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Therese Bohman


Therese Bohman

Therese Bohman is a columnist for Expressen, writing about literature, art, culture, and fashion. Her debut novel DROWNED was published by Other Press in 2012. She lives in Sweden.

Therese Bohman

Books by Therese Bohman

written by Therese Bohman, translated by Marlaine Delargy - Fiction

In her 40s, childless and living alone, Karolina Andersson feels adrift after the breakup of a long relationship. She finds fulfillment in her work, and when she starts advising a new postgraduate student, she is struck by his confidence. He claims to have discovered new materials from a female artist working around 1900 that could change the history of Swedish visual arts. Karolina soon finds herself embroiled in a complex game with both emotional and professional consequences.

by Therese Bohman - Fiction, Romance

A young woman falls for the husband of her older sister during one short-lived summer in the idyllic Swedish countryside, only to learn that he is as threatening as he is charismatic.