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The Other Guy’s Bride


The Other Guy’s Bride

Ginesse Braxton is determined to make her way across the Sahara Desert to locate the lost city of Zerzura. Having grown up with a reputation for causing trouble amidst a family of renowned archaeologists and scholars, none of whom take her seriously, Ginesse knows that accomplishing her goal will make everyone see her in a different light and establish her credibility in archaeological circles everywhere.

"While romance novels are plentiful on the shelves, THE OTHER GUY'S BRIDE has something special that makes it worth choosing among its competitors."

Ginesse can hardly believe her luck when fate thrusts the perfect opportunity upon her that allows her to set out for the locale where she believes Zerzura to be. As she is sailing from England to Egypt, she encounters Mildred Whimpelhall, a spinster who is traveling to meet her fiance, Colonel Lord Pomfrey. It turns out that Pomfrey is sending a contingent of men headed by Jim Owen, a wayward American cowboy, to escort Mildred safely to him at his post in the midst of the Sahara.

Thinking on her feet, Ginesse decides to divert Mildred, who is violently seasick anyway, onto a train at the next port of call and take her place with Jim and his men. Although reaching her goal requires a bit of subterfuge when she poses as Miss Whimpelhall, Ginesse isn't one to let that tweak her conscience in more than the most perfunctory manner. While her conscience might not bother her, her raging hormones certainly do when she meets Jim.

Despite the fact that Jim has vowed never to behave in a foolish manner over a woman again, there's something about Ginesse, whom he knows only as the already-engaged Mildred, that sets his pulse racing. As another man's fiance, however, she is strictly off limits, especially since Jim owes his life to Colonel Lord Pomfrey. The journey promises to be a battle between his principles and his desires. It's hard to say which will win out in the end.

At the same time Ginesse is impersonating Mildred, she's doing her best to hide from her childhood nemesis, Haji, who’s been sent to intercept her. The last thing Ginesse needs is Haji thwarting her plans. Banking on the fact that it's been years since Haji has seen her, Ginesse does her best to stay as far from him as possible. That proves harder than she would have believed, though, since Haji and Jim are friends.

As one deception mounts upon another, Ginesse and Jim encounter danger and passion along the sandy path that leads them to their ultimate destination. Eventually Ginesse must explain herself to the man who loves her when the "real" Mildred Whimpelhall and Haji show up and blow her cover.

THE OTHER GUY'S BRIDE is connected to author Connie Brockway's 1997 novel, AS YOU DESIRE. Ginesse is the daughter of the hero and heroine of that story. While it's not necessary to read AS YOU DESIRE first, fans of Brockway may want to do just that in order to set the scene for Ginesse's tale.

While romance novels are plentiful on the shelves, THE OTHER GUY'S BRIDE has something special that makes it worth choosing among its competitors. Brockway makes us all wish for a man like Jim Owen and encourages us to behave with the passion and conviction of Ginesse Braxton. No swooning heroines and blustering heroes for Brockway. She introduces us to two strong, passionate individuals and gives us a heart-touching, front-row seat where we are fortunate enough to witness their combustible attraction to one another.

Reviewed by Amie Taylor on January 12, 2012

The Other Guy’s Bride
by Connie Brockway