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Melissa Hill


Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill lives in south Dublin with her husband and daughter. A USA TODAY and international bestselling author, she has published 13 novels, including THE GIFT OF A CHARM and A GIFT FROM TIFFANY'S. THE GIFT OF A CHARM was a USA TODAY bestseller. Hailed as "the queen of the big plot twist," she combines all the warmth and humor of contemporary women's fiction with plots that keep readers guessing from page to page. Melissa also cowrites forensic thrillers with her husband, Kevin, under the pseudonym Casey Hill, featuring crime scene investigator Reilly Steel.

Books by Melissa Hill

by Melissa Hill - Fiction

Kate O'Hara’s daughter, Rosie, is one of a small percentage of children with a disorder that prevents them from being immunized. All Kate can do is hope that herd immunity keeps disease at bay and her little girl safe. For Madeleine Cooper, vaccinations were a leap of faith she wasn't prepared to take. Following much soul-searching, she and her husband declined controversial measles shots for their daughter, Clara. But when both girls wind up in the same elementary school class, telltale red spots appear on Clara's chest, and on Rosie's a few days after. And while one child recovers and the other's health becomes more critical, the two mothers find themselves across a very deep divide.