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Kat Rosenfield


Kat Rosenfield

Kat Rosenfield partnered with the late, great Stan Lee to co-author the New York Times bestselling A TRICK OF LIGHT, and also wrote two acclaimed YA titles --- the Edgar-nominated AMELIA ANNE IS DEAD and GONE AND INLAND. Her work as a pop culture writer has appeared in Wired, Vulture, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, US Weekly and TV Guide. She is a former reporter for MTV News.

Kat Rosenfield

Books by Kat Rosenfield

by Kat Rosenfield - Fiction, Gothic, Mystery, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

On Christmas Eve, 85-year-old Miriam Caravasios steps onto the ice that surrounds her seaside estate on Maine's Mount Desert Island. As a younger woman, she used to steal out on winter nights to meet her lover, walking across the frozen reach to their secret meeting place. She knows the way --- but not the year. Miriam, her mind clouded by dementia, doesn’t hear the snap of thin ice until it’s too late. Was it an accident? Suicide? Or worse: did someone lure the old woman onto the frozen reach, to her death? There are plenty of suspects; Miriam’s fractured and complicated family has gathered in their Bar Harbor mansion to celebrate what everyone believed would likely be the matriarch’s last Christmas.

by Kat Rosenfield - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

On a beautiful October morning in rural Maine, a homicide investigator from the state police pulls into the hard-luck town of Copper Falls. The local junkyard is burning, and the town pariah Lizzie Oullette is dead --- with her husband, Dwayne, nowhere to be found. As scandal ripples through the community, Detective Ian Bird’s inquiries unexpectedly lead him away from small-town Maine to a swank city townhouse several hours south. Adrienne Richards, the blonde and fabulous social media influencer and wife of a disgraced billionaire, had been renting Lizzie’s tiny lake house as a country getaway. As her connection to the case becomes clear, so too does her connection to Lizzie, who narrates their story from beyond the grave.

by Stan Lee and Kat Rosenfield - Adventure, Fiction, Science Fiction

Nia, a gifted but desperately lonely hacker, is living in isolation with her strict single dad. As a social-media maven, she is wildly popular and has more than a million friends. But they are all strangers. Cameron is on a quest for YouTube fame as a vlogger focusing on exploring the mysteries of Lake Erie. While recording his latest video, he is knocked out by lightning in a freak storm that appears to defy the laws of physics. When Cameron awakens, he discovers an astonishing cyberkinetic talent: the ability to manipulate computers and electronics with his mind. After a chance meeting online, the two teenagers join together to right wrongs in the world --- but they draw the attention of dangerous forces, putting the future of the planet at risk.