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June 2011

New in Paperback

June 2011

June's roundup of New in Paperback titles includes FAITHFUL PLACE, Tana French’s highly praised third novel about the Dublin Murder Squad; THE LION by Nelson DeMille, the eagerly awaited follow-up to THE LION’S GAME that sees the return of former NYPD homicide detective and special agent John Corey; RESCUE, Anita Shreve’s masterful portrayal of a family trying to understand its fractured past and begin again; and SEAWORTHY, a true tale of blue-water fishing after a 10-year hiatus by Linda Greenlaw.

212 by Alafair Burke - Thriller

June 7, 2011

A celebrity mogul's bodyguard is slain in his boss's luxurious penthouse at an exclusive Manhattan address. At NYU, a sophomore is menaced on the Internet, stalked...and murdered.

The two cases, equally sordid and shocking, end up falling to NYPD homicide detective Ellie Hatcher and her partner --- who soon find out that this is just the tip of a terrifying iceberg.

Because in the city that never sleeps, death doesn't either.

A Stranger Like You by Elizabeth Brundage - Thriller

August 5, 2010

A taut and terrifying thriller about the lengths to which we'll go to make our dreams come true.

All That Follows by Jim Crace - Fiction

June 14, 2011

Critically acclaimed author Jim Crace returns with a masterful and tender new novel that explores the improvisational power of jazz and the complexities of love and violence. 

American Music by Jane Mendelsohn - Historical Fiction

June 1, 2010

At this novel's center are Milo, a severely wounded veteran of the Iraq War confined to a rehabilitation hospital, and Honor, his physical therapist, a former dancer. When Honor touches Milo’s destroyed back, mysterious images from the past appear to each of them, puzzling her and shaking him to the core.

Ancestor by Scott Sigler - Thriller

June 7, 2011

From acclaimed author Scott Sigler New York Times  bestselling creator of Infected  and Contagious comes a tale of genetic experimentation’s worst nightmare come true.

Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer Hamann - Fiction

June 14, 2011

A literary sensation, this extraordinarily candid novel about the experience of growing up female in America will strike a nerve in readers of all ages.

Blind Man’s Alley by Justin Peacock - Legal Thriller

June 28, 2011

Duncan Riley, a rising legal star, is defending his firm’s major client, Roth Properties, after a fatal accident on a downtown construction site. Meanwhile, he represents a helpless young man accused of a murder in a housing development being built by . . . Roth Properties. Caught in a web of power, money, and influence, Duncan must balance the interests of his firm, the demands of his wealthy client, and the weight of his own conscience.

Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir of Love and Adventure in the Congo by Vanessa Woods - Memoir

June 7, 2011

A young woman follows her fiancé to war-torn Congo to study extremely endangered bonobo apes-who teach her a new truth about love.

Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt - Mystery

June 1, 2011

A German Shepherd police dog witnesses a murder and if his owner --- an Iraq war vet and former cop-turned-thief --- is convicted of the crime, the dog could be put down. Few rival Andy Carpenter's affection for dogs, and he decides to represent the poor canine. As Andy struggles to convince a judge that this dog should be set free, he discovers that the dog and his owner have become involved unwittingly in a case of much greater proportions than the one they've been charged with.

Faithful Place by Tana French - Mystery

June 28, 2011

Tana French's  In the Woods and The Likeness captivated readers by introducing them to her unique, character-driven style. With Faithful Place, the highly praised third novel about the Dublin Murder squad, French takes readers into the mind of Frank Mackey, the hotheaded mastermind of  The Likeness, as he wrestles with his own past and the family, the lover, and the neighborhood he thought he'd left behind for good.

Falcon Seven by James W. Huston - Thriller

June 28, 2011

A U.S. Navy F/A-18 flying over Afghanistan is suddenly diverted and ordered to bomb a building in Pakistan, where a meeting between al Qaeda and the Taliban is taking place. After destroying its target, the fighter is immediately hit by Stinger missiles and the pilots eject over Pakistan. They are captured, assaulted, and dragged through the streets of Peshawar. The world is on edge.

Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan - Fiction

June 7, 2011

It's 20 years later-but worth the wait: the eagerly-anticipated sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling sensation, Waiting to Exhale

The remarkable heroines of Terry McMillan's unforgettable novel are back-and at a crossroads that will define their future. All four are learning to heal past hurts, and are more determined than ever to reclaim their lives and dreams. They've exhaled: now they are learning to breathe.

Healer by Carol Cassella - Fiction

September 7, 2010

From national bestselling author Carol Cassella comes the story of one doctor’s struggle to hold her family together through a storm of broken trust and questioned ethics.

Heart of Evil by Heather Graham - Romantic Suspense

June 28, 2011

Emerging from the bayou like an apparition, Donegal Plantation is known for its unsurpassed dining, captivating atmosphere, haunting legends…and now a corpse swinging from the marble angel that marks its cemetery's most majestic vault. A corpse discovered in nearly the same situation as that of Marshall Donegal, the patriarch killed in a skirmish just before the Civil War.

Hello Goodbye by Emily Chenoweth - Fiction

May 5, 2009

Heartbreaking and luminous, Hello Goodbye deftly explores a family's struggle with love and loss, as a summer vacation becomes an occasion for awakening.

Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci - Thriller

June 28, 2011

Oliver Stone and the Camel Club return in #1 bestselling author David Baldacci's most stunning adventure yet.

An attack on the heart of power . . . In sight of the White House . . . At a place known as . . .HELL'S CORNER

Hell’s Horizon by Darren Shan - Horror/Urban Fantasy

June 23, 2011

In the City, The Cardinal rules, and Al Jeery is a loyal member of his personal guard. But when Al is pulled from his duties at Party Central to investigate a murder, an unexpected crime scene discovery leads him to question all his loyalties and beliefs.

Hitch-22: A Memoir by Christopher Hitchens - Memoir

June 3, 2011

Over the course of his 60 years, Christopher Hitchens has been a citizen of both the United States and the United Kingdom. He has been both a socialist opposed to the war in Vietnam and a supporter of the U.S. war against Islamic extremism in Iraq. He has been both a foreign correspondent in some of the world's most dangerous places and a legendary bon vivant with an unquenchable thirst for alcohol and literature. He is a fervent atheist, raised as a Christian, by a mother whose Jewish heritage was not revealed to him until her suicide.

This is the story of his life, lived large.

I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg - Fiction

June 28, 2011

The beloved Fannie Flagg is at her irresistible and hilarious best in I Still Dream About You,  a comic mystery romp through the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, past, present, and future.

Insatiable by Meg Cabot - Paranormal Romance

June 7, 2011

Some people would be jealous of Meena Harper, a writer for the television soap “Insatiable.” Others, however, wouldn’t envy her at all. That’s because Meena is a psychic who can foresee deaths.

Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger - Fiction

June 14, 2011

Lauren Weisberger, the New York Times bestselling author of the debut novel turned mega hit movie THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, is our ticket backstage as she exposes how a little known singer-songwriter becomes an international star in LAST NIGHT AT CHATEAU MARMONT. Tabloid headlines entice us all. But how do they affect both the stars themselves and their family and friends?

My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares - Fiction

June 7, 2011

From the New York Times-bestselling author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Last Summer (of You and Me) comes an imaginative, inspired, magical book-a love story that lasts more than a lifetime. 

Pie Town by Lynne Hinton - Fiction

June 7, 2011

The national bestselling author of FRIENDSHIP CAKE returns with a delightful new series, set in a small town in New Mexico, that is rich in charm, warmth and wisdom.

Possessed: The Life of Joan Crawford by Donald Spoto - Biography

June 28, 2011

Joan Crawford was one of the most incandescent film stars of all time, yet she may have also been one of the most misunderstood. In this brilliantly researched, thoughtful, and intimate biography, bestselling author Donald Spoto goes beyond the popular caricature—the abusive, unstable mother portrayed in her adopted daughter Christina Crawford’s memoir, Mommie Dearest to give us a three-dimensional portrait of the real woman behind the actress, her dazzling career, and her extraordinary life and times.

Private Life by Jane Smiley - Historical Fiction

June 14, 2011

From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Thousand Acres the powerful and deeply affecting story of one woman’s life, from post Civil-War Missouri to California in the midst of World War II. 

Rescue by Anita Shreve - Fiction

June 27, 2011

Peter Webster is a rookie paramedic when he pulls a young woman out of a car wreck that should have killed her. Sheila Arsenault haunts his thoughts, and despite his misgivings Peter is soon embroiled in an intense love affair--and in Sheila's troubled world.

Seaworthy: A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea by Linda Greenlaw - Memoir

June 28, 2011

After the exploits recounted in The Perfect Storm and The Hungry Ocean that made her a sensation, Linda Greenlaw took a ten- year hiatus from blue-water fishing. When an old friend offered her a captaincy on his swordboat, Greenlaw ditched her mounting bills and headed for the sea.

Shadow Zone Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen - Thriller

June 28, 2011

Deep below the Atlantic Ocean, guarded by hundreds of dolphins, lie the astonishing remains of an Atlantis-like lost city called Marinth. Its disappearance has confounded scientists for years—until now. Marine architect Hannah Bryson has unearthed a legendary artifact that might hold the key to unlocking the city’s long-buried secrets. But Hannah’s discovery could have dire consequences for the modern-day world—and there are some people who will do anything to keep the truth about Marinth hidden…

Sizzling Sixteen: A Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich - Mystery

June 21, 2011

Trenton, New Jersey, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has inherited a “lucky” bottle from her Uncle Pip. Problem is, Uncle Pip didn’t specify if the bottle brought good luck or bad luck. . . .

Sourland: Stories by Joyce Carol Oates - Fiction/Short Stories

June 21, 2011

Joyce Carol Oates is not only one of our most important novelists and literary critics, she is also an unparalleled master of the short story. Sourland—sixteen previously uncollected stories that explore the power of violence, loss, and grief to shape the psyche as well as the soul—shows us an author working at the height of her powers.

Spies of the Balkans by Alan Furst - Historical Thriller

June 14, 2011

Greece, 1940. In the port city of Salonika, with its wharves and brothels, dark alleys and Turkish mansions, a tense political drama is being played out. As Adolf Hitler plans to invade the Balkans, spies begin to circle—and Costa Zannis, a senior police official, must deal with them all.

Star Island by Carl Hiaasen - Fiction

June 21, 2011


Carl Hiaasen launches a welcomed return assault on South Florida as he aims his rapier wit toward Star Island. Star Island, the habitat of the world’s Glitterati, actually exists in the Florida Keys. It is inhabited by movie stars, pop singers and billionaire scions of industry, who come and go behind the blacked-out windows in caravans of giant black SUVs.

Stiltsville by Susanna Daniel - Fiction

August 1, 2010

One sunny morning in 1969, Frances Ellerby finds herself in a place called Stiltsville, a community of houses built on pilings in the middle of Biscayne Bay. It's the first time the Atlanta native has been out on the open water, and she's captivated. On the dock of a stilt house, with the dazzling Miami skyline in the distance, she meets the house's owner, Dennis DuVal—and a new future reveals itself.

Sunset Bridge by Emilie Richards - Fiction

June 28, 2011

A group of women form an unlikely friendship as they search for love and happiness along the Florida coast.

Tempted by Trouble by Eric Jerome Dickey - Thriller/Romance

June 7, 2011

It's love and bullets, Dickey style. The blistering new novel from the New York Times bestselling author. 

For Dmytryk and Cora, there's only one way to fight the recession that's crippled their comfortable lifestyle: accept a crime boss's offer to rob a few banks. It's quick. A nice big payoff. No one gets hurt. 

Good luck believing that.

The Amateurs by Marcus Sakey - Thriller

June 7, 2011

Four friends take on a risky opportunity to steal a fortune in dirty money. But in this game, any misstep carries lethal consequences-and these four rank amateurs are playing against the most dangerous professionals imaginable.

The Bells by Richard Harvell - Historical Fiction

June 28, 2011

Richard Harvell's debut novel follows the life of Moses Froben, from his childhood in a rustic Swiss village to his rise to stardom on Austria's opera scene during the 18th century.

The Blind Contessa’s New Machine by Carey Wallace - Historical Fiction

June 28, 2011

Carolina Fantoni, a young contessa in nineteenth-century Italy, is going blind. Neither her parents nor her fiancé believe her. Only her friend Turri, an eccentric local inventor, understands. As darkness erases Carolina's world, she discovers one place where she can still see-in her dreams-yet she remains isolated from the outside world. Desperate to communicate with Carolina, Turri creates a peculiar contraption for her: the world's first typewriter. His gift ignites a passionate love affair that will mark both their lives forever.

The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn - Historical Fiction

June 21, 2011

Partners now in marriage and in trade, Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane have finally returned from abroad to set up housekeeping in London. But merging their respective collections of gadgets, pets and servants leaves little room for the harried newlyweds themselves, let alone Brisbane's private enquiry business.

The Devil Amongst the Lawyers: A Ballad Novel by Sharyn McCrumb - Historical Fiction

June 22, 2010

In 1935, when Erma Morton, a beautiful young woman with a teaching degree, is charged with the murder of her father in a remote Virginia mountain community, the case becomes a cause célèbre for the national press.

The Fall: Book Two of the Strain Trilogy Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan - Horror

June 28, 2011

Last week they invaded Manhattan. This week they will destroy the world.

The vampiric virus is spreading and soon will envelop the globe. Amid the chaos, Eph Goodweather—head of the Centers for Disease Control's team—leads a band out to stop these bloodthirsty monsters. But it may be too late.

The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern - Fiction

June 14, 2011

Award-winning novelist Steve Stern’s exhilarating epic recounts the story of how a nineteenth-century rabbi from a small Polish town ends up in a basement freezer in a suburban Memphis home at the end of the twentieth century. What happens when an impressionable teenage boy inadvertently thaws out the ancient man and brings him back to life is nothing short of miraculous.

The Liar’s Lullaby by Meg Gardiner - Thriller

June 7, 2011

When a controversial female singer is murdered during a concert, forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett fears the act was political. The polarizing pop star was also the President's ex-wife, with secrets to die for. Now, Jo finds herself in a race to extinguish the conspiracy rumor mill-before it incites a level of violence that reaches America's highest corridors of power.

The Lion by Nelson DeMille - Thriller

June 7, 2011

It is a mere year and a half after September 11th, and America has settled into an uneasy routine, still keeping an eye on the alert levels spawned from the attacks of 2001. That is a date that nearly claimed the lives of John Corey and FBI agent Kate Mayfield (now Kate Mayfield Corey). Back then, despite their best efforts, they failed to capture Asad Khalil, and the Libyan managed a clever escape. But before he left, he made a promise to return. And a promise to kill Corey and Mayfield, along with a growing list of others. Well, Corey is looking forward to the confrontation and another chance to take down The Lion. In fact, he has been waiting these many months for just such an opportunity.

The Moses Expedition by Juan Gomez-Jurado - Thriller

June 7, 2011

The Moses Expedition takes readers on an expedition to discover the Ark of the Covenant, which houses the Ten Commandment tablets.

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin - Romance

August 15, 2017

When a blizzard strands them in Salt Lake City, two strangers agree to charter a plane together, hoping to return home. Ben Payne is a gifted surgeon returning from a conference, and Ashley Knox, a magazine writer, is en route to her wedding. But when unthinkable tragedy strikes, the pair find themselves stranded in Utah’s most remote wilderness in the dead of winter, badly injured and miles from civilization. Without food or shelter, and only Ben’s mountain climbing gear to protect themselves, Ashley and Ben’s chances for survival look bleak, but their reliance on each other sparks an immediate connection, which soon evolves into something more.

The Mullah's Storm by Tom Young - Thriller

June 7, 2011

A transport plane carrying a high-ranking Taliban prisoner is shot down in a blizzard over Afghanistan's mountainous Hindu Kush. The storm makes rescue impossible, and for two people-navigator Michael Parson and a female Army interpreter, Sergeant Gold-a battle for survival begins against not only the hazards of nature, but the treacheries of man: the Taliban stalking them, the villagers whose loyalties are unknown, and a prisoner who would very much like the three of them to be caught.

The Murder Room: The Heirs of Sherlock Holmes Gather to Solve the World's Most Perplexing Cold Cases by Michael Capuzzo - True Crime

June 7, 2011

Three of the greatest detectives in the world were heartsick over the growing tide of unsolved murders. Good friends and sometime rivals William Fleisher, Frank Bender, and Richard Walter decided one day over lunch that something had to be done, and pledged themselves to a grand quest for justice. 

The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst - Fiction

June 14, 2011

Bestselling novelist Octavia Frost has just completed her latest book, a revolutionary novel in which she has rewritten the last chapters of all her previous books and removed clues about her personal life concealed within, especially the horrific tragedy that once befell her family. 

The Only Game in Town: Sportswriting from The New Yorker edited by David Remnick - Sports

June 14, 2011

For more than eighty years,The New Yorker has been home to some of the toughest, wisest, funniest, and most moving sportswriting around. At The New Yorker, it’s not whether you win or lose—it’s how you write about the game.

The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory - Historical Fiction

June 7, 2011

In a novel of conspiracy, passion, and coldhearted ambition, number one bestselling author Philippa Gregory has brought to life the story of a proud and determined woman who believes that she alone is destined, by her piety and lineage, to shape the course of history.

The Soldier's Wife by Margaret Leroy - Historical Fiction

June 28, 2011

Margaret Leroy's debut historical novel traces the relationship of a housewife and a Nazi soldier during the final days of World War II on the British island of Guernsey.
The Transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno by Ellen Bryson - Fiction

June 7, 2011

Bartholomew Fortuno, the World’s Thinnest Man, believes that his unusual body is a gift. Hired by none other than P.T. Barnum to work at his spectacular American Museum—a modern marvel of macabre displays and live performances by Barnum’s cast of freaks and oddities—Fortuno has reached the pinnacle of his career. But after a decade of solid performance, he finds his contentment flagging. When a carriage pulls up outside the Museum in the dead of night, bearing Barnum and a mysterious veiled woman—rumored to be a new performer—Fortuno’s curiosity is piqued. And when Barnum asks Fortuno to follow her and report back on her whereabouts, his world is turned upsidedown.

The Vigilantes: A Badge of Honor Novel by W. E. B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV - Military Thriller

June 28, 2011

There's a sudden spike in murders in Philadelphia, but no one seems to mind much because the victims all seem to be lowlifes. The more Homicide Sergeant Matthew Payne investigates, however, the more he gets a bad feeling-one that only gets worse when vigilante groups spring up claiming credit for some of the hits, even though Payne knows it can't be true. As the targets get bigger and events start moving out of control, Payne realizes that if he and his colleagues can't figure out who's behind this very soon, the violence could overtake them all.

The Wedding Writer by Susan Schneider - Fiction

June 7, 2011

Four talented women, one glossy wedding magazine: life should be as perfect as a bridal catwalk… right?

The Whisper by Carla Neggers - Romantic Suspense

June 29, 2010

Archaeologist Sophie Malone is still haunted a year after she was left for dead inside a remote Irish cave. Now she's convinced that her night of terror is linked to recent violence in Boston. Did the killer under arrest steal the ancient Celtic treasure from the cave that night? Or is another killer out there, ready to strike again?

The Whisperers: A Charlie Parker Thriller by John Connolly - Thriller

June 28, 2011

In the dark reaches of Maine’s North Woods, a group of Iraq War veterans are engaged in a ruthless smuggling operation across the Canadian border. But what they have unleashed is far more dangerous than even they realize --- an ancient evil locked away in Iraq for centuries. Evil has dogged Charlie Parker’s steps, costing him his career as a cop and his license as a private investigator. Now, he is called in to stop the bloodletting, but to defeat the evil, he must form an uneasy alliance with a man he fears more than any other: the killer known as the Collector.

Think of a Number by John Verdon - Thriller

June 28, 2011

Arriving in the mail over a period of weeks are taunting letters that end with a simple declaration, “Think of any number…picture it…now see how well I know your secrets.”  Amazingly, those who comply find that the letter writer has predicted their random choice exactly.  For Dave Gurney, just retired as the NYPD’s top homicide investigator and forging a new life with his wife, Madeleine, in upstate New York, the letters are oddities that begin as a diverting puzzle but quickly ignite a massive serial murder investigation.

Tough Customer by Sandra Brown - Thriller

June 21, 2011

From acclaimed best-selling author Sandra Brown, Tough Customer  is a heart-pounding tale about obsession and murder, the fragile nature of relationships, and, possibly, second chances.

Veil of Night by Linda Howard - Romantic Suspense

June 28, 2011

Jaclyn Wilde is a wedding planner who loves her job—usually. But helping Carrie Edwards with her Big Day has been an unrelenting nightmare. Carrie is a bridezilla of mythic nastiness, yet the unpleasant task at hand turns seriously criminal when Carrie is brutally murdered and everyone involved with the ceremony is accusing one another of doing the deed.

Vermilion Drift by William Kent Krueger - Mystery

June 7, 2011

VERMILLION DRIFT is a powerful novel, filled with all the mystery and suspense for which Krueger has won so many awards. A poignant portrayal of the complexities of family life, it’s also a sobering reminder that even those closest to our hearts can house the darkest --- and deadliest --- of secrets.

Warlord: An Alex Hawke Novel by Ted Bell - Thriller

June 28, 2011

British-American MI6 counterterrorism operative Alex Hawke has all but given up on life, ever since he lost the woman he loved almost a year ago. But now an old friend desperately needs his help—His Royal Highness Prince Charles.