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Author News & Interviews

Author Talk: Lisa Jewell, author of The Family Remains

Aug 11, 2022

THE FAMILY REMAINS is a stand-alone sequel to Lisa Jewell’s 2019 thriller, THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS, an intricate and affecting novel about twisted marriages, fractured families and deadly obsessions. In this interview, Jewell explains some of the challenges she faced in writing this much-anticipated follow-up (which so many of her readers were asking for) and what excited her the most about it. She also talks about the character whose development surprised her the most from the first book to the second, reveals her ideal future for the Lambs and Rachel, and previews her next novel, which is very different from THE FAMILY REMAINS.

Interview: Larry Beinhart, author of The Deal Goes Down

Aug 11, 2022

Edgar Award-winning author Larry Beinhart revives his legendary detective, Tony Cassella, in THE DEAL GOES DOWN, his first novel in 14 years. This gripping thriller is about marital discord, contract killing, off-piste skiing and the deep state. In this interview conducted by Michael Barson, Senior Publicity Executive at Melville House, Beinhart talks about his protagonist’s evolution as a character in a world that’s constantly changing, some of the crime fiction writers he has admired over the years, his dream cast for a potential film or television adaptation of the book, and his surprising connection to Sylvester Stallone.

Author Talk: Jamie Ford, author of The Many Daughters of Afong Moy

Aug 4, 2022

Jamie Ford, the New York Times bestselling author of HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, returns with his highly anticipated new novel, THE MANY DAUGHTERS OF AFONG MOY. This powerful exploration of the love that binds one family across the generations is this month’s “Read with Jenna” Today Show Book Club pick. In this interview, Ford explains what epigenetics is and why he decided to write a love story that revolves around it. He also discusses what fascinated him about the true story of Afong Moy, how he managed the personalities of the various female characters who span several generations, the challenges he faced in writing about the future, and what’s next for him.

Interview: Ron Shelton, author of The Church of Baseball: The Making of Bull Durham: Home Runs, Bad Calls, Crazy Fights, Big Swings, and a Hit

Jul 21, 2022

Ron Shelton, the award-winning screenwriter and director of the cult classic Bull Durham, has penned THE CHURCH OF BASEBALL, an entertaining behind-the-scenes story of the making of the film, as well as an insightful primer on the art and business of moviemaking. In this interview conducted by Michael Barson, Senior Publicity Executive at Melville House, Shelton talks about the surprising popularity of Bull Durham, how the miraculous casting of Susan Sarandon as Annie Savoy came about, a few of his favorite baseball movies, and which film he would like to see get the CHURCH OF BASEBALL treatment.

Interview: Joshua Moehling, author of And There He Kept Her

Jun 22, 2022

When two teenagers break into a house on a remote lake in search of prescription drugs, what starts as a simple burglary turns into a nightmare for all involved. That’s the intriguing premise of Joshua Moehling’s debut novel, AND THERE HE KEPT HER, a thrilling page-turner that introduces readers to a complicated new hero and forces us to consider the true nature of evil. In this interview conducted by Bookreporter reviewer Ray Palen, Moehling talks about his inspiration for the book, his decision to set the story in a small town, some of his favorite mystery/thriller authors, and his future writing plans.