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Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

September 2022


People Person by Candice Carty-Williams - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Gallery/Scout Press | 9781501196041 | Published September 13, 2022

Dimple Pennington knows of her half siblings, but she doesn’t really know them. Five people who don’t have anything in common except for faint memories of being driven through Brixton in their dad’s gold jeep, and some pretty complex abandonment issues. Dimple has bigger things to think about. She’s 30, and her life isn’t really going anywhere. An aspiring lifestyle influencer with a terrible and wayward boyfriend, Dimple’s life has shrunk to the size of a phone screen. And despite a small but loyal following, she’s never felt more alone in her life. That is, until a dramatic event brings her half siblings crashing back into her life. And when they’re all forced to reconnect with Cyril Pennington, the absent father they never really knew, things get even more complicated.

Prisoners of the Castle: An Epic Story of Survival and Escape from Colditz, the Nazis' Fortress Prison by Ben Macintyre - History, Nonfiction

Crown | 9780593136331 | Published September 13, 2022

During World War II, the German army used the towering Colditz Castle to hold the most defiant Allied prisoners. For four years, these prisoners of the castle tested its walls and its guards with ingenious escape attempts that would become legend. But as Ben Macintyre shows, the story of Colditz was about much more than escape. Its population represented a society in miniature, full of heroes and traitors, class conflicts and secret alliances, and the full range of human joy and despair. PRISONERS OF THE CASTLE traces the war’s arc from within Colditz’s stone walls, where the stakes rose as Hitler’s war machine faltered and the men feared that liberation would not come soon enough to spare them a grisly fate at the hands of the Nazis.

Sugar Street by Jonathan Dee - Fiction

Grove Press | 9780802160003 | Published September 13, 2022

An unnamed male narrator has hit the road. Rid of any possible identifiers, his possessions amount to $168,548 in cash stashed in an envelope under his car seat. Vigilantly avoiding security cameras, he drives until he hits a city where his past is unlikely to track him down, and finds a room to rent from a less-than-stable landlady whose need for money outweighs her desire to ask questions. He seems to have escaped his former self. But can he? In a story that moves with swift dark humor and insight, Jonathan Dee takes us through his narrator’s attempt to disavow his former life of privilege and enter a blameless new existence.

The Best Friend by Jessica Fellowes - Domestic Thriller, Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Minotaur Books | 9781250831804 | Published September 13, 2022

Bella and Kate. Kate and Bella. From childhood they were bosom friends --- Bella sensible and cautious, Kate gregarious and just a little dangerous. Yet, in spite of their intimacy, their trust is fragile. Men came into their lives, and things changed: a black seed was set in the heart of their relationship. Over decades, acts of both cruelty and love ferment until one shocking event tests them more than ever. Neither will escape unscathed.

The Enigma of Room 622 written by Joël Dicker, translated by Robert Bononno - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

HarperVia | 9780063098817 | Published September 13, 2022

A writer named Joël, Switzerland’s most prominent novelist, flees to the Hôtel de Verbier, a luxury resort in the Swiss Alps. Disheartened over a recent breakup and his longtime publisher’s death, Joël hopes to rest. However, his plans quickly go awry. It all starts with a seemingly innocuous detail: at the Verbier, there is no room 622. Before long, Joël and fellow guest Scarlett uncover a long-unsolved murder that transpired in the hotel's room 622. The attendant circumstances: the succession of Switzerland’s largest private bank, a mysterious counterintelligence operation called P-30, and a most disreputable sabotage of hotel hospitality.

The Guest House by Robin Morgan-Bentley - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Poisoned Pen Press | 9781728256061 | Published September 13, 2022

Jamie and Victoria are off for a last quick vacation before the arrival of their first baby. The remote country guesthouse Victoria chose seems like the perfect retreat --- miles away from the distractions of work and their regular life. And the older couple that run the establishment, Barry and Fiona, are more than accommodating. But when Jamie and Victoria awake on their first morning, they find the house deserted. Barry and Fiona are nowhere to be seen. All the doors are locked. And their cell phones and car keys have disappeared. They have no way out and no way to call for help, and the contractions are getting stronger.

The Mosquito Bowl: A Game of Life and Death in World War II by Buzz Bissinger - History, Nonfiction

Harper | ‎9780062879929 | Published September 13, 2022

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, college football was at the height of its popularity. As the nation geared up for total war, one branch of the service dominated the aspirations of college football stars: the United States Marine Corps. Which is why, on Christmas Eve of 1944, when the 4th and 29th Marine regiments found themselves in the middle of the Pacific Ocean training for what would be the bloodiest battle of the war, their ranks included one of the greatest pools of football talent ever assembled. The two regiments would play each other in a football game as close to the real thing as you could get in the dirt and coral of Guadalcanal. The bruising and bloody game that followed became known as “The Mosquito Bowl.”

The Search for the Genuine: Nonfiction, 1970-2015 by Jim Harrison - Essays, Nonfiction

Grove Press | 9780802157218 | Published September 13, 2022

New York Times bestselling author Jim Harrison (1937-2016) was a writer with a poet's economy of style and trencherman's appetites and ribald humor. In THE SEARCH FOR THE GENIUINE, a collection of new and previously published essays, the giant of letters muses on everything from grouse hunting fishing to Zen Buddhism and matters of the spirit, including reported pieces on Yellowstone and shark-tagging in the open ocean, commentary on writers from Bukowski to Neruda to Peter Matthiessen, and a heartbreaking essay on life --- and, for those attempting to cross in the ever-more-dangerous gaps, death --- on the US/Mexico border.

The Ski Jumpers by Peter Geye - Fiction

University of Minnesota Press | 9781517913496 | Published September 13, 2022

A brilliant ski jumper has to be fearless --- Jon Bargaard remembers this well. His memories of daring leaps and risks might be the key to the book he’s always wanted to write: a novel about his family, beginning with Pops, once a champion ski jumper himself, who also took Jon and his younger brother, Anton, to the heights. But Jon has never been able to get past the next, ruinous episode of their history, and now that he has received a terrible diagnosis, he’s afraid he never will. In THE SKI JUMPERS, Peter Geye follows Jon deep into the past he tried so hard to leave behind, telling the story he spent his life escaping.

Wise Gals: The Spies Who Built the CIA and Changed the Future of Espionage by Nathalia Holt - Biography, History, Nonfiction

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780593328484 | Published September 13, 2022

In the wake of World War II, four agents were critical in helping build a new organization that we now know as the CIA. Adelaide Hawkins, Mary Hutchison, Eloise Page and Elizabeth Sudmeier, called the “wise gals” by their male colleagues, were not the stereotypical femme fatales of spy novels. They were smart, courageous and groundbreaking agents at the top of their class, instrumental in both developing innovative tools for intelligence gathering --- and insisting (in their own unique ways) that they receive the credit and pay their expertise deserved. In WISE GALS, Nathalia Holt uses firsthand interviews with past and present officials and declassified government documents to uncover the stories of these four inspirational women.

A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone - Comedy, Fiction, Humor, Romance, Women's Fiction

Avon | 9780063222571 | Published September 20, 2022

Bee Hobbes (aka Bianca Von Honey) has a successful career as a plus-size adult film star. But when her favorite producer casts her to star in a Christmas movie he’s making for the squeaky-clean Hope Channel, Bee’s career is about to take a more family-friendly direction. Her co-star is none other than childhood crush Nolan Shaw, an ex-boy band member in desperate need of career rehab. It isn’t long before Bee and Nolan are sneaking off for quickies on set, keeping their new relationship a secret from the Hope Channel’s execs. Things only get trickier when the reporter who torpedoed Nolan’s singing career comes snooping around --- and takes an instant interest in mysterious newcomer Bee.

A Truth to Lie For: An Elena Standish Novel by Anne Perry - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

Ballantine Books | 9780593359075 | Published September 20, 2022

It is the summer of 1934, and Hitler is nearing the summit of supreme power in Germany. When Britain’s MI6 gets word that a pair of German scientists have made breakthroughs in germ warfare, they send Elena Standish on a dangerous mission to get one of them out of Germany before he’s forced to share his knowledge and its devastating power with Hitler’s elite. But the new head of Germany’s germ warfare division is an old enemy of Elena’s grandfather Lucas, the former head of MI6. And he’s bent on using any means at his disposal to avenge his defeat at Lucas’ hands 20 years before. What starts as an effort to save Europe from the devastation of disease soon becomes an intensely personal fight.

Abominations: Selected Essays from a Career of Courting Self-Destruction by Lionel Shriver - Essays, Nonfiction

Harper | 9780063094291 | Published September 20, 2022

Novelist, cultural observer and social satirist Lionel Shriver is among the sharpest talents of our age. A writer who embraces “under-expressed, unpopular or downright dangerous” points of view, she filets cherished shibboleths and the conformity of thought and attitude that has overtaken us. Bringing together 35 works curated from her many columns, features, essays and op-eds, along with some unpublished pieces, ABOMINATIONS reveals Shriver at her most iconoclastic and personal. Relentlessly skeptical, cutting and contrarian, this collection showcases Shriver’s piquant opinions on a wide range of topics --- including religion, politics, illness, mortality, family and friends, tennis, gender, immigration, consumerism, health care and taxes.

Daphne by Josh Malerman - Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Thriller

Del Rey | 9780593157015 | Published September 20, 2022

It’s the last summer for Kit Lamb: The last summer before college. The last summer with her high school basketball team, and with Dana, her best friend. The last summer before her life begins. But the night before the big game, one of the players tells a ghost story about Daphne, a girl who went to their school many years ago and died under mysterious circumstances. Some say she was murdered, others that she died by her own hand. And some say that Daphne is a murderer herself. They also say that she is still out there and will appear to kill again anytime someone thinks about her. After Kit hears the story, her teammates vanish, one by one, and she begins to suspect that the stories about Daphne are real…and fears that her own mind is conjuring the killer.

Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks - Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Random House | 9780593449554 | Published September 20, 2022

Colby Mills once felt destined for a musical career until tragedy grounded his aspirations. Now the head of a small family farm in North Carolina, he spontaneously takes a gig playing at a bar in St. Pete Beach, Florida. But when he meets Morgan Lee, his world is turned upside down, making him wonder if the responsibilities he has shouldered need to dictate his life forever. Fleeing an abusive husband with her six-year-old son, Beverly is trying to piece together a life for them in a small town far off the beaten track. With money running out and danger seemingly around every corner, she makes a desperate decision that will rewrite everything she knows to be true. Fate will draw Colby, Morgan and Beverly together in a web of life-altering connections.

Forsaken Country by Allen Eskens - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Mulholland Books | 9780316703543 | Published September 20, 2022

Max Rupert has left his position as a Minneapolis homicide detective to live in solitude. Mourning the tragic death of his wife, he's also racked by guilt --- he alone knows what happened to her killer. But then the former local sheriff, Lyle Voight, arrives with a desperate plea: Lyle’s daughter, Sandy, and his six-year-old grandson, Pip, have disappeared. Lyle is certain that Sandy's ex-husband, Reed, is behind it, but the new sheriff is refusing to investigate. When Max reluctantly looks into their disappearance, he too becomes convinced something has gone very wrong. But the closer Max and Lyle get to finding proof, the more slippery Reed becomes, until he makes a break for the beautiful but formidable Boundary Waters wilderness with vulnerable Pip in tow.

Kill Me If You Can by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins - Fiction, Hard-boiled Mystery, Mystery

Titan Books | 9781789097641 | Published September 20, 2022

Mike Hammer is on the case, this time hunting the murderer of his old friend and bootlegger-turned-legit-businessman, Packy Paragon. Already torn up by the disappearance of Velda, his beloved secretary, Hammer carves a brutal path for vengeance. Drinking heavily, his relationships fraying and his behavior self-destructive, he has to track down Paragon's secret ledger, with the names of every corrupt official in town. With deception everywhere, and a whole host of reasons to want the ledger, Hammer has to pull himself together and solve the case before all hell breaks loose.

Landslide by Adam Sikes - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Oceanview Publishing | 9781608095049 | Published September 20, 2022

U.S. Marine veteran Mason Hackett moved to London to start his life over, and he’s done his best to convince himself that what happened 15 years ago doesn’t matter --- the people he killed, the men he lost, the lives he ruined. But when Mason sees the face of a dead friend flash on a television screen and then receives a mysterious email referencing a CIA operation gone bad, no longer can he ignore his inner demons. Driven by loyalty and a need to uncover the truth, Mason launches on a perilous journey to honor a 15-year-old promise. The answers he seeks --- the fate of a friend and his connection to the underworld of international arms dealers and defense corporations --- throw him into the cauldron of a covert war where no one can be trusted.

Less Is Lost by Andrew Sean Greer - Fiction, Humor

Little, Brown and Company | 9780316498906 | Published September 20, 2022

Arthur Less is a moderately accomplished novelist in a steady relationship with his partner, Freddy Pelu. But the death of an old lover and a sudden financial crisis has Less running away from his problems yet again as he accepts a series of literary gigs that send him on a zigzagging adventure across the US. Less roves across the “Mild Mild West,” through the South and to his mid-Atlantic birthplace, with an ever-changing posse of writerly characters and his trusty duo --- a human-like black pug, Dolly, and a rusty camper van nicknamed Rosina. We cannot, however, escape ourselves. From his estranged father and strained relationship with Freddy, to the reckoning he experiences in confronting his privilege, Less must eventually face his personal demons.

Lucy by the Sea by Elizabeth Strout - Fiction

Random House | 9780593446065 | Published September 20, 2022

As a panicked world goes into lockdown, Lucy Barton is uprooted from her life in Manhattan and bundled away to a small town in Maine by her ex-husband and on-again, off-again friend, William. For the next several months, it’s just Lucy, William and their complex past together in a little house nestled against the moody, swirling sea. At the heart of this story are the deep human connections that unite us even when we’re apart --- the pain of a beloved daughter’s suffering, the emptiness that comes from the death of a loved one, the promise of a new friendship, and the comfort of an old, enduring love.

Mistborn: Secret History by Brandon Sanderson - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

Tor Books | 9781250859143 | Published September 20, 2022

Kelsier, sentenced to die mining the Pits of Hathsin after attempting to rob the Lord Ruler’s palace, arose as a powerful Mistborn and inspired the revolution that shook the foundations of the Final Empire. His name and deeds passed into legend. But was that truly the end of his tale? Whispered hints to those he called friends suggested there was a lot more going on. If you think you know the story of the Mistborn trilogy, think again --- but to say anything more here risks revealing too much. Even knowing of this tale’s existence could be heresy.

Nothing But the Night: Leopold & Loeb and the Truth Behind the Murder That Rocked 1920s America by Greg King and Penny Wilson - History, Nonfiction, True Crime

St. Martin's Press | 9781250272669 | Published September 20, 2022

Nearly a hundred years ago, two wealthy and privileged teenagers --- Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb --- were convicted of murdering 14-year-old Bobby Franks. The trial was made even more sensational by the revelation of a love affair between the defendants and by defense attorney Clarence Darrow, who delivered one of the most famous defense summations of all time to save the boys from the death penalty. The story of their mad folie à deux, with Loeb portrayed as the psychopathic mastermind and Leopold as his infatuated disciple, has been accepted by history as fact. But none of it is true. Using 21st-century investigative tools, forensics and a modern understanding of the psychology of these infamous killers, NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT turns history on its head.

Sometimes People Die by Simon Stephenson - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Hanover Square Press | 9781335429254 | Published September 20, 2022

Returning to practice after a suspension for stealing opioids, a young doctor takes the only job he can find: a post as a physician at the struggling St. Luke's Hospital in east London. Amid the maelstrom of sick patients, overworked staff and underfunded wards, a more insidious secret soon declares itself: too many patients are dying. And a murderer may be lurking in plain sight. Drawing on his experiences as a physician, Simon Stephenson takes readers into the dark heart of life as a hospitalist to ask the question: Who are the people we gift the power of life and death, and what does it do to them?

The Book of Goose by Yiyun Li - Fiction

Farrar, Straus and Giroux | 9780374606343 | Published September 20, 2022

Fabienne is dead. Her childhood best friend, Agnès, receives the news in America, far from the French countryside where the two girls were raised --- the place that Fabienne helped Agnès escape 10 years ago. Now, Agnès is free to tell her story. As children in a war-ravaged, backwater town, they’d built a private world, invisible to everyone but themselves --- until Fabienne hatched the plan that would change everything, launching Agnès on an epic trajectory through fame, fortune and terrible loss.

The Bullet That Missed: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery by Richard Osman - Fiction, Mystery

Pamela Dorman Books | 9780593299395 | Published September 20, 2022

It is an ordinary Thursday, and things finally should be returning to normal. Except trouble is never far away where the Thursday Murder Club is concerned. A decade-old cold case --- their favorite kind --- leads them to a local news legend and a murder with no body and no answers. Then a new foe pays Elizabeth a visit. Her mission? Kill or be killed. Suddenly the cold case has become red hot. While Elizabeth wrestles with her conscience (and a gun), Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim chase down the clues with help from old friends and new. But can the gang solve the mystery and save Elizabeth before the murderer strikes again?