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Never Back Down

About the Book

Never Back Down

She’s fought against the darkness her whole life --- but now she will discover what happens when that very darkness fights back in this thrilling follow-up to Christopher Swann’s NEVER GO HOME and NEVER TURN BACK, perfect for fans of Michael Farris Smith and Brian Panowich.

For as long as she could remember, Susannah Faulkner knew that even though she lived a dangerous and violent life, she would try her best to do some good in the world. She’s hunted down evil men before, but the one man that puts fear into her heart, the one man who could destroy everything she loves, is the one man she cannot track down. And worst of all, she doesn’t know what will happen when she finds him. Or if he finds her first.

Finn, an ex-soldier who served alongside Susannah’s father in Iraq, left Suzie with a simple choice a year ago: she could watch her family die one by one, or she could pursue him in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. The stubborn and skillful Suzie knows just how dangerous he is and how far he will go to complete his vengeance. And so the hunt begins.

Her journey takes her across the United States, from the mountains of Arizona to the river bluffs of Missouri to the streets of Atlanta. Along the way, she contends with both new and old friends and foes: the vulnerable Brooke, determined to escape her own nightmare; her brother Ethan and his new girlfriend, a reminder of a different and more peaceful life; her uncle Gavin and his connections to the criminal underworld; the street-smart Ajax, a shadowy ally of convenience; and an FBI agent who could be friend, foe or potential lover.

Suzie’s instincts have gotten her this far. But will they be enough against her evil equal?

Never Back Down
by Christopher Swann