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Naomi Ragen


Naomi Ragen

Naomi Ragen is an award-winning novelist, journalist and playwright. Her first book, JEPHTE'S DAUGHTER, was listed among the 100 most important Jewish books of all time. Her bestselling novels include SOTAH, THE COVENANT, THE SISTERS WEISS and DEVIL IN JERUSALEM. An outspoken advocate for women’s rights, and an active combatant against anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda through her website, she has lived in Jerusalem since 1971. AN OBSERVANT WIFE is her 30th novel.

Naomi Ragen

Books by Naomi Ragen

by Naomi Ragen - Fiction, Women's Fiction

From the joy of their wedding day, Yaakov and Leah are soon plunged into the complex reality of their new lives together. Yaakov leaves his beloved yeshiva to work in the city, and Leah confronts the often agonizing restrictions imposed by religious laws governing even the most intimate moments of their married lives. Adding to their difficulties is the hostility of some in the community who continue to view Leah as a dangerous interloper, questioning her sincerity and adherence to religious laws. In the midst of their heartfelt attempts to reach a balance between their human needs and their spiritual obligations, the discovery of a secret, forbidden relationship between troubled teenage daughter Shaindele and a local boy precipitates a maelstrom of life-changing consequences for all.

by Naomi Ragen - Fiction

An American who has lived in Jerusalem for decades and has been voted one of Israel’s most popular novelists, Ragen here offers the story of sisters Rose and Pearl Weiss, who grow up in an ultra-Orthodox family in 1950s Brooklyn. Caught leading a secret life after she begins questioning the strictures of her upbringing, Rose guiltily agrees to an arranged marriage, then defies her family so boldly that all ties are cut. Decades later, Rose’s niece Rivka learns about the family black sheep and seeks her out.