers studying the history of divination. But what begins as academic curiosity quickly turns into obsession when Ann discovers a hidden 15th-century deck of tarot cards that might hold the key to predicting the future. When the dangerous game of power, seduction and ambition at The Cloisters turns deadly, Ann becomes locked in a race for answers as the line between the arcane and the modern blurs.

The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Sourcebooks Landmark | 9781728269849 | Published July 11, 2023

On New Year's Eve, Rhys Lloyd has a house full of guests. His vacation homes on Mirror Lake are a success, and he's generously invited the village to drink champagne with their wealthy new neighbors. But by midnight, Rhys will be floating dead in the freezing waters of the lake. On New Year's Day, Ffion Morgan has a village full of suspects. The tiny community is her home, so the suspects are her neighbors, friends and family --- and Ffion has her own secrets to protect. With a lie uncovered at every turn, soon the question isn't who wanted Rhys dead…but who finally killed him.

The Man Who Could Move Clouds: A Memoir by Ingrid Rojas Contreras - Memoir, Nonfiction

Anchor | 9780593311165 | Published July 11, 2023

Ingrid Rojas Contreras' maternal grandfather, Nono, was a renowned curandero, a community healer gifted with what the family called “the secrets”: the power to talk to the dead, tell the future, treat the sick and move the clouds. And as the first woman to inherit “the secrets,” Rojas Contreras’ mother was just as powerful. Mami delighted in her ability to appear in two places at once, and she could cast out even the most persistent spirits with nothing more than a glass of water. While living in the U.S. in her 20s, Rojas Contreras suffered a head injury that left her with amnesia. As she regained partial memory, her family was excited to tell her that this had happened before. Decades ago, Mami had taken a fall that left her with amnesia, too. And when she recovered, she had gained access to “the secrets.”

The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O'Farrell - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Vintage | 9780593315088 | Published July 11, 2023

Florence, the 1550s. Lucrezia, third daughter of the grand duke, is comfortable with her obscure place in the palazzo: free to devote herself to her own artistic pursuits. But when her older sister dies on the eve of her wedding to the ruler of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio, Lucrezia is thrust into the limelight: the duke is quick to request her hand in marriage and her father just as quick to accept on her behalf. Having barely left girlhood behind, Lucrezia must now enter an unfamiliar court where her arrival is not universally welcomed. Perhaps most mystifying of all is her new husband himself, Alfonso. Is he the playful sophisticate he appeared to be before their wedding, or the ruthless politician before whom even his formidable sisters seem to tremble?

The Paris Agent by Kelly Rimmer - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Graydon House | 9781525826689 | Published July 11, 2023

Twenty-five years after the end of the war, Noah Ainsworth is still preoccupied with those perilous, exhilarating years as a British SOE operative in France. A head injury sustained on his final operation has caused frustrating gaps in his memory --- in particular about the agent who saved his life during that mission gone wrong. Moved by her father’s frustration, Noah’s daughter Charlotte begins a search for answers that resurrects the stories of Chloe and Fleur, the code names for two otherwise ordinary women whose lives intersect in 1943 when they’re called up by the SOE for deployment in France. They have no idea they’re at the mercy of a double agent among them who's causing chaos within the French circuits, whose efforts will affect the outcome of their lives…and the war.

The Poison Machine: A Hunt & Hooke Novel by Robert J. Lloyd - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Historical Thriller, Mystery, Thriller

Melville House | 9781685890407 | Published July 11, 2023

London, 1679. A year has passed since the sensational attempt to murder King Charles II, but London is still a viper’s nest of rumored Catholic conspiracies, and of plots against them in turn. When Harry Hunt --- estranged from his mentor, Robert Hooke --- is summoned to the remote and windswept marshes of Norfolk, he is at first relieved to get away from the place. But in Norfolk, he finds that some Royal workers shoring up a riverbank have made a grim discovery --- the skeleton of a dwarf. Harry is able to confirm that the skeleton is that of Captain Jeffrey Hudson, a prominent member of the court once famously given to the Queen in a pie. Except no one knew Hudson was dead, because another man had been impersonating him.

The Summer Skies by Jenny Colgan - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Avon | 9780063260429 | Published July 11, 2023

Morag MacIntyre is a Scottish lass from the remote islands that make up the northernmost reaches of the UK. She’s also a third-generation pilot, the heir apparent to an island plane service she runs with her grandfather. The islands rely on their one hardworking prop plane to deliver mail, packages, tourists, medicine and the occasional sheep. As the keeper of this vital lifeline, Morag is used to landing on pale golden beaches and tiny grass airstrips. Down on the ground is a different matter, though. Morag wonders if she truly wants to spend the rest of her life in the islands. Her boyfriend, Hayden, wants her to move to Dubai with him, where they’ll fly A380s. Morag is on the verge of making a huge life change when an unusually bumpy landing during a storm finds her marooned on Inchborn island.

The Swell by Allie Reynolds - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Women's Fiction

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780593187869 | Published July 11, 2023

Three years ago, passionate surfer Kenna Ward lost her two great loves. After her boyfriend drowned, she hung up her surfboard and swore off the water for good. But she is drawn back to the beach when her best friend, Mikki, announces her sudden engagement to a man Kenna has never met --- a member of a tight-knit group of surfers. Kenna travels to a remote Australian beach, entering a dangerous world far from civilization. She is tempted back into the surf, and drawn into the dazzling group and the beach they call their own. But this coastal paradise has a dark side, and members of the group begin to go missing. Kenna realizes that in order to protect Mikki and learn more about the surfers, she must become one of them…without becoming one of their victims.

Wednesdays at One by Sandra A. Miller - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Zibby Books | 9781958506035 | Published July 11, 2023

Dr. Gregory Weber, a renowned clinical psychologist, feels increasingly disconnected. His marriage is strained, his children are distant, and he can’t stop fixating on an unforgivable mistake he made when he was 17. So when an unscheduled client named Mira starts to appear in his office every Wednesday at 1 p.m. with knowledge about his past, Gregory quickly grows obsessed with her. Is she a new patient? A secret referral from a colleague? Someone connected to his teenage transgression? As his attraction for Mira grows more intense with each session, so does her probing scrutiny of him. Soon Gregory’s professional boundaries begin to dissolve, and he becomes the patient, desperate to uncover his connection to this mysterious woman and find out what she wants from him.

Windfall by Wendy Corsi Staub - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

William Morrow Paperbacks | 9780063235311 | Published July 11, 2023

When three former roommates reunite for a birthday weekend in Las Vegas, the lottery ticket they buy on a whim has the winning numbers --- giving them a billion-dollar windfall. They turn to Shea Daniels, a “sudden wealth manager,” who promises to guide them through the pitfalls of having more money than they’d ever imagined. The trio travels to a secluded California mansion, where Shea and her staff cater to their every whim. The house is purportedly cursed, the last place a missing movie star was seen alive. Their weekend turns to terror when they discover they are trapped. And when history repeats itself and one of them disappears --- the one who’s holding the billion-dollar ticket --- the others must face the fact that either their friend has betrayed them…or a predator is lurking.

Between a Wok and a Dead Place by Leslie Budewitz - Fiction, Mystery

Seventh Street Books | 9781645060611 | Published July 18, 2023

Pepper Reece, owner of the Spice Shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market, loves a good festival, especially one serving up tasty treats. So what could be more fun than a food walk in the city's Chinatown–International District, celebrating the Year of the Rabbit? But when her friend Roxanne stumbles across a man's body in the Gold Rush, a long-closed residential hotel, questions leap out. Who was he? What was he doing in the dust-encrusted herbal pharmacy in the hotel's basement? Why was the pharmacy closed up --- and why are the owners so reluctant to talk? With each new discovery, Pepper finds herself asking new questions and facing more brick walls.

Beyond the Reach of Earth by Ken MacLeod - Fiction, Science Fiction, Space Opera

Pyr | 9781645060659 | Published July 18, 2023

The invention of faster-than-light technology has brought great opportunity, but also great danger. The Black Horizon conspiracy is broken up, but it still has deadly assets beyond the reach of Earth. As the great powers jostle for advantage, the alien minds known as the Fermi have their own ways of dealing with humans meddling in plans vaster and more ancient than anyone can suspect. After the Venus catastrophe, John Grant’s starship Fighting Chance and the Space Station have reached Apis --- but not for long. They barely have time to mourn the dead before they’re chased out of the system. The Station begins exploring the systems that Black Horizon warned them against --- with good reason, as they soon discover.

Counting Lost Stars by Kim van Alkemade - Fiction, Historical Fiction

William Morrow Paperbacks | 9780063289918 | Published July 18, 2023

1960, New York City: College student Rita Klein meets Jacob Nassy, who is traumatized by his childhood experience of being separated from his mother during the Holocaust. When Rita learns that Hitler’s Final Solution was organized using Hollerith punch-card computers, she sets out to find the answers that will help Jacob heal. 1941, The Hague: Cornelia Vogel is working as a punch-card operator when a census of Holland’s population is ordered by the Germans. After the Ministry acquires a Hollerith computer made in America, Cornelia is tasked with translating its instructions from English into Dutch. When Cornelia learns the census is being used to persecute Holland’s Jews, she risks everything to help Leah escape. After Rita uncovers a connection between Cornelia and Jacob’s mother, long-buried secrets come to light.