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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

November 2023


The Favorites by Rosemary Hennigan - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Graydon House | 9781525805097 | Published November 7, 2023

From the moment she discovered her sister’s secret relationship with charismatic professor Jay Crane, Jessie Mooney has been convinced that he’s to blame for the events leading to her death. Haunted by their last email exchange --- You know what you did --- she enrolls in graduate school and competes her way into Crane’s famous “Law and Literature” class, setting into motion a plan to get close to him so she can expose who he really is. Jessie will cross any line to hold Crane accountable. But when she finally earns his trust and the coveted position as one of his “favorites,” attracting the other students’ envy and suspicion, the truth becomes darkly twisted. Is it justice Jessie craves, or revenge? And what does she stand to lose if she gets her way?

The Future by Naomi Alderman - Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Simon & Schuster | 9781668025680 | Published November 7, 2023

When Martha Einkorn fled her father’s isolated compound in Oregon, she never expected to find herself working for a powerful social media mogul hell-bent on controlling everything. If the apocalyptic warnings in her father’s fox and rabbit sermon are starting to come true, how much future is actually left? Across the world, in a mall in Singapore, an internet-famous survivalist named Lai Zhen flees from an assassin. Suddenly, a remarkable piece of software appears on her phone telling her exactly how to escape. Who made it? What is it really for? And if those behind it can save her from danger, what do they want from her, and what else do they know about the future? Martha and Zhen’s worlds are about to collide. An explosive chain of events is set in motion.

The Girl in the Vault by Michael Ledwidge - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Hanover Square Press | 9781335455086 | Published November 7, 2023

Not only has Faye Walker scored one of the most highly coveted internships in all of Wall Street, she also has just met the head-over-heels love of her life. With her natural-born gift for numbers and a work ethic that knows no bounds, Faye is a shoo-in for a full-time position at the illustrious merchant bank Greene Brothers Hale. Then, just as she awaits her offer and her signing bonus, a treacherous betrayal arrives to shatter Faye’s plans and her young life. But what her high finance masters-of-the-universe bosses don’t know is that Faye isn’t like any of the other interns. She now has a new plan --- one that involves Swiss watch timing, nerves of steel and $10 million in cold hard Wall Street cash.

The Happy Couple by Naoise Dolan - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Ecco | 9780063330467 | Published November 7, 2023

Meet Celine and Luke. For all intents and purposes, the happy couple. Luke (a serial cheater) and Celine (more interested in piano than domestic life) plan to marry in a year. Archie (the best man) should be moving on from his love for Luke and up the corporate ladder, but he finds himself utterly stuck. Phoebe (the bridesmaid and Celine’s sister) just wants to get to the bottom of Luke’s frequent unexplained disappearances. And Vivian (a wedding guest) is the only one with any emotional distance and observes her friends like ants in a colony. As the wedding approaches and their five lives intersect, these characters will each look for a path to the happily ever after. But does it lie at the end of an aisle?

The Last Outlaws: The Desperate Final Days of the Dalton Gang by Tom Clavin - History, Nonfiction

St. Martin's Press | 9781250282385 | Published November 7, 2023

The dreaded Dalton Gang consisted of three brothers and their rotating cast of colorful accomplices who saw themselves as descended from the legendary James brothers. They soon became legends themselves, beginning their career as common horse thieves before graduating to robbing banks and trains. On October 5, 1892, the Dalton Gang attempted their boldest and bloodiest raid yet: robbing two banks in broad daylight in Coffeyville, Kansas, simultaneously. For the first time ever, the full story of the Dalton Gang's life of crime, culminating in one of the Wild West’s most violent events, are chronicled in detail --- a last gruesome gasp of the age of gunfights.

The Liberators by E. J. Koh - Fiction

Tin House Books | 9781959030157 | Published November 7, 2023

At the height of the military dictatorship in South Korea, Insuk and Sungho are arranged to be married. The couple soon moves to San Jose, California, with an infant and Sungho’s overbearing mother-in-law. Adrift in a new country, Insuk grieves the loss of her past and her divided homeland, finding herself drawn into an illicit relationship that sets into motion a dramatic saga and echoes for generations to come. From the Gwangju Massacre to the 1988 Olympics, flashbacks to Korean repatriation after Japanese surrender, and the Sewol ferry accident, E. J. Koh’s exquisitely drawn portraits and symphonic testimony from guards, prisoners, perpetrators and liberators spans continents and four generations of two Korean families forever changed by fateful past decisions made in love and war.

The Madstone by Elizabeth Crook - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Western

Little, Brown and Company | 9780316564342 | Published November 7, 2023

Texas hill country, 1868. As 19-year-old Benjamin Shreve tends to business in his workshop, he witnesses a stagecoach strand a passenger. The man, a treasure hunter, persuades Benjamin to help track down the vanished coach and a mysterious fortune left aboard. Its passengers include Nell, a pregnant young woman, and her four-year-old son, Tot, who are fleeing Nell’s brutal husband and his murderous brothers. Having told the Freedmen’s Bureau the whereabouts of her husband’s gang --- a sadistic group wanted for countless acts of harassment and violence against Black citizens --- Nell is in grave danger. Learning of their plight, Benjamin offers to deliver Nell and Tot to a distant port on the Gulf of Mexico, where they can board a ship to safety.

The Manor House by Gilly Macmillan - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

William Morrow | 9780063074385 | Published November 7, 2023

Nicole and Tom are a normal, loving couple --- until a massive lottery win changes their lives overnight. Soon they’ve moved into a custom-built state-of-the-art Glass Barn on the stunning grounds of Lancaut Manor in Gloucestershire. They have fancy cars, expensive hobbies and an exclusive lifestyle they never could have imagined. But this dream world quickly turns into a nightmare when Tom is found dead in the swimming pool. Was Tom’s death a tragic accident, or was it something worse? There’s a nice young couple who live in the Manor itself along with their middle-aged housekeeper who has the Coach House. And an old friend of Tom’s from school has turned up to help Nicole get through her grief. But big money can bring big problems and big threats. Is Nicole's life in danger as well?

The Night Parade: A Speculative Memoir by Jami Nakamura Lin - Memoir, Nonfiction

Mariner Books | 9780063213234 | Published November 7, 2023

As a young woman with undiagnosed bipolar disorder, much of Jami Nakamura Lin’s adolescence was marked by periods of extreme rage and an array of psychiatric treatments. Her relationships suffered as a result, especially as her father’s cancer grasped hold of their family. As she grew older and learned to better manage her episodes, Lin became frustrated with the familiar pattern she found in mental illness and grief narratives, and their focus on recovery. She sought comfort in the stories she’d loved as a child --- tales of ghostly creatures known to terrify in the night. Through the lens of the yokai and other figures from Japanese, Taiwanese and Okinawan legend, she set out to interrogate the very notion of recovery and the myriad ways that fear of difference shapes who we are as a people.

The Olympian Affair: The Cinder Spires #2 by Jim Butcher - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

Ace | 9780451466822 | Published November 7, 2023

The Cinder Spires have safeguarded humanity for centuries. Within their halls, aristocratic houses rule, developing scientific marvels and building fleets of airships for defense and trade. Now, the Spires hover on the brink of open war. The guns of the great airship fleets that control the skies between the last bastions of humanity will soon speak in anger, and Spire Albion stands alone against the overwhelming might of Spire Aurora's Armada and its new secret weapon --- one capable of destroying the populations of entire Spires. A trading summit at Spire Olympia provides an opportunity for the Spirearch, Lord Albion, to secure alliances that will shape the outcomes of the war. It will take daring, skill and no small amount of showmanship to convince the world to stand with Spire Albion --- assuming that it is not already too late.

The Proof of the Pudding: A Royal Spyness Mystery by Rhys Bowen - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

Berkley | 9780593437889 | Published November 7, 2023

Back home at her estate in Eynsleigh, Lady Georgiana Rannoch impatiently awaits the birth of her baby. But she has plenty to occupy her: her new chef, Pierre, has arrived from Paris, and Sir Hubert, who owns Eynsleigh, is back from his latest expedition. It's time for Georgie to throw her first house party to celebrate his return and show off her new chef. One of the guests is Sir Mortimer Mordred, the author of creepy Gothic horror novels who recently purchased a nearby Elizabethan manor because it has a famous poison garden. He asks Georgie to borrow her new chef for his upcoming party. Shockingly, just after the banquet, several guests become sick. And one dies, apparently poisoned by berries from the garden. But how could this be when they all ate the same meal and the same delectable dessert?

The Vulnerables by Sigrid Nunez - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Riverhead Books | 9780593715512 | Published November 7, 2023

Elegy plus comedy is the only way to express how we live in the world today, says a character in Sigrid Nunez’s ninth novel. THE VULNERABLES offers a meditation on our contemporary era, as a solitary female narrator asks what it means to be alive at this complex moment in history and considers how our present reality affects the way a person looks back on her past. Humor, to be sure, is a priceless refuge. Equally vital is connection with others, who here include an adrift member of Gen Z and a spirited parrot named Eureka. This book reveals what happens when strangers are willing to open their hearts to each other and how far even small acts of caring can go to ease another’s distress.

A Very Inconvenient Scandal by Jacquelyn Mitchard - Fiction

Mira | 9780778369370 | Published November 14, 2023

Frankie Attleboro returns home to Cape Cod with thrilling news. She’s met the love of her life, and they’re getting married with a baby on the way. That’s the moment her widowed father makes his own jaw-dropping announcement. At 60, he’s getting married as well, to Frankie’s best friend, Ariel, who is also pregnant, and due soon. As Frankie and Ariel struggle to adjust to their new relationship, Ariel’s estranged mother, Carlotta, returns after a decade-long absence. She claims to be a changed woman. But is she really? And where has she been all these years? Frankie is suspicious, and as Carlotta’s unpredictable behavior intensifies, Frankie must untangle the threads of the past to protect Ariel’s future --- and her own.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord by Celeste Connally - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

Minotaur Books | 9781250867551 | Published November 14, 2023

After losing her beloved fiancé in an accident three years earlier, Lady Petra Forsyth announces in front of London’s loosest lips that she will never marry. A woman of independent means, Petra sees no reason to cede her wealth and freedom to any man now that the love of her life is gone. Instead, she plans to continue enjoying the best of society without any expectations. But when ballroom gossip suggests that a longtime friend has died of a fit due to her “melancholia” while in the care of a questionable physician, Petra vows to use her status to dig deeper --- uncovering a private asylum where men pay to have their wives and daughters locked away, or worse. Just as Petra has reason to believe her friend is alive, a shocking murder proves that more danger is afoot than she thought.

Before We Say Goodbye by Toshikazu Kawaguchi - Fiction, Magical Realism

Hanover Square Press | 9781335009111 | Published November 14, 2023

The regulars at the magical Café Funiculi Funicula are well-acquainted with its famous legend and extraordinary time-travel offer. Many patrons have reunited with old flames, made amends with estranged family and visited loved ones. But the journey is not without risks, and there are rules to follow. In the tradition of Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s Before the Coffee Gets Cold series, readers once again will be introduced to a new set of visitors: the husband with something important left to say; the woman who couldn't bid her dog farewell; the woman who couldn't answer a proposal; and the daughter who drove her father away.

Day by Michael Cunningham - Fiction

Random House | 9780399591341 | Published November 14, 2023

April 5, 2019: In a cozy brownstone in Brooklyn, the veneer of domestic bliss is beginning to crack. Dan and his wife, Isabel, are slowly drifting apart --- and both, it seems, are a little bit in love with Isabel’s younger brother, Robbie. Ten-year-old Nathan is taking his first uncertain steps toward independence, while his sister, five-year-old Violet, does her best not to notice the growing rift between her parents. April 5, 2020: As the world goes into lockdown, the cozy brownstone is starting to feel more like a prison. Violet is terrified of leaving the windows open. Isabel and Dan communicate mostly in veiled sleights and frustrated sighs. And Robbie is stranded in Iceland. April 5, 2021: Emerging from the worst of the crisis, the family reckons with a new, very different reality.

Odyssey's End: A Rick Cahill Novel by Matt Coyle - Fiction, Hard-boiled Mystery, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Oceanview Publishing | 9781608094813 | Published November 14, 2023

San Diego private investigator Rick Cahill’s wife, Leah, has fled with their daughter, Krista, to her parents’ home in Santa Barbara. She fears Rick’s violent outbursts brought on by his potentially fatal brain disorder, CTE. Rick desperately wants to reunite his family and help provide for Krista’s future --- one he fears he won’t be alive to see. A jumpstart toward that future appears in the form of Peter Stone, Rick’s longtime enemy. Stone offers Rick $50,000 to find a woman he claims can save his life with a kidney transplant. Rick can’t pass up the chance to buttress Krista’s future. When what seems like a simple missing person case spirals out of control into cryptocurrency machinations, dead bodies and an outgunned faceoff, Rick is forced to battle evil from his past.

Past Lying: A Karen Pirie Novel by Val McDermid - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Atlantic Monthly Press | 9780802161499 | Published November 14, 2023

It’s April 2020, and Edinburgh is in lockdown. It would seem like a strange time for a cold case to go hot --- the streets all but empty, an hour’s outdoor exercise the maximum allowed --- but a mere pandemic doesn’t mean crime takes a holiday. When a source at the National Library contacts DCI Karen Pirie’s team about documents in the archive of a recently deceased crime novelist, it seems it’s game on again. At the center of it, a novel: two crime novelists facing off over a chessboard. But it quickly emerges that their real-life competition is drawing blood. What unspools is a twisted game of betrayal and revenge, and as Karen and her team attempt to disentangle fact from fiction, it becomes clear that their investigation is more complicated than they ever imagined.

Sister of Starlit Seas by Terry Brooks - Fantasy, Fiction

Del Rey | 9780593129777 | Published November 14, 2023

Auris’ adoptive sister, Char, is certain that her headstrong, impulsive behavior, the quality her family sees as her greatest weakness, is actually her greatest strength: the willingness to instantly brave danger and leap to the rescue when anyone she loves is threatened. Char knows she will never grow into the woman she was meant to be under her family’s loving but repressive eye, so a month before she turns 15, she runs away and joins a Human pirate crew in the warm southerly regions of her world. Then, three years into her pirate career, her captain --- the man she is convinced she loves --- is captured by the leaders of the slave trade he has been fighting. When Char leaps in to rescue him, she finds herself thrust into an adventure that will uncover secrets she never suspected about herself.

So Late in the Day: Stories of Women and Men by Claire Keegan - Fiction, Short Stories

Grove Press | 9780802160850 | Published November 14, 2023

Claire Keegan gifts us three exquisite stories that together forms a brilliant examination of gender dynamics. In "So Late in the Day," Cathal faces a long weekend as his mind agitates over a woman with whom he could have spent his life, had he acted differently; in "The Long and Painful Death," a writer's arrival at the seaside home of Heinrich Bèoll for a two-week writing residency is disrupted by an academic who imposes his criticisms and opinions; and in "Antarctica," a married woman travels out of town to see what it's like to sleep with another man and ends up in the grip of a possessive stranger. Each story probes the dynamics that corrupt what could be between women and men: a lack of generosity, the weight of expectation, the looming threat of violence.

System Collapse: The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells - Adventure, Fiction, Science Fiction

Tordotcom | 9781250826978 | Published November 14, 2023

Following the events in NETWORK EFFECT, the Barish-Estranza corporation has sent rescue ships to a newly colonized planet in peril, as well as additional SecUnits. But if there’s an ethical corporation out there, Murderbot has yet to find it, and if Barish-Estranza can’t have the planet, they’re sure as hell not leaving without something. If that something just happens to be an entire colony of humans, well, a free workforce is a decent runner-up prize. But there’s something wrong with Murderbot; it isn’t running within normal operational parameters. ART’s crew and the humans from Preservation are doing everything they can to protect the colonists, but with Barish-Estranza’s SecUnit-heavy persuasion teams, they’re going to have to hope that Murderbot figures out what’s wrong with itself.

The Edge: A 6:20 Man Thriller by David Baldacci - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Grand Central Publishing | 9781538719916 | Published November 14, 2023

When CIA operative Jenny Silkwell is murdered in rural Maine, government officials have immediate concerns over national security. Her laptop and phone were full of state secrets that, in the wrong hands, endanger the lives of countless operatives. Ex-Army Ranger Travis Devine spent his time in the military preparing to take on any scenario, so his analytical mind makes him particularly well-suited for complex, high-stakes tasks. Taking down the world’s largest financial conspiracy proved his value, and in comparison, this case looks straightforward. Except small towns hold secrets, and Devine finds himself an outsider again. As Devine gets to know the residents of Putnam, Maine, answers seem to appear and then transform into more questions.

The General and Julia by Jon Clinch - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Atria Books | 9781668009789 | Published November 14, 2023

Barely able to walk and rendered mute by the cancer metastasizing in his throat, Ulysses S. Grant is scratching out words, hour after hour, day after day. Desperate to complete his memoirs before his death so his family might have some financial security and he some redemption, Grant journeys back in time. He had once been the savior of the Union, the general to whom Lee surrendered at Appomattox, a twice-elected president who fought for the civil rights of Black Americans and against the rising Ku Klux Klan, a plain farmer-turned-business magnate who lost everything to a Wall Street swindler, a devoted husband to his wife Julia, and a loving father to four children. In THE GENERAL AND JULIA, Grant rises from the page in all of his contradictions and foibles, his failures and triumphs.

The Helsinki Affair by Anna Pitoniak - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Simon & Schuster | 9781668014745 | Published November 14, 2023

Amanda Cole is a brilliant young CIA officer following in the footsteps of her father, who was a spy during the Cold War. One hot summer day, a Russian defector warns of the imminent assassination of a US senator. Though Amanda takes the warning seriously, her superiors don’t. Twenty-four hours later, the senator is dead. And the assassination is just the beginning. Corporate blackmail, covert manipulation, corrupt oligarchs: the Kremlin has found a dangerous new way to wage war. Teaming up with Kath Frost, a fearless older woman and legendary spy, Amanda races to unravel the international conspiracy. But as she gets closer and closer to the truth, a central question haunts her: Why was her father’s name written down in the senator’s notes? What does Charlie Cole really know about the Kremlin plot?

The Little Liar by Mitch Albom - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Harper | 9780062406651 | Published November 14, 2023

Eleven-year-old Nico Krispis never told a lie. When the Nazis invade his home in Salonika, Greece, the trustworthy boy is discovered by a German officer, who offers him a chance to save his family. All Nico has to do is convince his fellow Jewish residents to board trains heading to “new homes” where they are promised jobs and safety. Unaware that this is all a cruel ruse, the innocent boy goes to the station platform every day and reassures the passengers that the journey is safe. But when the final train is at the station, Nico sees his family being loaded into a large boxcar crowded with other neighbors. Only after it is too late does Nico discover that he helped send the people he loved --- and all the others --- to their doom at Auschwitz. Nico never tells the truth again.