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Connie Brockway


Connie Brockway

Connie's early years are shrouded in mystery. What we do know is sketchy and incomplete but will be presented here in lieu of another way to fill space.

Brockway claims to be a native of either Minnesota or New York. Neither has been confirmed. She also claims to be 32. No one has even bothered looking into this.

We do know she was attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota when she became involved with medical student, David Brockway. At some point they apparently legalized the relationship because when next she surfaces, she is sporting a new surname and a daughter.

A decade of relative anonymity ensues --- except for the infamous alien encounter photographs which have, of course, now been debunked. No substantiated records occur until 1994 when Brockway published her first book, PROMISE ME HEAVEN.

Since then she has written over 20 full-length novels and anthology stories, bringing the current number of her books in print to over 1,500,000 published in 13 countries.

Brockway has twice received coveted Publishers Weekly starred reviews and unqualified recommendations from Library Journal, as well as two starred reviews from the Library Journal's organ, Booklist. Her 2004 title, MY SEDUCTION, was named one of 2004's top 10 romances by that same industry magazine.

An eight-time finalist for Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA award, Brockway has twice been its recipient, first in 1998 for MY DEAREST ENEMY and in 2002 for THE BRIDAL SEASON. Her books regularly appear on national and regional bestseller lists and are frequent Doubleday/Literary Guild selections.

Today Connie lives in Minnesota with her husband David, a family physician, and two spoiled mutts.

Connie Brockway

Books by Connie Brockway

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